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Universal Shotgun Pistol Grip Buttstock for 12 Gauge Shotguns

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ATI Shotgun Pistol Grip Buttstock

This full length, non-slip, pebble grain stock features a slim, ergonomically designed pistol grip for control and a rubber buttpad to reduce recoil. Made from DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer this buttstock fits most popular 12 and 20 gauge pump shotguns. Easy to install, uses the factory stock bolt with no modifications or gunsmithing to your shotgun required.
13 1/2 length of pull.
Fits 12 gauge Mosseberg 500, 535, 590, 835, Remington 870, Winchester 1200 , 1300, and Maverick 88 shotguns. 

Item#: SHT-035,2-ADVSPG0100,9-60103,20-ATISPG-0100,7-SPG0100,11638
Total number of Reviews: 46

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4.0 5
"this stock is very solid and i feel like i have alot more control with the pistol grip, it is actually i tad heavier than my wooden one...the only thing i don't like is that theres a tiny space between the stock and the shotgun."
– swat
3.0 5
"I installed on a Remington 870 Marine Magnum. This is a good price for the pistol grip. Slight draw backs are it does leave a little bit of a gap where it meets the gun. (as mentioned before) Also, the padded but is really not that forgiving. The gun originally came with a gel like pad. Very nice for recoil. This one is padded but not nearly as nice as original. Sadly the original pad is just a little to large to install on this one. In the end I am going to keep it. CTD does offer the best price for this and it is the best for this price range."
– Doc
4.0 5
"I put this stock on my NEF Pardner Pump! It looks great. There is a gap, as mentioned by the others, but it makes it look like a new gun. Great ATI stock."
– Sand_Man_56
5.0 5
"I mounted this on my Mossberg M500 having had a standard synthetic stock on it before. I shoot my gun aggressively. Tactical target courses, 6 clay reports. It gets a work out. There is a noticeable increase in control of the weapon. I feel as though its a more natural position to shoot with. It's a great accessory. There's only one flaw I have noticed, if you can even call it a flaw. I feel as though I had to really crank the bolt down to make it solid, but it's only a minor thing. Overall well worth the money. Great Investment."
– D. Shea
4.0 5
"this is a great stock, gives you more control over the gun. Yes it did leave a small gap between the adapter and gun on my rem. 870 but heres the trick take and file the adapter down until it fits flush with the gun, with a good file it only takes a short time."
– hillbilly
4.0 5
"very good stock. looks awesome, gives really good control of the gun. as others have mentioned, it does lack a little in the padding department. not too big a deal for me. the stock fit seamlessly onto my Mossberg 88, it looks like it would have came from the factory like this. a must have for all shotgun aficionados."
– black-gun fan
4.0 5
"original bought for my Remington then changed my mind and put it on my Mossberg. nice. makes my mossy look tough and tactical ready. fit real good no problems mounting."
– larmus
4.0 5
"For the money I spent I think it is a good deal. It has the right shape and fits well. There is probably a better combination of functionality, quality and fit but I think this is worth buying."
5.0 5
"I had a pistol grip on my Moss 500 and it nearly broke my hand on every shot of buck or slug. I replaced it with this PG Buttstock and it fit beautifully without an adapter. Gave the gun a much more tactical look and feel. GREAT BUY! Though if you are replacing a regular pistol grip like I did you will have to buy a longer bolt to attach. 28cents at any hardware store."
– Zombie Slayer
4.0 5
"Installed on my Mossberg 500 with no issues at all. Good solid fit and doesn't leave any open gaps. The pistol grip is angled a bit futher back than I would like, and where it meets the main stock is uncomfortably thin - but it's not bad enough to go back to stock. It does make it easier to manage a heavy shotgun..."
– jbauch357
4.0 5
"So you own a 12ga and are looking to modify it. If you choose just a pistol grip, good luck firing multiple rounds of tactical ammo. This option gives you a shoulder stock [a necessity in 12ga] and a comfortable p-grip. Could you buttstroke an enemy out of commision? Maybe, it feels solid enough but I have yet to try it out. It does reduce the felt recoil on my wrist bones though, and in the \"heat\" of the moment I doubt you'll notice anyways. It will fit my 1300 [Big Casino]and my Maverick [the Hoff]. It stays on the 1300 with a heatshield and a few extra rounds on a buttstock shell holder. The Maverick is a entry level type of firearm and so I modified a used p-grip to fit it for in car applications where size and mobility are an issue. Better than a plain P-grip in my opinion.USMC"
– 00 buck for Mr. Badguy
5.0 5
"i bought this off this site. it makes my mossberg 500 persuader look very mean and tactical. the control of the gun was greatly approved. it fit so well that the gun looks like it was origanlly made with this stock. i ran into only two very very minor problems while installing. the frist was that the two parts that were suppose to go together didnt fit. that was easily fixed by taking the burrs off the plastic peices with just little knife. the second problem was that the orignal screw will not work if you are converting from a pistol grip. you have to go to the hardware store and get a 5 1/2\" bolt to make it work. so for a total of 58 cents its not a big deal. if you want control of your gun theres no better way to go id recommend to anyone."
