ATI Taurus Large Frame X2 Scorpion Revolver Grip Synthetic Black with Black Grip Inlays A.4.10.1015

Advanced Technology
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Advanced Technology International is a leading manufacturer of stocks, products and accessories for a wide variety of firearms. ATI combines the latest cutting edge technology and innovative design with premium materials to produce superior gunstocks and accessories. All of their products are manufactured in the USA with premium DuPont Military Grade Polymer and Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum. Well known to collectors, hunters, and competitive shooters; Trusted by the Military and Law Enforcement. Advanced Technology International is dedicated to being the industry leader in high quality, easy to install, affordable firearms accessories.

Dramatically improve the ergonomics and feel of your Large Frame Taurus with the ATI X2 Scorpion Revolver Grip. The X2 Scorpion Grip is specifically designed to improve comfort and performance when shooting large caliber handgun ammunition. Extended Scorpion material along the back strap reduces the effects of recoil and the discomfort to your hand and thumb. The reduction in recoil tames muzzle flip, helping you to reacquire your target faster by preventing the pistol from kicking upward and back. This gives you greater control with each shot. By minimizing muzzle lift you are provided with improved balance and much better sight alignment on target. A specifically contoured geometry is engineered into the X2 that ensures a consistently repeatable shooting grip. This enhanced grip contour elevates the index finger slightly for ideal placement on the trigger. The X2 Scorpion Grip adds no length to hinder concealment, it's easy to install and it's resistant to chemicals or extreme temperatures.

Specifications and Features:
ATI Taurus Large Frame X2 Scorpion Revolver Grip A.4.10.1015
Scorpion Recoil Pistol Grip
 Extended Scorpion Back Strap
Sure-Grip V2 Texture Enhanced Ergonomics
Grip Specific Contoured Geometry
Improves Balance and Sight Alignment
Reduces Felt Recoil
Reduces Muzzle Flip
Chemical and Extreme Temperature Resistant
Single screw for easy installation
Synthetic Material
Black with Black Grip Inlays
Made in the USA

Taurus Model 17 Tracker 17, Model 992 Tracker 22, Model 627 Tracker 357, Model 405, Model 45-410 The Judge
Some modification to the fastener opening on the grip may be necessary

Does Not Fit Polymer Frames or Public Defender Models

Item#: 9-248769