Black Widow Deer Lures Naked Scent Beads Add Your Own Scent Polymer 2oz Jar

Black Widow Deer Lures
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Offering 100% Fresh scents, lures and attractants for over 50 years Black Widow also provides separate northern and southern Whitetail deer scents. Why go thru the effort and expense of providing region specific deer scents? Because, to the deer, Yes! it does makes a difference! Made for hunters by hunters, their QC is done in the woods and fields in real world hunting situations. No gimmicks outrageous claims or false promises, just simple effective 100% pure urines, scent lures and attractants. Whitetail, blacktail, mule deer, elk, hog, and moose, early season or mid-rut, Black Widow has a product to make your hunt more successful.

Add your own scents and place them where you want. Naked Scent Beads are a specially formulated polymer that soaks up the scent product of your choice with a slow release that lasts for weeks. Create mock scrapes to pull bucks in or hold them in an area with an estrus scent. If the deer urinate on them, they'll absorb and hold natural deer urine as well! This is the ultimate scent application product!

Specifications and Features:
Black Widow Deer Lures Naked Scent Beads S0649
Add Your Own Scent
Soaks Up Scent Product
Slow Release Lasts For Weeks
Polymer Beads
2 oz Jar