– john
4.0 5
"i just got mine on the 870, havent shot it yet but it looks good and makes the gun easyer to handle, only took minor fitting to loose the gap you get with the 870. but all and all well worth the money i think."
– scubasteve
4.0 5
"check the screw hole that holds the buttplate the on i just got has a hairline crack that is very hard to see put some super glue on it havent tried it yet hope it holds everything else was perfect overall satisfied"
– jackson
4.0 5
"Very simple to install,great price. Bolted right up to my 500 with no issues."
4.0 5
"This was solid on my 20 gauge Mossberg Bantam. Only thing I didnt like is the screws on the recoil pad are SUPER TIGHT. The forend by ATI doesnt fit the shorter Bantam slide. Oh yea IF you dissassemble the gun stock has to come off-once a year thing for me though."
– BangBang
5.0 5
"This stock went perfect onto my Defender 982. I was a little worried becuase it is not one of the popular brands such as Remington and Mossberg, however it went on smoothly and holds nice and tight no wiggling and easy installation."
– Mav
5.0 5
"Just bought one of these yesterday for my mossberg 500a. When one very easily, is rock solid, and looks GREAT!!"
– Ty
5.0 5
"Looks awesome. Fits perfect. Hardest part was getting the stock bolt off from the gun. Had to use a ratchet. I have maverick 88."
– Damien
5.0 5
"this is by far the best stock for the money... it isnt as good as a knoxx spec ops but.. it also isnt $120 eather. i mounted it on a new england pardner protector (870 clone) i had to trim the spacer to 1 1/4 inch but that wasnt hard all i used was a dremal tool with a cutting attachment. it looks nice feels great when you shoot and fits well. the lines where they attached the 2 halves of the stock sticks up a little bit and is kind of sharp but again dremal tool with a sanding attachment. but all is expected with only paying this price. i would recommend!!"
– tacgear
5.0 5
"This is a great stock it fit perfectly on my mossberg 500 persuader with no gap. It handels much better and looks awesome. Stock feels very solid and goes on easy thinking about buying one for my winchester 1300."
– Dustin
5.0 5
"I bought this for my mossberg 500 it looks great easy to install"
4.0 5
"This stock is a perfect fit on my Maverick 88. Very easy to put on."
– preachersboy
5.0 5
"I've had this stock on my Remington 870 for a few months now. I've fired about 50 shells (2 3/4\" target loads mostly and some 3\" mags) since installing it and I've had no issues at all . . . The gap between the grip and the trigger guard that some people have mentioned is insignificant, especially compared to what you end up with on a Speedfeed stock and this costs half as much. The grip itself is comfortable and the stock is very slim but it's also very sturdy. I would have honestly preferred something with a bit more substance to it, like the Benelli pistol grips or more like the Remington factory stock but for this price I couldn't ask for a better product . . . It looks good on my weapon too! I would suggest replacing the recoil pad if you're not a seasoned shotgun man . . . I've been firing 12 gauge for sport for years and I handle it very well but my girlfriend and brother thought this particular stock didn't offer much in the way of recoil reduction and consequently, wouldn't shoot with it for long. Again though, this is an excellent product for what you pay."
– Kellen
4.0 5
"I\uFFFDve got time, tools and a wide variety of materials available to me. Unfortunately I don\uFFFDt have much cash so I\uFFFDm very happy with the price (4 stars) well actually 3 is for the stock and 1 is for the free kick ass catalogue they sent. My bench was ready for this sucker the moment it landed on my doorstep! Poor thing never stood a chance; Firstly I knew that I would be taking this thing apart every time for cleaning and didn\uFFFDt want to hassle with about 5 pieces and the bolt so I glued them all together and fitted it, then once dry took it apart, now to put it on I\uFFFDm only dealing with the bolt and the stock! I padded the back of the grip or thumb arch area out with about \uFFFD\uFFFD dense foam and then put a grip cover over it which hides the foam and has widened the whole grip; it feels beautiful even without shooting gloves on. I cut, re molded and fitted my Remington Supercell buttpad onto this as the original is not good, also I made a cheek pad and glued it directly on to the top of the stock and modified an elastic 6 shell holder for the stock."
