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ATI Shotforce Deluxe Shotgun Heat Shield Cooling Slots Ghost Ring Sight

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SHOTFORCE Heatshield. Deluxe heatshield with cooling slots and mounted ghost ring sights is an innovated solution for installing combat sights on a shotgun; fits 12, 16, 20, and .410 Bore shotguns. 13 3/4 inches overall length. 
Item#: SHT-007,7-SBS4600
Total number of Reviews: 29

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4.0 5
"I have always liked the look of heat shields on shotguns. So when I saw this new one with built in Ghost Ring sights, I had to get one. I put mine on a Maverick 88 with a 18 1/2\" barrel and it looks great. I did have to do a little bending of the barrel band to get it to fit good and tight, but nothing serious. The sights are very good too. They greatly improve the sighting of the shotgun. The rear peep sight has a large enough hole to see your target clearly through. Its easy to install too. I'd recomend this to anyone that wants to improve the look and sighting system on there plain Jane shotgun."
– Jr Wood
2.0 5
"While I agree that indeed the look of the shotgun is improved , the ghost ring sights are made of unadjustable plastic and both the front and rear will move slightly from side to side when handled or come into contact with a sling or removing from gun bag . While the movement may be slight , it does change the 'point of aim/point of impact' for all but the closest of work . I removed the sights from mine but the raised indentions for the screws to hold the sights , still leaves an obstruction to the sight picture . If you need a heatsheild , you're better off buying the model without the sights if you're serious about your applications .Rating of 1 for the sights , and 4 for the heatshield itself ."
– M.F.
4.0 5
"I mounted this on the Remington 870 Marine Magnum. Install was little tricker than I had bargained for. If you buy take the time to remove the barrel and clamp it up to install the shield. Also, bend around barrel as much as possible before putting through the screws. It's not that hard of an install it was just longer than I expected. Once mounted gives better sights than the originals and gives it a great tactical finished look. FYI this is the best price you will find on the internet or gun shows."
– Doc
4.0 5
"Mounted on my Remington 870 Express. Took a long time to mount but was well worth it. I do agree with \"M.F.\" that the sites shift a little bit but I didn't buy the ghost ring sights to be perfect, just close enough (close enough with a shotgun will get the job done for me). I Would highly recommend it."
– Ray Ray
4.0 5
"I bought this heatshield for my Rem. 870 Express Security. As another reviewer said, you WILL in fact need a pair of large griplock pliers to get the proper fit around the barrel. Be aware that if you have a large forearm like I do, you will have to shave off a 1/2 from the entire length of the top of the forearm to prevent binding. I took a whittling knife and some good sandpaper to fix the problem. After an hour of shaving and sanding I had a forearm that was cosmetically the same as the original. I have no binding along the entire length of the forearm and nothing was detracted from the looks.The second issue is the ghost ring sights. Here's a tip if you want to prevent them from rattling loose: During install, put epoxy on the screws and let them sit 24 hours... Do some of you people really believe that for $22 it's going to work without you having to work on it? The black on black ghost ring is useless in my opinion, especially in low light. I took phosphorescent paint to charge up the FOV and it works fine now. They are cheap plastic and they don't come assembled to the shield, so if you don't like them, just leave them off. They do help if you are used to them and you take precautions to make sure they're solid.Overall it's a good piece that is truly designed to fit any shotgun, which means it doesn't fit a single shotgun perfectly... With an hour or two you'll have a good shield that looks good, performs just fine, and you'll be paying a lot less than you would anywhere else."
– G.F.C.
2.0 5
"it was alright but i began to have doubts as i put it on my mossberg 500. At the range it slipped and ratlled around and i did not like the rear sight on a shotgun i cant aquire targets as fast i always use my eye as the rearsight so i took it off"
– eocr wade
5.0 5
"After reading the reviews and searching around the 'net I purchased this item and I have to say I am completely happy with it. I threadlocked the sights before I installed it on my Maverick 88 and have since ran about a hundred rounds through it with no problem. I'm also impressed with how accurate my gun is firing slugs using these sights. Great buy!"
