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SKS Monte Carlo Stock Black Handguard with Recoil Pad

Advanced Technology
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For standard SKS Rifle or Carbine. Complete with handguard, sling swivel studs, butt plate and recoil pad. Easy install with lifetime warranty. Made of sturdy DuPont Extreme Temperature glass reinforced polymer. Full 1" longer length of pull than standard wood stock. All fixed SKS mags will work with this stock. Does not have hole for cleaning rod or groove for the bayonet. The cheek rest is designed for right handed shooters . Made in USA.

Item#: SKS-540,6-1021181,3-1021181,11656,20-ATISKS-0300,7-SKS0300
Total number of Reviews: 28

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5.0 5
"I was going to purchase this stock almost two years ago, but after contacting the customer help, they stated that the stock would not fit the SKS carbine. Later, I learned that the carbine is the same size as the full size model, but the barrel length was shorter. I bought this stock almost a year ago. It took me a little to get the receiver to fit. (The company intentionally makes the stock a little tight, so this is expected.) The stock also has very minor flashings from where it is injection molded, but it is hardly noticeable. Neverless, I used a sharp pocket knife to clean it up. Elsewhere I have priced this stock and it retails for around $50 or more. Overall, I am pleased. My whole goal was to make my SKS look more like a commercial shooting gun, so after major updating ($130+) it does more so now, but it still looks like a military rifle. After a trigger job and much work it shoots better than some domestic rifles that I have handled."
– JJ
4.0 5
"This Stock is a very tight fit for my Norinco SKS. Be prepared to use some tools to get everything to fit. You will also need to have a punch kit to change it out. Reason being is that its the only way to change the handguard on the gas tube. On my SKS I had a hard time getting my gas tube to go back onso be prepared. You will also have to file the handgaurd down to make it fit. Overall once u get everything on its great. The stock adds some weight to the rear of the gun which suits my preferance."
– Rob, NC
5.0 5
"Great Stock!!! Fits my Norinco SKS perfect. Looks GREAT, it is a little on the heavy side. If you are looking for something lightweight you might want to get something else."
– JG in WV
4.0 5
"i put this on my sks and it looks great was easy to put on. i think it was alittle heavy but i would recommend to any one that wants to get rid of the wood stock, and reborn a old gun to something that looks like new"
– nichols
4.0 5
"Here's a fair evaluation of this on a lightly fired Yugo SKS...Part 1 - The Stock ItselfThe stock itself is not bad. Feels very solid, weighs about as much as the original wood. There are (as previously mentioned) some spots where the seems from injection molding are present, but they can be cleaned up fairly easily. The hand grip feels like a combination of a pistol grip and a normal rifle grip. The butt and pad feel nice against the shoulder and cheek. Rating 4.5 of 5.Part 2 - Installation of the Main StockThe fit is tight. The top section where the receiver fits into the stock was relatively tight, in addition the portion where the trigger assembly and magazine well fit in were very tight. I found myself using a decent amount of force to get the parts to fit without having to modify the stock. They did fit, and it was like I was pounding it in place, just had to push a little harder is all. Rating 4 of 5. Part 3 - Hand Guard and Gas TubeThe gas tube and hand guard was the biggest pain. The instructions state that there is a push pin holding the tail end of the gas tube together, on the Yugo this is not the case. They used a rivet but then flattened both sides of it. I used a flat head screwdriver, spread the metal just enough so the pin is no longer connected, removed the cap, put the synthetic parts in, and then using some pliers gently pushed the metal back together. Another point I should not, since this stock is \"universal\" the parts don't fit 100%. I was unable to relock the gas tube in place with the receiver in the gun; I had to separate the parts from the stock, connect the gas tube, then reassemble everything else. Ultimately I got it it. Additionally, it does not line up 100% so if you're looking closely it's kind of a cosmetic ewwww. Rating 4 of 5.Part 4 - OverallNot bad for the buck. For spending approx. 50$ you can't expect perfection like you would find on a Remington 700, but it surely makes the gun look nicer. I would recommend this product t..."
– JustinEMT990662
5.0 5
"I bought a regular wooden stock for my SKS because my old one was scarred with the initials of who ever used it before me and it had basicaly grafeti dug into that you would show you wife much less your kids, and after a lot of carving and filing and attempts to fit the new wooden one to my weapon, it broke and slivered...which left me with out a rifle, so I bought the Advanced Tech folding stock, And I wasn't impressed with it at all, it fits losely, hard to manuver and down right clumsey when attemting to make that all important shot...However I recently bought Advanced Tech's Monte Carlo unit , and I think it's going to be okay, Had to do just a little filing on it to get my scope mount to work, But everything else lined up, slid right togather fine, it fits tight and seems like a nice solid piece"
– quiethawk
5.0 5