– Dennis
4.0 5
"This has been a good stock for my Moss-500. It seems to ballance the gun well. You can realy cycle the rounds."
– smoke one
5.0 5
"This is a Great stock. I have had it for 6 months and it is still on my Mossberg."
– TNPxRadioactive
5.0 5
"This is an awesome grip. It is super simple and took me 10 minutes to switch out on my 870. It is really solid and really comfortable. Thanks for the fast shipping CTD!"
– Philip
1.0 5
"This shot gun stock came with the buttpad screws so tight that I stripped one of the screws trying to get it out to install the stock bolt. The screws are the cheapest possible garbage. The spacer feels flimsy and the directions are vague at best. Spend a few more bucks and get something that isnt cheap junk."
– Neko212
1.0 5
"I bought this stock because I could use it on my Mossberg or my Remington, well . . . I should've known better but the universal stocks don't really fit well on any of the shotguns they're meant for . . . There was a huge gap between the grip and the reciever when it was on my Mossberg and I couldn't put it on the 870 because the bolt from my wooden stock is too long to secure this stock . . . That being said, I sized it up to decide if it was worth making a trip to hardware store around the corner and it's not . . . They give you all kinds of cheap plastic crap adapters with this for doing all kinds of different things but the bottom line I think is that ATI needs to more concerned with making their products a better fit on the individual weapons than making sure they fit on ten different shotguns so more people will buy their garbage products . . . The worst part? I realized all of this AFTER I bought two of the five round shell carriers, drilled holes in the stock and mounted them on both sides . . . They tell you specifically not to overtighten any screws in the instructions because the screws are crap and will strip very easily (I'm not sure there's even such a thing as a poor quality screw but ATI has them!) . . . There are so many other options out there and your gun deserves better than an ATI stock . . . A lot of my time and money wasted . . ."
– Dave
5.0 5
"Awesome product. Installed simply and looks great on my Mossberg 500. Fits really well in the shoulder and gives great sight alignment for factory or Red Dot sights."
– Hog Chaser
4.0 5
"Not bad for the price. The directions took a little time to get through but once it was done it took 15 mins. Would have given 5 stars but apperance was a little off. In all it fits tight and appears stable."
– Chickenbutt
4.0 5
"Works fine on a Mossy 20 ga too. The recoil pad is a monster to remove. Be careful or you can strip the screws. Fits my Mossy perfectly. There's a little gap at the trigger guard, but it doesn't look bad. Not a beefy as the factory poly stock, but certainly good enough. Great ergonomics."
– Geezer
4.0 5
"I bought this stock for my Win 1300, and I love it. I did not experience any of the problems I see listed in the other reviews, but it did take some torque to get it completely tightened down. I have no intention of ever replacing it with a different one. It feels comfortable, balances well, and makes weapon handling much more comfortable."
– Mike
4.0 5
"Fit my 1954 870 Wingmaster 20 gauge without altering any of the pieces. I was extremely careful removing the recoil pad and still managed to strip the screws. Otherwise would have been a five of five."
– Adam
5.0 5
"I purchased this stock about 6 months ago for my Mossberg 590SP. It is a great stock. The fit was perfect just as tight to the reciever as the stock that came with the gun. I also really like having the pistol grip, because it just feels better. This thing is tough. If you run out of ammo, then you can club someone with it! The only downfall is that it makes the action release a little hard to reach for right handed shooters. I don't think it's a problem with the stock, just something that happens when you use a pistol grip with a pump shotty. Overall an excellent stock for the price!"
– Dan
1.0 5
"This stock was very poorly engineered. The factory bolt for my Mossberg 590 was apparently to long for the cheaply made ATI stock and in turn not only prevented my receiver from ejecting a spent round, but also STRIPPED THE THREADING ON TH BOLT AND BACK OF RECEIVER!!! Now I have to take my brand new Mossberg 590 to a gunsmith and pay heavily for them to repair it. DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE!"
– Livid
2.0 5
"I bought 2 of these stocks, one for my Mossberg 500 Rolling Thunder and the other For a NEF Shotgun that is a 870 clone. I expected to maybe play around with the stock for it to fit the NEF Shotgun because it was not advertised to fit that model. However it was pretty easy to do I just had to add some spacers that I had laying around. Next I tried to install it on the M500 and the screw was not long enough. Then I got the longer screw and the stock broke. Then I Gorilla glued it and it went on but still has some wobble in it. Not happy with CTD on this one"
– Not Happy
5.0 5
"It fit on my Maverick 88 perfect. As was said, the bolt can be a bit long, but silly people, thats what washers are for. If you can't add a washer when needed, maybe you shouldn't be doing your own gunsmithing"
– frisbie
4.0 5
"The stock was pretty simple to install on the Remington 870. As for the notorious gap on the Remingtons, if you remove the washer that is around the female end where the bolt screws in, there will be no gap. It looks good, just as the picture shows, with the sling stud and whatnot. I haven't taken it out to shoot yet, but I am very worried about its reliability. The stock is very hollow, and the bolt seems to have little support. I don't really like the recoil pad. Just my preference, I guess. Looks good, easy to install, but the potential for failure is always lurking in my mind."
