Berger .25 Caliber .257" Diameter 115 Grain HPBT VLD Match Grade VDL Hunting Rifle Bullet 100 Count 25513

Berger Bullets
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The Berger Hunting Bullet line has proven to be one of the most lethal big game bullets on the market today. These designs feature bullets with a sharp nose and slightly thinner jacket allowing for slight penetration before expanding. Once it begins expanding it will shed 40 to 85 percent of its weight inside your target delivering all of its energy to the vital areas of a properly placed shot. The end result is a quick clean ethical kill often times dropping the animal where it stands. This allows you to enjoy the bounty of your harvest immediately without having to track a wounded animal after the shot.

The Berger VLD (Very Low Drag) Bullet has a streamlined, long profile with a secant ogive resulting in lower drag. This translates into a flatter trajectory and higher velocity is retained in flight. The reduced drag minimizes the impact of wind drift, and windage adjustments become easier to manage.

Specifications and Features:
Berger Match Grade VLD Hunting 25513
Very Low Drag VLD
Hollow Point Boat Tail HPBT
.25 Caliber
Bullet Weight: 115 Grains
Bullet Diameter: .257"
Ballistic Cefficient: 0.466
Optimal Twist 1:10
Streamlined Secant Ogive Design