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Mossberg SpecOps Shotgun Stock Pistol Grip 04200

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Fits 12- and 20-gauge Mossberg 500, 590, 835 & Maverick 88 shotguns

Specifications and features:
SpecOps shotgun stock
Pistol grip
11.25" to 15.25" adjustable pull
Reduces felt recoil up to 95%
Reduces muzzle rise
Increases accuracy and faster follow-up shots
Polymer and alloy body
Fits all load-bearing and ballistic tactical vests
Endorsed by Remington Law Enforcement
Lifetime warranty

Shooters with SureFire forends installed on their shotguns may experience sharp recoil on their weak hand against the lamp housing. This is due to the rearward movement of the shotgun over the pistol grip. We recommend that you hold the forend at least 1.5" back from the lamp housing to avoid this painful action.

For warranty issues, contact 877-465-6699 or info@knoxx.com 
Total number of Reviews: 24

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3.0 5
"This stock does a great job in reducing felt recoil to your shoulder, but I had problems with severe cheek slap with my Mossberg 835 turkey gun that I had not had before. With my turkey sights, I have to keep my face low to the stock to get a good sight picture. When I would shoot, the stock would rise up and hit my cheek. If you were going to be using this stock for close quarter tactical purposes where precise aiming, and a tight cheek weld is not necessary, then the spec ops stock would be excellent because it does a great job of reducing recoil as advertised. I dont suggest this stock for hunting purposes. Over all, it is very sturdy and should last for years."
5.0 5
"6 months ago, I shot a 50 buck/50 slug qualifier over 2 days, with a 590 that was equipped with a factory stock. I had ice packs on my right shoulder for 3 days, and a bruise the sise of Rhode Island. Yesterday, I shot the identical course of fire, with the same 590, and a SpecOps stock. No ice. No bruise. No nothing. I could still feel the recoil, but it's a 'push' now instead of a 'whack'. Significant improvement. Excellent product."
1.0 5
"I bought this product on 8/3/2007 and tested it 8/11/2007. My father, brother and I used my original Maverick 88 stock and then changed to the Spec ops stock and shot the same loads. There seemed to be no difference at all. I am very disappointed with this especially considering the price. I was also unable to align the sights to fire. In order to hold the gun where I could see my original sights the shotgun popped me in the nose, watering my eyes. I also can no longer reach the slide release. This is a very poor product that I am in the process of trying to return. I don't understand all of the hype given this product on the web. Save some money and save your shoulder and get a limbsaver recoil pad that actually works as advertised. I have one of them on my 30.06 and it works great. I am now going to get one of them for my original Maverick 88 stock. I am very disappointed."
4.0 5
"Knoxx was recently purchased by blackhawk. Blackhawk currently is out of stock of their own ..stock until next year. As far as the stock itself goes, there is a pin on the side that gets jarred out after shooting for awhile. Can't put it back in, and have to RMA it. Thing is, it's hard to RMA when the company is out of it's own product. Anyhow, as far as shooting goes. You go from being bruised to not being bruised. It's that simple. The design is a primative spring setup, but it works when it works. I wish they put something more high tech like magnets repulsed within a cylinder. Wouldn't break and would be smoother, but would weigh more. So, nobody has this part, including the people that are supposed to being making it for a living. If you can buy one, you might wanna buy 2, cause a RMA just ain't happening."
4.0 5
"When I first saw the Knoxx stock at the NRA show I thought it was the ugliest product for shotgun I ever saw. Dispite the fact I still think it is ugly I purchased one for my Mossberg 590 to reduce the abusive recoil of magnum loads. Assembly was very simple and I observed no difference in the sight picture. Firing the 590 with this stock is a beautiful thing; even with the magnum loads it is no longer painful. The slide relase is hard to reach and there is pinch point immediately back of the receiver which is naturally avoided with normal use. I would recommend this stock for security or home defense applications. I'm not sure of the practicality for other use although that is personal preference."
5.0 5
"Works great, but if you read the description and expect to be feeling only 5% of the recoil you'll probably be disappointed. With the laws of physics and everything I'm not sure how that's even possible, but it does greatly reduce felt recoil and makes shooting my shotgun very much more pleasurable.After installing it me and a couple friends went out and shot it for a bit to test it out, maybe 8 or 9 rounds each, so we haven't really put it through its paces yet, but they both now want one for themselves.So what it boils down to is this; You're still shooting a shotgun and you're gonna feel it, no getting around that, but with this I feel like I would be able to shoot all day.The most impressive feature of this stock is its ability to reduce the felt recoil, but I would also like to mention that the adjustable stock is great as well.100% satisfied with this purchase, a little pricey, but it's definitely worth it."
5.0 5
