Berger .30 Caliber .308" Diameter 210 Grain VLD Match Boat Tail Hollow Point Bullet 100 Count 30415

Berger Bullets
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The VLD bullet design is a combination of two very specific features. The first is a boat tail which is common on long and heavy bullets. The second and most important design feature is the long secant ogive. It is this ogive shape that allows the bullet to experience less drag as it flies to the target. This reduced drag is how the VLD shoots flatter and is less affected by wind (less drift) than other bullets. Reduced drag also translates into higher retained velocity. These are important results if you want your bullet to help improve your accuracy by requiring less sight adjustments when conditions change.

Specifications and Features:
Berger VLD Match Boat Tail Hollow Point Bullet
Bullet Weight: 210 Grains
Bullet Diameter: .308"
Ballistic coefficient: 0.631