– Kane
4.0 5
"I put this and a few other accessories on a Mossberg Maverick 12Ga. Pretty easy to install, though it is important to be careful not to scratch the gun. Since mine was not for looks, I don't mind a couple of scuffs, mostly under the shield anyway.I added the ATI top folder stock and 5-shell holder, and a muzzle light mount to convert my $179 12Ga. into a home defense gun with attitude. Total price invested including the gun was $315! THANKS CTD!"
4.0 5
"I've had this heatshield/sight on my 870 Express HD for about a year. I like my original forend so I had to trim off some of the inside of it to make room for the heatshield tabs. Had to tighten the nuts after I fired a few rounds. After that, it's been in place for 400+ rounds. Once tight, the bolts curved and stuck out far enough that I chopped them off to keep from snagging and to keep the looks clean. Don't install this if you're worried about scratching the finish on you barrel."
– Paul
2.0 5
"Looks good on paper or on the screen but installation is a real pain in the butt. The sights are not adjustable (though, I honestly don't see much of a need for sights on a shotgun). The finish on the part was also very rough. I decided not to install it for now. The instructions tell you to get a wooden dowel the same size as your barrel and mold the shield to the dowel. Would have been nice if they had said that in the product description so i could have had the dowel ready when the part arrived. I'm going to sand blast the part, prime it and refinish to give it a smoother snag-free finish and then find some kind of gaskets to keep my barrel and the shield separate. Then I'll see about putting it on my favorite tactical shotgun. That's a lot of work to do for a store bought part though."
– Led Jedi
2.0 5
"Just got this, didnt like the super rough finish (should be listed in description) , compared to my old shiney metal shield. Put it on my mossberg 500. Tightened the piss out of it and after 20 shots it went walkin about 4 inches. I have a 7 shot stock barrel so it moved all the way to the welded spacer on the barrel. I dont like the design of it ( side view is not symmetrical) but really like the sights. Took it off and used the sights on my old heatshield and reinstalled the old one. FYI Mossbergs website have heatshields that come with plastic brace that connects to bolts on heatshield and runs between barrel and shell tube to welded spacer to keep backwards tension on shield to keep it in place. Now im junking everything buying a mossberg heatshield and ghost ring sights, but I realy like the sights the ati came with not the heatshield for the looks and weaker metal used."
– mike
4.0 5
"Just added this heat shield to my 12 ga. It looks good and was very easy to install. A lot easier to install than I thought it would be.I prefer a metal sight. This comes with a plastic ghost ring. It will work for now. A good price."
– Bubba
1.0 5
"I purchased this produce for my mossberg 590 this was the worst tac item to buy. Not only did it scatch the barrel the action would depress correctly because of the heat shield tabs. I would not recommend this item to any one."
– Dr.Wine
4.0 5
"No gunsmithing really isn't required, and in the instructions it tells you to file your pump's forearm as necessary. I had already gotten the 6 position collapsible stock and it comes with the ATI forearm (i didn't really want to cut into my remington's default forearm) Being the slight novice that i am. it took me an hour to figure out that the groves set in the ATI forearm were to deep not allowing the pump action to be depressed all the way on my 870 super mag, thus not engaging the lever that pushes another shell upwards into the bolt before it gets slid into the chamber. I'm not sure if any other 870's have this problem cause i have a super mag, maybe the 3 inch and 2/3 quarter inch chambers won't have a problem, other then that, this thing is awesome. i really love the sights. Thnx cheaperthandirt for supplying ATI products."
– James
5.0 5
"I installed this item over a year ago, and it has been GREAT!!! I also have installed ATI's Pistol grips (Front and Back) on my Mossberg 500. And the only problem I found with it are the black sights in the dark. I remedied the problem by using sight paint on the back side of the front ramp sight. Any bright color will do, I used yellow."
– Gary B.
2.0 5
"After installing this, I had to bend the front tabs down significantly in order to use the shorter bolts supplied, or use the long bolts that were too long. The forearm also rubs against this item once was tightened. I did not like the sights being plastic which twists around and would have preferred them to be metal welded to the shield. But the price isn't too high for what you get. I will use it for now until I can find a better set of sights."