"I bought this stock after putting five shoulder pounding slugs through my Mossberg 590. There was no way I wanted to shoot anymore slug rounds but this stock changed the whole situation. It did change the sight picture slightly, nothing drastic but, since my wife has trouble putting the weapon to her shoulder, I bought a Sightmark Dualshot Holo/laser sight so she can shoot from the hip. We both shot with it today and had a gereat time. My wife, who dreaded the recoil, tried some OObuck and wanted to shoot several more---she liked it! I was working on zeroing the Sightmark so put fifteen slugs through it with no pain at all. It had less recoil than the standard stock shooting birdshot. This is a great product."
5.0 5
"If you have a shoulder injury that robs you of your love of the 12 gage, then this is for you. Without it , firing more than five rounds was torture, but since adding this product, only the amount of shells on hand and time have been my barriers. Love this addition!"
2.0 5
"I just got the SpecOps shotgun stock for my mossberg 88 maverick. I havn't shot it yet but I can't get a good sight picture. The new stock doesn't allow you to get your cheek placement right."
5.0 5
"This is hands down the best upgrade I have done to my 500 Persuader. The shotgun now is much more comfortable to hold and aim with, and looks great doing it. I have never had a problem with recoil, but you can definitely tell this thing makes a difference. Light loads, like the 2 3/4 targets I shoot the most of, feel about the same (seeing how there is hardly any recoil to begin with) but if you step up to a larger high brass or slug, this thing really shines. Knoxx had a video on their old website (before Blackhawk bought them) which showed a guy drop a 3\" slug in, put his back to a wall, and fire it. I myself did the same thing with a tree and it is honestly one of the coolest things I have done with my gun. Putting your shoulder between your gun and a solid object would be far from fun with even the lightest loads, but this stock eats it all up. The main appeal for me (aside from the AR style and adjustable LOP), was the reduced muzzle flip. I can now pump off 9 shots, on target, from 30 yards within seconds. The only thing some people may not like is this thing does have a little weight to it due to it actually having mechanical parts instead of just being a piece of plastic like what I took off. I personally enjoy it because it helps balance out my gun, especially when loaded with 9 in the tube and 6 on my side saddle. The different stud holes for your sling are nice too, though I have since switched to an AR-15 1 point that works very well with this. On a final note, to the previous reviewer, if you can't get a good sight picture you probably just have it adjusted too close. I too, had to lean down more on the stock to see my bead when at the shortest LOP setting. But just moving it back 1 notch was enough to naturally find my targets without even thinking about it."
5.0 5
"You are looking at, what is quite possibly, the best tactical collapsible stock for shotguns. This stock is unbelievable. At first I was hesitant on purchasing this stock. After all it isn't the most attractive stock out there. But after viewing the demostration videos, I figured I'd give it a try. I am 100% satisfied. I bought this for my Mossberg 500 Persuader and it really works. When you fire a shell, you can still sense the force of the round, but you simply don't feel it. The two heavy duty springs dissipate most of the energy, allowing you to stay on target with less deviation from point of aim and provides for quicker follow up shots. The only drawback is the stock does affect your sight alignment slightly, but this can easily be corrected with ghost rings, holosight or simply aiming slightly below the target with aimingbead. If you have any reserves about purchasing this stock, don't. It is definitely worth it for homedefense or skeet/target shooting!"
5.0 5
"I bought this stock for my two Mossberg 12 gauges. I interchange them quite frequently. I used this stock when I went deer hunting. I was using sabot slugs the solid copper ones that give a high recoil discharge. I brought down a nice buck and don't even remember the recoil. I'm getting another one very soon. You can shoot 50 slugs one after another with this stock and you will come away amazed."
3.0 5
"I installed this stock in about ten minutes with the help of an 18 month old. I used the OEM washer the first time I installed the stock because it was larger and steel, while the one that comes with it is small and rubber. I ended up having a 1/8 gap, so reinstalled with the supplied washer and the fit was perfect. I can't manually release the slide to load the weapon while shouldered with this stock installed, but that is from the pistol grip and not a design flaw. It's just something I didn't think of. This does come with a forend manufactured by BlackHawk. I tried for and hour and twenty minutes to install it before I was so frustrated I gave up. That's when I noticed a little sticker on the package that said the forend only fits magazine tubes that are 5/8. While it is a nice forend that comes with the kit I cannot use it. That's why I'm only giving it three bullets. I'll have to wait until April to go test it out since it won't quite raining until then, living in the great North West. Very good stock that I don't think is ugly at all, just peeved about having to buy a new forend because the OEM one just dosen't look right anymore, and the one supplied dosen't fit."