– Luke
5.0 5
"just installed on a Remington 870 express, love it. Its flaws were minor, I'm not sure if it's because it was an express with a synthetic stock but the stock bolt was over 3\" too long. I ended up using all the tubes and washers in the set plus my own. Also had to dremel out some of the polymer for the trigger guard to seat comfortably, but the instructions mentioned that. Very sturdy, not hollow, the polymer was notably thicker than the synthetic stock my express came with. The rubber on the pad is perfect, not clingy or marshmallowy. Grip itself seems more suited for large hands but is comfy. Put plenty of various rounds through it, no breaking or bending or discomfort. Price is a joke for what you get."
– Pitseleh
4.0 5
"Bought this stock for a home defense shotgun, Installed in about 5 minutes with the proper adapters and fits fairly well. Pistol grip is comfortable. Would have been 5 stars but the stock has slight play where it mounts to the shotgun, not a big gripe for a universal fit. The other downside is the recoil pad is a hard rubber. I shouldered it and tugged hard on the pistol grip and fore end and it dug pretty hard into my shoulder. Not sure how painful it will be with 00 buck running through it. Overall not bad for the price."
– Kenzo In Blue
5.0 5
"Amazing fit, the finish is slightly more of a charcoal color than the standard pump that came with the shotgun from Mossberg and thats my only complaint, however its nothing that takes from the items performance. Rock solid fit, I used the smallest sized spacer in the kit, used both washers that were in my previous stock, and tightened right up to when it felt like the next twist was going to be forced and the stock wont move. Its slightly heavier than the previous stock, but the weight of the stock helps to keep the barrel from feeling as if its going to drop at any moment. The item is sturdy as a rock, you cant even tell its hollow in the event that you had to swing it as a make shift club. The grip is out standing, fits perfectly in my fingers, and the stock rests perfectly against my shoulder at just the right length. Im 6'7\" at 200 pounds and this made my shotgun feel like it was made specifically for me. Outstanding product, I would be satisfied if I had to pay double what I did for this product."
– Mossberg500A
2.0 5
"The screws for the buttpad stipped. I was specifically careful as I had read several reviews and complaints. As of 7-20-11, they still are producing bad screws. The major problem is the interior molding of the stock was botched. Instead of a clean circle to place the plastic fitting (another flaw) in, shards of plastic kept it from going in. This ended up being more problematic then I originally thought. After clearing most of it away, I finally wedged it in. Sadly the plastic Washer or fitting, isn't very strong. I suspect this will be a problem in the future. A fix for this would be a metal interior housing, and a metal fitting. Or simply using your own 1 inch washer with lock nut. This buttstock was installed on a Mossberg 500."
– Crutch the Survivalist
2.0 5
"Well I bought this for my Maverick 88 after removing my old stock and then took a good look at this one. The first thing was the screws on the butt pad will strip really easy so take your time with them. The second issue was the large amount of flash on the inside that wouldn't allow me to properly set the adapters in. Well with a hot metal rod I got most of the flashing out of it but I still couldn't get it on my gun with the adapters provided and have a good fit. After cutting up some old Belgium BDU's I waded the material in the bottom of the stock and used the provided spacer. The next problem was tightening the bolt down to remove the insane amount of play in the stock going left and right. BE VERY CAREFUL just one quarter turn at a time and cycle your gun and pull the trigger leave the safety off I managed to get it down to a reasonable amount of play with out striping anything out or busting my safety. Once it's on though it works great other than the hard rubber butt pad which will leave your shoulder sore when testing HD loads. I say if money is tight SAVE UP FOR SOMETHING BETTER."
– Tom C
3.0 5
"I wanted this style for my mossberg 500. It handles better but the recoil pad sucks compared to the one on the mossberg stock, stock. The mossberg pad does not fit in the place of this one. Also I must now remove the stock every time I need to strip and clean the shotgun.It's nice but ask yourself if these set backs make it worth it. I need to buy a slip-on recoil pad: http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ItemDetail.aspx?sku=73268"
– benjamin