Barnes 6.8 SPC Bullets 100 Projectiles RRLP FB 85 Grain

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In 1932, Fred Barnes began selling bullets made in his Bayfield, Colorado basement workshop. Over the next 40 years, the company gained a solid reputation by offering premium bullets to hunters who rolled their own. Today, Barnes offers a full line of ammunition and bullets to cater to the most discerning shooters and hunters. Product performance, innovation and passion forged their dreams for the business into reality.

Barnes new RRLP (Reduced Ricochet, Limited Penetration) bullets feature a frangible, powdered-metal copper-tin core inside a guilding metal jacket. The bullets are lead-freeoften a requirement in military and LE practice environments. These open-tip bullets wont come apart in mid-air, even at very high velocities and extreme rates of spin. They combine accuracy with explosive fragmentation, and wont destroy steel practice targets.

100 Count Box

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 30252
Caliber: 6.8mm
Bullet Type: Reduced Ricochet, Limited Penetration, Flat-Base Hollow Point
Bullet Weight: 85 Grains
Count: 100 per Box
Diameter: .277
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.229
Sectional Density: 0.158
Length: 0.937
Jacket Material: Copper
Core Material: Lead Free Powdered Copper-Tin
Cannelure: Yes

Uses: Indoor Range Shooting, LE Training, Shooting Steel Targets, Hunting, Home Defense


These are bullets which are intended to be used in conjunction with reloading. This is NOT loaded ammunition.

Item#: AMM-024-262-100