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ATI Mosin Nagant Scope Mount Includes Hardware

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Weaver style aluminum scope mount allows you to mount a scope over the receiver. Fits round or hex receivers and requires drilling and tapping. Includes stainless steel bolt handle which allows you to switch from a straight bolt to a bent bolt for use with a scope. Bolt must be cut, drilled, and tapped. Includes hardware (drill bits, tap and screws) and instructions, lifetime warranty. Does not include rings. 
Item#: MGR-342,6-0910413,3-0910413,11643,7-M010600,9-62110,20-ATIMOI-0600,2-ADVMOI0600
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3.0 5
"To be honest, this is a fairly difficult item to install. If you don't have a full machine shop at your disposal, it is easier to just take it to a gun-smith. Worth the money, but difficult. Even the smallest mistakes can ruin it. Very much worth it though."
3.0 5
"I have not been able to find a gunsmith who will to undertake this job. I purchased a bent bolt handle that was manufactured that way. It was super easy to install w/out the help of a gunsmith. My only problem is the scope mount. Does anyone know of a scope mount that is easy to install? Please don't say the one that mounts on the rear sight assembly, I already have one of those. They only work with a long eye relief scope. And, as most of you know, they just don't make a \"true\" long eye relief scope with big magnification. I have only found them as powerful as 8x. The 7.62x54 is worthy of a 24x or 32x scope."
– Tactical-1
2.0 5
"I had simalar problems with mount like the ones listed above. I put the mount on an optical comparitor and found that the mounting holes were .020\" off center! Being a machinist came in handy when doing this project. Don't buy unless you know a experienced machinist who will do it for cheap. I had quite a few hours into it and machinist ,generally ,aren't cheap."
– joe
5.0 5
"I give this product 2 thumbs up. I felt it was easy to install. If you have a drill and a tap (supplied) and you know what you are doing, you DO NOT have to take it to a gun smith. The bolt handle took maybe 30 minutes and is perfect, the acctual mount, an hour. Use some type of claming device (Not a Vise) and be sure exactly where you want your mount. Mark, drill, tap! Its that easy. Take your time, go slow, do it right. If you follow these steps, you will have alot less headache and a nice set up on your rifle."
– Homer
5.0 5
"I had no problems installing this on my gun. It only took about an hour total and everything is lined up properly and works like a charm. I suggest having some one weld the bent bolt handle on in addition to the suggested mounting instructions. I just didn't like it being held on by a single screw. I suggest this kit to anyone with a mosin. Just take your time installing it and you will have no problems."
– Josh
3.0 5
5.0 5
"This kit is a piece of cake if you just have the tools decribed in the instructions . Really if you follow the easy step by step instructions it turns out nice . I used some thread locker on all screws and on the stud where the clip is held on . I wasn,t expecting this clean of a kit for the price . Really a drill a hack saw and a vise o yea a c clamp to hold parts is it"
– Fred
5.0 5
"If you are looking to mount a scope on your mosin, this is your mount. I am not a tool orientated guy so i took it straight to the gunsmith and he did an awesome job. He was impressed with it as well. If you are not a machinist or know a lot about it take it to the gunsmith....it only cost me 60 bucks. 60 bucks is worth have a good gunsmith do it correctly."
– Zoltan
4.0 5
"This kit is like all other DIY kits. With some care and attention to detail, it will work great and be dead reliable. If you hurry up and rush this, you'll get a rushed job. That being said, having access to proper tools is also very important. I used a Bridgeport mill to drill and tap the receiver, and also welded the bent bolt handle to my bolt body to insure rigidity and reliability. The welding probably is not necessary, but I recommend it.The kit is fanstastic. The weaver rail is stiff and rigid, and will definitely hold zero. One of my screws looked like they cut the slot in the top off center, and was unusable. There is also a sharp edge on the bottom of the rail that sits right over the magazine, and you'll probably lose a cuticle or two if you don't file it down. My bolt body also hit here, so I had to file this down. I also had to relieve the stock so my action would close completely. While I like the way the bolt handle fits nicely into the stock now, it was some effort that ATI didn't mention.At any rate, this product is great if you are ready for the effort it will take to install it properly. I spent about 8 hours total on the modification, but I feel like it was worth all the effort. If you're not interested in doing some gunsmithing, spend the money and get a real sniper, or a modern rifle."
