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Black COBRA Sling Condor

Condor Outdoor Products, Inc.
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The COBRA Single point sling features heavy duty dual bungee construction with an HK snap hook adapter that is covered with elastic to eliminate metal on metal clunking. The sling has two side release buckles to release the sling quickly from either side, and a side release buckle on the adapter to release the weapon from the sling. The COBRA Single Point Sling is made with 1.25 inch webbing and heavy duty Duraflex side release buckles and hardware. 
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4.0 5
"Out of the quickly shipped CTD box this sling looks great. I have a more expensive single point and wanted another one for my son to use when we take the M4s to the range. This sling looks and feels as well-made as the more expensive one. It has adequate adjustment to not hang too low and the elastic is sturdy but plenty flexible. I decided to go with the Midwest sling adapter over the GG&G (on my other rifles) to try with this sling. So far it is a good looking rig but I'll have to take it to the range before giving four bullets. Used this particular set up on the S&W MP15 (basic model) to try it out. If you want to try a single point sling don't be afraid to give it a shot for this price."
– JohnS
5.0 5
"The best single point sling I have purchased..."
– dk
5.0 5
"My first attempt to use a single point sling. I am spoiled. Great manufacturing on this unit. The single point concept is MOST functional."
– HDoupsm
5.0 5
"Got this for my WASR 10/63. Looks great and works even better. Lots of adjustment and functions great, you could use this on any weapon. A good buy!"
2.0 5
"Metal hook is very, very weak and bends really easily."
– JR
5.0 5
"A well constructed item. My AR-10 weighs 10 Lbs and when I let it go, it simply dangles there. I have no reason to think it will fail."
– Tim in WI
5.0 5
"This sling looks tough, its built to last and i plan on taking it into the field. No complaints."
– F. Bastiat
5.0 5
"Needed a one-point sling for S&W 15-22. This one works well. You can switch from right to left arm without having to unsling your weapon."
– rayscar2
4.0 5
"Works perfectly. Four stars because even with the strap all the way done up, the rifle still hangs a little low on my chest. Not a big deal. It is still very nice."
– F.P.D.
5.0 5
"This is a cool sling! It's military-grade quality with excellent construction. I haven't used it for a long time but it seems like it would take some serious abuse. My only complaint is I wished it would adjust to be a bit smaller so the gun would ride higher up (I'm 5'8\" so if you're taller this won't be an issue for you), but it's fine and I love having a sling instead of a standard strap."
– Deverix
5.0 5
"This baby is sturdy and slick. It will fit all heights. My only concern is that it all rides on one buckle and if that fails you are cooked. But so far so good for me."
– The Doc
4.0 5
"Have 2 slings now. They work well on a stripped down M4. Tried one on an AR10 CAR with a 20 rd mag, EOT533, laser and flashlight and it was way past being stretched out. Same with a 20\" AR15 HBAR with extras attached. Stay with an M4 and it works."
– HDoupsm
3.0 5
"I bought this sling for my AR-15, because I thought that I really wanted a one point sling. This sling is made of good quality and the hardware is solid. I did not like that the sling allows the rifle to hang too low, and there is no way to really tighten it up. Also, the sling allows the rifle to just dangle and I did not like that. If you are interested in a sling that secures your weapon to your body while you run or have to use your hands, this is not the one for you.I have since swithced to the Speedy Two Point Sling (SLING-120)."
– mhill
5.0 5
"This is a great product!! To be honest I was a little worried about buying this item only because of some of the reviews that other people had posted. But in the end I am glad I bought this sling. The hardware and bungee are solid and strong, the bungee will still stretch but it wont leave your weapon hitting the floor. I read other reviews and they said that they dont like that it dangles or that its not up fully on their chest, Well if you want a sling not to dangle or to be high up on your chest then go get a 3 point sling. The 1 point sling is meant to dangle when not being held on to. Plus mine sits half way on my torso and the rest of it hangs just about to my knees, and I have not yet tightend it up so there is still room to bring it up. I wanted this sling so that I could still hold onto my AR-15 and load up my magazines at the sametime. This is a great product, well worth the money."
– t.brooks
4.0 5
"I am using this sling on my M-4. The quality and materials are some of the finest I have seen. My only complaint is that the connecting strap is way toofor use on the M-4 platform. The hook should have been placed at the crux of the sling/connecter, allowing for a higher and more natural carry position. I think it will be better suited for use on my HK94. This quality at this price can't be beat."
– Mike R
5.0 5
"I use this sling for my AR and it works perfect! This sling is made of high quality material. I've only had it for two months, but I'm sure it will last for years to come."
– El Cazador
3.0 5
"Definitely hangs lower than I would like. I am 6 foot and 150 and my AR 15 hangs at my right thigh below my armpit. I found it awkward to walk with it hanging where it does, I am always holding the weapon away from my leg or I hit it when I walk causing my weapon to swing and bounce away from my body. Just my 2 cents. I think the picture is misleading, it will hang lower than the one in the picture of the guy holding it..or I am a retard, either way not what I was looking for. But if that is what you want you will not be disappointed. Great quality/comfortable to the shoulder/neck area."
– Vettle
5.0 5
"I bought this for my AR and it is very comfortable, very sturdy and just and all around good sling. Not to mention it looks awesome on a gun!"
– Money_man
4.0 5
"I bought this for my LMT Ar-15. It works best for me on the shortest and tightest setting, as I'm 6'4\". Other than that, my rifle will hang too low for my liking. The bungee on the sling does what it should do. Comfortable sling. Me likey."
– GeddyEntwhistle
5.0 5
"This was exactly what I was looking for. Comfortable and tactically helpul. Thanks CTD for the fast shipping!"
– Donovan
3.0 5
"First, I like the sling and it works and looks well. But, it eats into your neck and during transitions, the clips rip right into you. Need a turtle neck or something."
– Jon
3.0 5
"Good sling. But no padding where it's needed. Seems like an obvious thing. Wear a turtleneck and you should be fine I guess."
– ScopedAk
4.0 5
"Fits well, and well made. It really is a little stiff out of the package, but loosens up a little after time. Nice, would buy again"
– Brian
5.0 5
"I'm 6'4\" and this sling works great for me on the shortest setting. I would buy this sling all day. Fits very well and is made VERY well, too!!"
– Scott Hughes
4.0 5
"Good construction and solid fasteners, but it won't tighten up much on you if you're a smaller dude. You couldn't use it to pull against for a SBR or pistol even though I have it on my AR-15 pistol and it still works well."
– Ryan
5.0 5
"As a taller person this sling fits me great. One of the fasteners is near the neck region but I haven't had a complaint during transitions yet."
– Ryan J
5.0 5
"Really good fit, works great, has two disconnect so it can be used either left or right hand. Adjustable so that you get a nice fit and good position placement."
– Karl Bear