– Mark
1.0 5
"Install OK, looks great and then you shoot and find that it slides forward with each shot. I tightened the hell out of it, I refitted it repeatedly, I even badly scratched up a once pristine barrel all to no avail. IT DOES NOT WORK! (There is a reason the Mossberg heat shields have a small retaining bracket that attaches to the magazine braket.)"
– n/a
1.0 5
"Sure this product looks cool untill you have to retighten and reposition it after every ten shots or so!! Also very rough on the barrle finish."
– Tactforce
2.0 5
"Very upset with this product... I got it took about a half hour of screwing around and bending tabs to fit my 870 and scratched my new dura coated barrel. tightened the screws and tabs and noticed the nuts and screws were rusting after a couple of days. I immediately uninstalled it so the rust would not spread to my barrel...Really liked the way it looked and am very disapointed."
– Elderworm
4.0 5
"Fits good on my Maverick 88. Lock-Tite is a must on the screws. over all it fits and looks great."
– preachersboy
4.0 5
"I feel this is a great addition to my Mossberg 500. I tightened it one time and it wont move unless i loosen it."
– normal guy so listen
4.0 5
"I got this to be instaled on a New England Firearms Pardner 12 ga. It really gave a simple snap action gun an agressive look :) Be advised though, that it will scratch the underside of your barrel. Nothing noticable though. The sites are plastic and may move around a little bit during prolonged firing. Overall the sights are decent and I like them. I got the short screws to fit without too much bending. I would suggest using the big ones to tighten the shield down then one at a time switch to the short ones. Also if you really care about your guns' finish, just put some electrical tape on the underside of the shield before you install it. It jumped forward about half an inch after 50 low brass rounds and about 10 magnum slugs. So i tightened it and put a rubber bushung under the screws. I'll need to see if it moves again. I doubt it though. For 25$, you can't really go wrong."
– griff
4.0 5
"I purchased this about 3 or 4 years ago the only complaint was the sights were plastic and it was a little difficult to mount. once mounted to my mossberg 500 with 18\" barrel it never moved, and i never had any problems with rust. Its a great product for the price and it looks great. I would recomend this product."
– D J
5.0 5
"I put this on my Maverick 88. Just like everyone else says, it does slide forward on each shot, even when tightened down aggressively. However, I simply got a flashlight mount (SHT-071) and mounted it right in front of the heat shield to fix that. Now I'm quicker to aim than I was with the basic front bead sight."
– Adam
3.0 5
"So I thought I'd write a second review. I still really like this heat-shield. However, even with the flashlight mount, it STILL slides forward. Albeit much less than before. What I finally did to solve the problem is I built a pretty heavy duty plastic brace, based off the ones I've seen on mossberg heat-shields. Basically I cut out of piece of plastic with little \"wings\" spaced just right fit on either side of the point the heat-shield clamps down onto the barrel, and a third \"wing\" at the point where the brace would touch the piece of metal connecting the barrel to the magazine tube. Then I clamped the heat-shield over top of the barrel AND my new brace. Finally, I had a heat shield that WILL NOT BUDGE. Needless to say I'm pretty proud of it, haha! But still, do not buy this for a mossberg shotgun unless you're willing to go the distance to make it work."
– Adam
1.0 5
"Sorry CTD and ATI, I'm a huge fan of both but this thing is not worth the money. I've seen better sights on paintball guns, it bounces around every shot. I plan on returning it tomorrow."
– D-Tac
5.0 5
"Amazing, How many people blame the product for incompetant skills. I put the ATI collapsable stock, ghostring heatshield and shell carrier on an old short barreled win 1400. Easy installation just follow the instructions and its solid as it can be. Now I have a kool little hunter."
– Kel
2.0 5
"Not happy with the heat sheild, as I was putting it on it scratched my 870. Also I can't seem to make it stay tight on the Barrel. My suggestion is save your money and spend it on ammo instead, it would be more worth while."
– Bill
1.0 5
"Don't waste your time on a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500. It scratches up the barrel badly and won't stay put, no matter how you much you tighten it, even with a light backed up against it. Looks great though."
– tacmed