– Perkascene
5.0 5
"I got one of these mounts and i LOVE IT ever shot counts. when i recieved mine i went stright to the gunsmith for $75.00 bucks it was very worth it no headache"
– raider 4 life
4.0 5
"I bought this on a monday and it was on my doorstep the next day very speedy to my door. It says no gun smithing on it which i must say is a lie. you are required to drill and tap your receiver and when you do this i will add do this very carefully because if not you will never get your scope to zero. a vice and a c-clamp will become good buddies of yours with putting this on. I MIG welded the bolt handle on because that countersunk screw on one side left the other side of the handel sticking up and making it hit the scope mount so i C-clamped the handel to the bolt and welded it to the bolt for added strength which it also made it look a little more \"sexy\". Basically what you need is a vice, C-clamp, Drill motor, maybe a file and at your choice a welder. Anyway very nice and could not complain one bit, Shoots GREAT!!!!! many thanks to Cheaper Than Dirt and ATI. Good Shooting Ya'll :Alac Patrova"
– Alac Patrova
5.0 5
"To anyone looking to mount a scope on a nagant. This is the best. It took me about an hour at work to do the work. I do have a small backgroung in machining which helps. If you don't I suggest a gunsmith or a friend who is a machinist. Since the drilling depth is close on the bolt. Otherwise top notch."
– David
3.0 5
"This item does work. I have a few. I make my own bolt handle out of the cut off pieces and a 5/16 grade 8 bolt. I use a few more tools than what is listed. It is a little tough and it does take time. I also rat tale filed my stock for my bolt handle which is then welded to the bolt body but I have recieved many complements.I also work as a machinist."
– Gordon
4.0 5
"i pick one up and installed it. it works fine just come loose after a bit of shooting,but that happeneds when i shoot the gun with out the scope. there are some was to keep this from happening. but over all its a good item. now my next step is a pisto; grip for my m91/30."
– chuck
4.0 5
"A quick online search for a bent bolt turned up something far superior to the one included. The scope mount itself is very rigid and high quality overall. Have a gunsmith install it unless you know how."
– Union Jesus
5.0 5
"I found the scope mount easy to install. The only problem I had was a broken tape when instaling the bolt handle. It worked out ok and I love the mount. A great adition to my Nagant 7/62-54R."
– Broken Tape
5.0 5
"That is one quality mount. I was able to do it myself without much handyman-machinist experience. It took me about 1 hour. One problem \uFFFD supplied #21 drill bit didn\uFFFDt work very well \uFFFD was not sharp enough, so I used one of mine. Today I put a red dot scope on it and bore sighted it, and will do some shooting this weekend. Thank you CTD!"
– DL71
3.0 5
"I went ahead and ordered a real bent bolt since this hackjob screw on deal is absolutely the worst thing you could do to your original bolt. Turns out the mount sits too low and a real bent bolt will hit the mount. I went with mojo microclick peep sights for this rifle and will be buying a proper PU Style mount for the next."
– Handlehands
2.0 5
"THIS IS IMPORTANT!! I installed the scope mount, everything installed good, i just had a little difficulty compressing the spring-loaded tensioner for the original site, all that was needed to do so was a clamp. However, the supplied screw is not strong enough to take the impact from firing the weapon. DO NOT USE INCLUDED SCREW. Go down to your local hardware store, take the included screw with you, and find a screw/bolt with same dimensions but made of a DIFFERENT MATERIAL. Being a welder, I would recommend a steel composite, or somthing stronger if you can find it. I say this because upon firing 30 rounds through the weapon, the concussions weakened the bolt. On the 31st round fired, the bolt sheered off, sending the scope towards my head. I sustained a laceration on my forehead from the scope. I should hope this doesnt happen to others because the weapon is loads of fun. REPLACE THE SCREW! By doing this, I would rate this scope mount with 6 bullets instead of 2."
– HT2 (SW) Navy
5.0 5
"I already wrote one revew but had not installed it it is very sturdy and recomend this proudect. on my M91/30 the bolt hast to be lose or it rubs on the scope mount. i realy recomend LOCKTIGHT on the scrwes or they will come out after about 5 shots im going to get an stock to."
– SniperJF
4.0 5
"i purchased a rebiult nagant. the first thing i did was restock it. i then piller bedded it and glassbedded it, and free floated the barrel.this scope mount was my next purchase. with a drill press and a clamp the scope mount was a easy to install. the bolt handle was even easier than the scope mounts. this kit works great. i use lock tight on every scope base i install so i have had no problems. same with the bolt handle. with silver tipped russian fmj/bt's this rifle has been producing 3/4 inch 100 yard 5 shot groups. this is the best kit for the money."
– derek
5.0 5
"I installed this on a 91/30 and it went on great. There are a few things to consider when installing. . .If you don't have a drill press, I wouldn't try it.throw away the drill bits and taps and get good ones.make sure you have a good way to cut the bolt handle off because it uses a short piece of the old bolt handle sticking out to guide the new handle. (I used an air cutoff tool and cleaned it up with a bench grinder). If you are using the wood stock, it will have to be milled to accept the new handle and the finish touched up. I used a dremel (carefully) and matched up some stain and finished it off with amber shellac to make it have the \"aged\" appearance. I highly recommend this mount. If you have the tools and knowhow, it is pretty simple. If you do not, take it to a gunsmith. Either way I think this is the one to go with."
