Barnes M/LE Tipped TAC-TX Rifle Lead Free Copper Bullet 6.8mm SPC Caliber .277" Diameter 95 Grain Polymer Tip Boat Tail Projectile 50 Per Box 30253

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The Barnes MIL/LE TAC-TX rifle projectiles are exactly the same as the TAC-X except for the addition of the polymer tip. TAC-TX have earned their reputation for accuracy and reliability. These projectiles are designed from the ground up to produce controlled double diameter expansion and full functionality at either close or long range. These bullets travel perfectly in flight and track straighter when encountering barriers than typical lead core projectiles. As an added benefit these solid copper bullets will also have better weight retention and won't suffer from jacket separation.

Specifications and Features:
Barnes M/LE TAC-TX Lead Free Copper Projectile 30253
6.8mm SPC Caliber
.277" Diameter
95 Grain TAC-TX Solid Copper Polymer Tip Boat Tail
Length 1.032
Ballistic Coefficient 0.292
Sectional Density 0.177
50 Count Per Box
Note: These are bullets which are intended to be used in conjunction with reloading. This is NOT loaded ammunition.


Item#: 80489