"After months of looking around, I bought this stock to refit my Yugo and I am completely satisfied. I have the Nato grenade launcher and bayonet set, and the extra weight at the butt end of this stock balances my gun out quite nicely. There was absolutely no work to do other than changing out the upper hand guard which, of course, was a pain. Including the work it took for that, it still took less than 30 minutes to install. Even with the lack of the bayonet groove this stock is a great deal at a great price."
– Hulk72
5.0 5
"I have 3 SKSs. Each are evolving into different styles and purposes. This one is my shooter/ sportsman/ sniper version. I have had this Chinese SKS the longest. Like always, the handguard was the hardest to get on. |I had the same situation with my T-6 stock as well, but everything else fit well and tight. I will be taking off the bayonet and putting on a bipod, but my spike bayonet locked in place even with out the groove! I don't think a blade bayonet would. Now with my black Monte Carlo stock, large black rubber armored coated scope, black polimeir 20 rd mag., a good bipod, and shell deflector, my SKS functions and looks \"Bad---\"!"
4.0 5
"As with the other reviews it was a pain to replace the gas tube cover but it workes well with my SKS the only thing I do not like is I am using a Tapco mag and if you do not have it installed and cycle the bolt every thing will shift forward in the stock making it extremely hard to insert the mag."
– Worth the money
4.0 5
"It looks great on the rifle once you get it installed but it took some sanding down in the back in order to fit my scope. If you don't have a scope than it'll be great for you."
– Brad
5.0 5
"Awesome stock need I say more. Well okay maybe a little more. Right out of the box this stock fit my norinco SKS perfect, and tight. I did away with the hand guard as I have a custom gas tube that looks and functions way better then the original. However I was very pleased with much more then just the look of this stock. The balance is also perfect. Too many people make the mistake of buying those ultra-light weight stocks that look cool but in fact throw the guns balance so far off that it becomes nose heavy and difficult to hold a steady bead. This is why I love this stock so much. The balance is perfect,the grip is very comfortable, and with the butt pad supplied it's almost like there's no recoil!"
– Gunfreak29
4.0 5
"Decent stock. Well built and fits tightly on my Russian SKS. Grip is pretty large, so it wouldn't be best for small handed people. Makes your gun lighter, and doesn't look half bad. I had to give it 4 stars because it doesn't have a groove for the bayonet."
– Cooter
5.0 5
"Fit perfectly on my Chineese SKS. I had it completely installed (including the gas tube cover) in about 15 min with no problems."
– joe
5.0 5
"A great kit. Perfect fit, installed in about 15 - 20 min."
– Cpop
4.0 5
"It took me 30 minutes but it does fit well and the instructions were very helpful!"
– Texan
4.0 5
"Stock fit my Norinco very well, Thought it was too tight, but a sharp smack with the butt of my hand snapped both the reciever and the trigger group into place. Looks and feels SO much better than the crappy piece of crapwood that came with the rifle. Best $50 I've spent in a long time."
– Wyoming shooter
5.0 5
"Fits well had no problem installing my russian sks.. Looks great too!"
– Goni
4.0 5
"Got this a few days ago I immediately installed it on my Norinco SKS but I spent 15 min filing it down so it could fit. I give it 4 bullets because I had to file it down and it doesnt have a groove for my bayonet and no plae for my cleaning rod other than that its great."
– Blarg
5.0 5
"Good fit tight better feel than old wood stock. Looks great easy to install a good deal overall"
– lineman
5.0 5
"This stock made an UGLY weapon look 200% better. Not difficult at all, just follow the instructions and don't get in a hurry. Added the scope receiver and a scope as well. Worth every penny."
– Mike
5.0 5
"I bought this to replace my old beat up wooden stock. I've had it for about 1 year, and there's not a single scratch. It did take some filing to make it fit my Romanian SKS."
– shooter
5.0 5
"Received 4 days from transaction date, installed in less than 10 minutes. Didn't need any filing for my Norinco SKS and makes the rifle look so much better!"
– Jeffrey Hughes
3.0 5
"If you are just looking for extra length then this is not a bad pick, but this heavy glass makes the original stock feel light. Also, be prepared to get out your dremel tool and work down some spots so that you don't have to hammer on the stock to break down or set up your rifle. I would buy the stock extender if you just need more length."
– Robert1911
5.0 5
"I recently bought this stock (and a mossy oak camo stock for my son for Christmas) from CTD and I am completely satisfied by its fit to both of the Norinco. I have bought from CTD before I went to an all expense paid trip to Iraq and again the products were better than I had expected. Thanks CTD for the discounted great items that I have bought. I will buy again on other items."
– Jeff
5.0 5
"took 15 min to install including gas tube,great for the cost, feels good to shoot, came in 3 days - awesome.thank you CTD."
– stephen
1.0 5
5.0 5
"I give this product five bullets because it gave me no problems at all, no filling! It fit like a glove. Really good stock makes the gun look even better."
– sks owner
5.0 5
"Dropped right in, fit great. Feels great, shoots great, looks great. Fits me better than the original stock, the grip gives a nice feel. If I can get a scope to work properly this will be a really nice project."
– Keith V.