– Mike
4.0 5
"The scope mount is just the ticket for my Mosin Nagant M91/30. used it to mount a 6-24X44mm scope, and it's totally transformed the weapon. the mount is secure, haven't had any troubles whatsoever after several hundred rounds. The bolt however, is the reason I gave it 4 rather than 5 bullets. The bolt is a bit of a hackjob, and the allen screw that secures it rattles loose from recoil. Plus, the bolt is too short to give you any leverage to operate the action, unless you have hands like a gorilla; I do, and still find it tiresome. I recently threw the bolt away and built a new one and welded it on at the correct angle. unless you're a skilled welder, don't do this yourself, let a pro do it. all in all, a great product i will soon be ordering again to place on my gf's M44. Happy shooting."
– Nevada Varminter
4.0 5
"This turned my war tool into a deer rifle. I mounted a 3-9x40 scope and went at it this weekend. I recommend taking the kit to a gunsmith so you don't ruin your rifle. Since these Nagants only cost 100 bucks, I don't care about a bold handle or a cut stock* or new holes in my rifle. It is the best purchase for this rifle.*If you do not get the synthetic stock, you must cut a rivet in the wood for the bolt to function."
– Ranglesnooch
5.0 5
"Had a gunsmith install, and I later flux welded the bolt handle. Results are magnificent even with a cheap Chicom scope. Deadly at 600 yds, 10 consecutive hits on a std steel target."
– Silentwind
5.0 5
"The gun mount is great. It holds together real. It works well with BSA red dot 3x9-40 scope. I love it. 20 hits dead center at 500 yards on a tree target."
– deer hunter
5.0 5
"I recently had a gunsmith install this for me and it works great. I also use the synthetic stocks and it has made a turn of the century gun into a brand new hunting rifle. 5 Bullets!"
– Big Fan
5.0 5
"I bought this mount and bolt because I absolutely hated the mount that was on the sight mount. This was easy enough to mount up, clamped the mount. I spot drilled both holes and moved it to the drill press to finish off. Then I did the bolt and it was just as easy. I bolted everything up, and lock tighted everything and went to the range. I was lucky in mounting the scope, because I was on paper at 150 yards within the first 3 rounds. If you don't mind hacking up your Mosin a little bit, then this is a great way to go."
– mark
5.0 5
"I think this is the only way to have scope on your Mosin. Some ppl said to get rid of tap and drill bits and get \"better ones\". I'll say nah! The bits I've got are very good quality, they drill metall like a butter if you use oil and clean hole regularly. Same with tap - don't force it and use oil. I agree you need drill press. Find a friend with it it will pay later. Use C-clamp to hold mount on reciever it will help to square it to the barrel. Support berrel end so it is level and put some block under recivier because drill press'es table is to wide to be used with c-clamp. I cut bolt lever with my Dremel tool. It was easy and fast plus I used it to grind off all imperfections. Follow instractions! lol. Easy install - took me about 3-4 hours of easy relaxed working."
– Dmitriy
4.0 5
"I don't care what the description says, you cannot do this right without a drill press and some experience in the shop. Don't get me wrong, the scope mount is a quality product. But you need the right tools to do the job."
– non-gunsmith
5.0 5
"Bought this scope mount for my M38, fantastic investment. Solid construction for a solid gun. I would gladly purchase again."
– MosinSniper
4.0 5
"Definatly need a drill press with a good vice. And the bolt handle seemed like a joke so i welded mine on and touched it all up. It wasn't the toughest thing i've ever done, just seemed a little more difficult than the description leads you."
– andrewbolin214
5.0 5
"This works great and looks cool. Great buy"
– gavin
5.0 5
"Excellent, drill bits cut like butter. Installed in less than an hour. Great product."
– boner
5.0 5
"Just installed this on a friend's Mosin. If you know your way around a workshop and have good attention to detail, you can definitely do this yourself. If not, have a gunsmith do the work. The included drill bits and tap worked flawlessly and cut the steel very easily. It took far longer to get everything aligned than it did to do the actual work. A drill press and some cutting oil are a must. Once installed, everything feels very solid - just don't rush the bolt job. This is a top-notch kit that just takes a little know-how, and the included instructions seemed very clear."
– James
5.0 5
"To say the least I was hesitant, or at least very nervous, about drilling the receiver of a 70 year old rifle. But with attention to detail and double/triple checking the alignment it went flawlessly. The instructions were very clear and simple to follow too. I would not attempt this install without a drill press but the drill bit and tap provided cut right through without any problems at all. I highly recommend this product."
– PB2
4.0 5
"The quality of this kit is pretty good however the design isn't the best. I'd say anyone could install this with a little patience but since I'm a machinist and have access to proper tools this was an easy job. What I don't like is the way the mount, mounts. It leaves the scope kinda floating without support. However it is still pretty damn sturdy. The new bolt handle is an alright design, but I could see the screw it is held in with loosening up so I went ahead and welded it before it had the chance to loosen up. Over all I would recommend this product if your budget is low and also considering the gun it's going on I can't see spending too much for a top shelf equivalent."
– BJ