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ATI, Universal Shotgun Top Folding Stock, Polymer, Black

Advanced Technology
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Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: TFS0600
Top-Folding Shotgun Stock
Compact for Transport & Carry
Can be Fired in Opened or Folded Position
Quick Release Button Allows Stock to Lock in Folded/Unfolded Position
Textured Pistol Grip
Pre-Drilled to Accept Shotgun Shell Holder
Easy Installation
Mounts for All Supported Models Included
Sling Swivel Stud Included
Material: DuPont Extreme Reinforced Polymer
Color: Black


Item#: SHT-057
Total number of Reviews: 21

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4.0 5
"The top-folding shotgun stock fit my home-defence Remington870 Express, with no wobble or play. It does exactly what I want it to, and it feels solid and tough enough to more than withstand the kind of abuse I might end up subjecting it to. I bought the shotshell holder that attaches to the stock, which also works quite well, holding the shells securely. The swivel-mount at the hinge also works well with a saddle-ring type sling (a single loop going over one shoulder, with the shotgun hanging muzzle-down at my side; this makes the most comfortable and natural-feeling sling I've used, though milage may vary for shorter users.) It misses 5 bullets only because it was clearly a universal shotgun stock, with the adapter quite visible - for only a slightly higher price, instead of three plastic adapters, three different pistol grips for the three models of shotgun would have had a nicer-looking result (since the stock itself would be very easy to attach to the right pistol grip; this is only a minor cosmetic point, but keeps this from being an absolutely perfect product.)"
4.0 5
"Purchased this folding stock and installed on a Mossberg 500. Looks great, works well but was hoping the stock would fold completely against shotgun. It has a 1'' gap. Other than that, I am real pleased."
3.0 5
"I purchased the top folding stock for my Mossberg 500 and was initially pleased with it. However, after about a week of use, I noticed the stock start to have some play when folded out. Also, the butt plate sits too high to comfortably use the factory Mossberg sights. This stock would be good for someone smaller than me, and for a gun w/ top rail and red dot sight."
3.0 5
"This product is about one step away from being really good. It looks good, makes the gun more portable, and maintains a stable profile, but it doesn't quite lock in the right position. I have it on a Mossberg 500. It will not lock down flush on top. You can push it into place, but it has some play. still works for me, but some of you guys who are rougher with your guns may want to consider some other setup."
4.0 5
"Great stock if you're like me and wanna make your mossberg look cooler. Very comfortable in the extended position. The only drawback is that it has some play when it is folded. Very easy to install."
4.0 5
"I bought this for my Mossberg 500 and put it on really easy. the only thing i dont like is that the stock wont go all the way down on the top of the gun, but other then that works great."
3.0 5
"let me start off by saying, the stock itself, is really strong, and tough. i used it for hungting for a while, until after i tightened the screws on it about 30 times (i like the tight feel, some might like it a little more loose) but the alan head screws are made of plastic, what i gip.i stripped the screw heads like nobodys business, even using the right size alan wrench. but when i had it on and got use out of it, it was w0nderful. but when tightening time came around, there was alot of trouble.dodge the bullet and dont get this unless your willing to invest in some real screws."
5.0 5
"I ordered this folding stock with confidence after reading the reviews on CTD and other websites. When it arrived I immediately opened it and began installing it. It took about 5 minutes to remove the original stock and install this one. I also ordered the shotshell holder which was a great addition to this stock. I have this shotgun for home defense only so I am not aware of how it holds up to 1,000's of shells be fired from it but it is rock solid and looks really intimidating! This is a must have for any home defense/tactical shotty!"
5.0 5
"First of all, the install was a breeze. The instructions were easy to follow & it took no time at all. I have a Remington 870 Tactical and I can attest that this folding stock works great! The look is really cool as well, just like the photo you see. I also installed the heat shield for that ultra bad-ass look. If there is a any drawback to this stock, its that it probably needs a sturdier bolt. I haven't fired the shotgun with the folding stock yet, but hopefully it wont require any modifications or alterations. Overall I'd have to say, if you own the Remington 870, and you want to install a folding stock, then this is the one to get. You certainly get the best bang for the buck with this one."
