Berger 6mm Caliber .243" Diameter 108 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail Target Bullets 100 Count 24431

Berger Bullets
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Berger Hollow Point boat Tail Target bullets are made for one thing - accuracy. This means that all bullets are manufactured to the highest possible standard, with virtually no measurable difference from bullet to bullet, resulting in tighter groups, and more predictable ballistics. No consideration is given to what happens after the bullet reaches the target, these bullets are not recommended for hunting.

Our Target bullet line is made up of the many legendary bullets that have been winning matches and setting records for decades. Berger Bullets was started because Walt Berger wanted better results while competiting in target shooting matches. Making Match Grade bullets for target competition shooters is our core competency. All of our success as the producer of consistent bullets for Varmint, Target and Hunting stems from the efforts we have made to produce the best bullets available for the extreme, precision focused, target competition shooter. There is a tremendous amount of pride knowing that we make a product that competition shooters all over the world trust when they go to the firing line. There is no better test of a bullets quality than to be used in a match where everyone is shooting to win. As competition shooters ourselves we understand all the tough challenges and considerable effort it take to be an active target competition shooter. It is our thorough understanding of this effort that heavily influences all the bullets we make.

Specifications and Features:
Berger Hollow Point Boat Tail Target Bullet
Weight: 108 Grains
Diameter: .243"
Ballistic coefficient: 0.511