4.0 5
"First off it's not the best looking stock but it works at reducing recoil. If your putting it on a 590a1 have a dremel ready as the steel trigger guard creates a gap, no trouble though. Didn't use the fore grip and you do sit a little higher on the ghost ring sight, but all of it is worth the recoil reduction."
4.0 5
"Works great on my Mossberg 500 reducing the felt recoil. I looked around at a lot of other stocks before buying and I am happy that I bought this one. My only gripe is that a few months ago I was convinced someone was trying to break into my home and with adrenaline pumping and my hand persperation it felt like my hand was slipping around on the handle...I did not like this one bit, so I installed a rubber hand grip around the handle."
5.0 5
"First of all it only took me about 5 minutes to install. It looks really menacing on my Mossberg 500 along with my heatshield and 18\" barrel. 3\" deer slugs now feel like trap loads. The only problem I have now is I can't afford to feed my gun because its just so much fun to shoot."
4.0 5
"I bought one of these for my 500a 18.5 inch barrel. I really like this stock and am overall happy with it + it is awesome with the POWER PACK Accesory. It does help with shoulder pain alot (I have gone out and shot all day and have no problems); what i've noticed is it dampens the blow but also redirects more into your face more. I get some redness and swelling in my cheek; you really gotta hold it tight to your face or u'll get smacked. My biggest con is that you can't fully strip the gun without removing the stock unlike my OEM retractable.Summary: This is a good product if u are going to be firing large amounts of rounds. It's popular with military and law enforcement."
5.0 5
"Well worth the money! Ordered on Mon and had it at the house on Wed, installed and at the range that afternoon. Really reduces recoil; I fired 2 3/4in slugs, buckshot, and 3in buckshot loads. The stock absorbed the recoil and helped me get back on target fast. I don't know about it absorbing 95% of recoil, but my shoulder is no where near as sore as it would have been with the OE stock. I can't wait to get more shells and get back out to the range. This used to be a punishing shotgun to shoot, now I can't wait to get more trigger time with it."
4.0 5
"I just upgraded the factory stock (black synthetic) on my Mossberg 590 and could not be happier. The installation took about 15 min, only because I was not experienced and I took my time to ensure not to strip any screws or miss any steps. Instructions are clear. Material is good quality. I strongly recommend this to anyone who keeps a shotgun for home defense - it gives the gun a more intimidating look as well as makes it a more comfortable and efficient tool. I also added a light under the extended magazine, right before the bayonet lug. The only reason I did not give this a 5 bullet initially is because the adjustable stock takes a while to smoothen out - gets sticky."
5.0 5
"I was hesitant to order this, but I wanted a pistol grip/adjustable stock for my shotgun so my son could use it comfortably, as well. I put it on a Mossberg 500 and I'm not sure if I will ever own another shotgun without it. Recoil is almost non-existent, target acquisition is much faster because of the lighter recoil, and the quality was good. I also added the check rest/shell holder for the overall package."
4.0 5
"Great stock! Took me about 3 min to install it. It does reduce the recoil but not up to 95% as described. The forend which comes with the stock does not fit well on my mossberg 500A..."
5.0 5
"I purchased this a little over a year ago and just now had an opportunity to go out to father-in-laws ranch to play with shotgun. I modified my mavrick88 with this stock and it works great, even when firing slugs there is no more pain. I did not experience problems with sighting others have complained about, but then again I shoot left-handed. I am extremely pleased with the performance as I put 30+ rds through shotgun (ten of which were slugs) and had no residual pain or stiffness, with old stock 5rds of even #6 shot would hurt and slugs were intolerable to fire. Now I can shoot all day long and not hurt myself even with 3\" slug shells, it still kicks (duh!!) but does not hurt."
5.0 5
"I've had this mounted on my Mossberg 590 Persuader for about 3 years now (before Knox was bought by Blackhawk) and I must say, this stock is the best of the best. I'll admit, cosmetically, it doesn't look as sharp as some other collapsable stocks. But this stock greatly makes up for that with its recoil reduction. This stock has 2 heavy duty springs which help mitigate and redirect the recoil from going backwards into your shoulder (As I understand it, the springs absorb the backward flowing kinetic energy produced from the iginted shell, and disperse that energy into the springs as spring potential energy. This will redirect that energy forward as the springs return back to their original position). For simplicity, I can fire 3\" OO bucks or slugs all day long and not have a single bruise on my shoulder. It's amazing. Well worth the money and a must have. Watch the promotional videos if you're still unsure."
5.0 5
"I love shooting shotguns, and do so every time I can. This stock makes it feel like you are shooting a 20 gauge, or possibly even lighter. Best addition I ever made to my shotgun. Have shot close to 3000 shells since buying this stock, and have never gone home with a bruised shoulder like I did before."