4.0 5
"Sorry I've had this for 3 or 4 years and I have not reviewed it till now. Trust me I know a thing or two and this stock is really good and solid. I gave it only 4 bullets because after about 4 years and 5,000 rounds later it has got a little play in the henge but just tighten the screw and it's fine. The space age plastic takes about 60% of felt recoil off and I have a Leapers SKS Butt Pad (Item: SKS-092) on mine that takes even more of the recoil. I have added steel plates to the sides of mine now so that I can have a cheek rest and give the stock more support, with the added support it's like a rifle now."
4.0 5
"First of all this is a great little stock. I have it on my 500a home defence shotgun and it fits great. I am not sure if it has been upgraded since the other reviews but I dont have any problems with it sitting up high when mine lays right down on the barrel. My only complaint is I wish the butt plate was a little more comfortable but it's no big issue for a home defence weapon. This might be solved by having an extra option for the end user to swap out to fit thier size. All in all I will buy it if I need another stock. Thanks for reading, hope it was helpful."
5.0 5
"This is a durable stock that can take alot of abuse and keep working. It also looks fantastic. I recommend getting the additional shell holder made by ATI as the folding stock is already pre drilled for it."
4.0 5
"Overall this is a good stock. I put it on my Mossberg 500A, it didn't rest flush on top of gun like I hoped it would but was an easy fix with a Dremel and 5 minutes of my time. It now rests flush and my only concern is the Warhammer heat shield I\uFFFDm contemplating purchasing may interfere. One thing I don't like is the lock for the stock is not possible to engage the lock to open/close the stock while still holding the gun by the grip."
5.0 5
"It is a nice stock. I put it on my Mossberg 500a 12ga. It looks cool. It is Ok for the price."
5.0 5
"My choice for a home defense or civilian shotgun folding stock. Just as advertised both in quality and function. Very easy to install. Parts included to easily fit shotguns listed. Sling stud near grip can be moved to either side. Accessory shell holder can be purchased to mount on top of stock. Opened the stock is slightly shorter than standard hunting shotguns, which is actually an advantage for control in defense and combat stance positions and situations. Hard to go wrong with this folding stock."
4.0 5
"I purchased this top folding stock for my Winchester 1300. The directions state you'll need a long flat-head screwdriver to removed the old wooden stock. My gun had a bolt instead of a screw. a 13mm socket along with an extension did the trick in getting the old one off. Looks good and functions properly. The pistol grip looks & feels a tad fragile and although I haven't fired it, I'm sure it's going to wear hard on my hand in the folded position because of the narrow grip. Aside from that, it looks awesome and only took me a few minites to install."
4.0 5
"I had one of these on my Mossberg 500 for awhile. It was just as advertised. It was a very solid piece of equipment, fit down tight on the top of the gun and, let's face, looked really cool. My only problem was that the butt plate was too small. After a few rounds of 00 buck it just wasn't that fun to shoot."
5.0 5
"I put this on my Mossberg 500 and it looks great. When it folds over the top, it doesn't fit flush. But I put the Warhammer, with the picatinny rail, and heat shield, and it fit perfectly. The combination is for a mean looking weapon. Fired some high powered mag rounds, with the stock handling the force with no problem. A must have for a home defense shotgun."
4.0 5
"Great overall stock. The price was not bad, but if you intend on using the shotgun these are attached to for more than home defense, I would recomend again this stock. I installed it on Mossberg 500 and the action release button was unreachable in the ready position and recoil was worse than that of a tradional stock. The stock preformed as it should have, and fit the shotgun great."
4.0 5
"Bought this stock for my Remington 870. Easy install and looks great. I just installed it and have not shot it yet but it seems pretty sturdy. The only thing that would make this rating a five is if it fit my Remington without an adapter. Reason is because it leaves a little space but maybe I am just picky."
5.0 5
"This stock functions just as described with no hitches. In fact, it is smooth operating and surprisingly comfortable in recoil, folded or unfolded. The wide, rounded edge butt is easy on the shoulder. I had no problems shooting hand and trap thrown clay birds with this stock. I leave it on permanantly now."