ATN Night Cougar XT Night Vision Goggles Gen.1

ATN Corporation
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Specifications and features:
ATN Night Cougar XT night vision goggles
High-resolution Gen. 1 image intensifier tube
Total Darkness IR system
40 lp/mm resolution
1x magnification
F1.4, 35mm lens system
Proshield lens coating
20 degrees field of view
1m to infinity range of focus
-5 to +5 diopter adjustment
Digital controls
Infrared illuminator
Weather and fog-resistant
-40 deg. C to 50 deg. F operating temperature
3V CR123A battery
20 hours battery life
Weighs 1.21 pounds
Hands-free usage with easy to adjustable headgear

The ATN Night Cougar is the smallest and lightest Night Vision Binocular in the market. This hands free top-quality Night Vision Goggles provides realistic 1:1 magnification, stereo depth perception, close focus, excellent comfort and is easy to operate. Features include wide field of view all-glass lenses and super powerful Infrared Illuminator for total darkness nocturnal viewing. The ATN Night Cougar is an excellent head-mountable Goggles choice for Fishing, Boating, Crime Prevention, Security and Hunting.

1st Generation is currently the most popular type of Night Vision in the world. Utilizing the basic principles described earlier, a 1st Generation unit will amplify the existing light several thousand times letting you clearly see in the darkness. These units provide a bright and sharp image at a low cost, which is perfect, whether you are boating, camping, observing wildlife, or providing security for your home.

The ATN Night Cougar XT is a lightweight dual eye/tube Goggles System that is comfortable to wear and easy to use. Powered by two high-quality 1st. Gen+ Light Intensifier Tubes and using fast precision optics, the ATN Night Cougar XT Night  Vision Goggles has one of the clearest and brightest images available in a 1st Gen. Goggle Systems. Combine all of the above with a built-in Infrared Illuminator that lets you see in total darkness and you will be on your way to exploring even the darkest of places.