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ATI Marine Top Folding Shotgun Stock Black Warranty

Advanced Technology
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ATI Marine Top Folding Stock with Pistol Grip

The ATI Top Folding stock is ideal for marine or wet weather environments. It can be fired in the opened or folded position and features a quick release button allowing the stock to lock in folded or unfolded position. This ambidextrous shotgun stock is pre drilled to accept the ATI Shotgun Shotshell Holder (SHT-025). Easy installation with no modifications or gunsmithing to your shotgun required. Made from Dupont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer. Sling swivel stud and stainless steel hardware included.

Fits 12 gauge:
Remington 870
Mossberg 500, 590 & 835
Winchester 1200 & 1300
Norinco 98
Maverick 88

Specifications and features:
Advanced Technology Marine top folding shotgun stock
Designed for wet weather & wet conditions
Stainless steel hardware
Rear pistol grip
Quick-release button
Folds & unfolds instantly
Shotgun functions opened or closed
Sling swivel stud
Adapters included
Pre-drilled for shell holder
Glass-filled nylon
Made in the USA
Lifetime warranty

For warranty issues, contact 800-925-2522 

Item#: 6-1022098,3-1022098,36173
Total number of Reviews: 39

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4.0 5
"I purchased this folding stock a while ago and installed it on my Maverik 88. I like the look and when open the stock fits me just fine. my only down point is when firing in the extended position the stock arm will cut into the back of your hand around your thumb if you dont file it down a bit. overall a good item"
– E.K.
4.0 5
"This was so easy to install I thought I must have done it wrong at first. Works great and allows for small storage. Only drawback is there now is no place for any optics."
– Steve
5.0 5
"This is the first CTD product to get five bullets from me. I love this stock. It is outstanding for tactical shotguns. It is also good for longer barreled hunting shotguns when you want the accuracy of a longer barrel without the clumsyness of a four foot weapon. Also, the picture doesnt show it, but there are 6 holes in the stock along the top that are the perfect size for 12 gauge shells. It is an outstanding piece of equipment. Thank you so much for this wonderful stock!"
– Jester
5.0 5
"Great item. Simple installation. Flawless function. Could not ask for more."
– Braves Fan
5.0 5
"very easy to install, it only took me 3 minutes to install it, it feels very comfortable with the stock extended and not extended and the pistol grip feels great"
– Buddy Terry
4.0 5
"Love the look and feel of the stock, just wish it folded a little tighter and allowed me to keep my side saddle on my Mossberg 500. I guess I either keep this one and get the ATI shell holder for the stock or get a side folder."
3.0 5
"I bought the AT top folding stock and had some problems. It didnt want to fit snuggly against the barrel. I had to shim it to make it fit. Over all a great buy. Looks good and feels good. Makes for a bad a$$ looking mossberg!"
– Lance
4.0 5
"A decent pistol grip stock with top folder feature. Not top quality, but excellent value for the price charged. I was looking for a top folder to give my Mossberg 12Ga. a better defense gun capability using the pistol grip, and still have the option to use full stock.I added a heat shield and the 5-shell holder to make the gun a perfect fit. Also added a muzzle light mount, all 4 pieces were only $144. Added to the cost of the inexpensive Mossberg Maverick at $179 + tax locally, and I spent just $315 ofr a pretty cool gun. The stock folds easily and functions well. It took no time to install it and the other accessories. Sturdy and good looking too. What more could you ask for?"
– mllokc
5.0 5
"Great value. Works just as advertised. Great fit on my 870. You may want to sand down some of the molding seams if they irritate your skin. I wish it had a recoil pad. I should be able to add a 3/8 or 1/2 inch pad and still lock it closed."
– Paul
5.0 5
"this stock was easy to install and fix perfectly on my mossberg 500 theres no gap and i bought the 5 round attachment for it to. it doesn't throw the balance of the shot gun either."
– fs
5.0 5
"Remington 870 express:This is a great stock. The hardest part of installing this stock is removing the \"stock\" stocks main bolt. After that it\uFFFDs a breeze. Looks great very tactical and is very functional."
– foxred
5.0 5
"i just got the top folding stock for my remington 870 express 12ga. and love it. it fits the gun perfectly and looks great. if you want the tatical option and still want to be able to use it as a shooting gun this is for you."
– Brandon
5.0 5
"I put this on my Mossberg 500. It is a great addition in both looks and functionality. Its fits good and looks awesome. Feels good when unfolded and is out of the way when folded. A must for any tactical shotgun. A+Double this with the extra shot shell holder for an excellent combination. You can never have enought ammo."
– Jon
4.0 5
"This stock is pretty good, and really surprized me overall. This stock will require you to modify it to fit the 20 gauge model 870 Remington. You will need a dremel to do this if you dont have hours to sand on the adapter. Overall it fits quite nicely with no major problems, I cant get it to fold flush with the barrel but overall its not something I would complain about. I say buy it for the price if you have some decent skills with a dremel."
– Kickenfarmer
4.0 5
"i bought this for my mossberg, easy to install, its great. to make it fold and unfold faster i took it apart and sanded the contact points down slightly then lubed it. the reason for the 4 bullets its i feel like they could have added 3 or more bullet carrying space on the top of the folding stock. plus if you get this there is no way to put any sights on the gun, not even \"folding\" mini sights"
– darbie
4.0 5
"Fits great and was super easy to install. It works great when unfolded. I would not suggest firing it while in the folded position as it likes to bounce around.. Other than that it works great!"
– brandon
5.0 5
"This stock fit perfect on my Remington 870 wingmaster. Very sturdy, top quality. ATI makes some good stuff!"
– billy
5.0 5
"First off, thanks Cheaper Than Dirt for fast shipment! I purchased this item: Advanced Technology Marine Top Folding Shotgun Stock, for my Maverick 88. I was able to install it about 10 minutes. It fit perfectly and completely changes the appearance of my shotgun. (FYI) They do not include the basic tools to install it (screwdriver and Allan Wrench). These can be easily acquired."
– Geoff
5.0 5
"First of all, good service! I placed my order on a Sunday and had it in my hand by Thursday. I'm very happy with the stock, it fits perfectly and looks great. Installation took about 10 minutes even with my 4 year daughter old helping. It's totally changed the dynamics of my Mossberg 835 and made it much easier for home defense (plus my wife thinks it's sexy). I don't think I could be much happier."
– Norm
5.0 5
"Ordered this stock reicieved it in less than a week. installed in about 10 minutes and looks great."
– Darin
4.0 5
"stock is well made and is able to withstand a lot of rounds. It works well with the ATI foregrip, when both are working together they cut down recoil quite a bit. the reason i didnt give it five bullets is for two reasons,one on the stock there is a button that releases it to fold i caught my finger in there and let me tel you my finger was black n blue. reason two is because ATI did not include the right size bolt for my 870,it happens but i had to wait a couple days to get the stock on ( which ATI sent me free of charge) all and all it is a good stock"
– rem870tac
4.0 5
"Its a well made product. I had mine for years but had to remove it do to the fact that I finally broke down and added a red dot/laser/flashlight to my Mossy. If you have no intent on adding any optics, I dont have any negative comments to make....however Id MUCH rather have my BSA red dot with laser and light than this stock any day."
– sweetstreetsweepr
4.0 5
"It is a quality product, I only gave it 4 bullets because mine was missing the main bolt that connects the buttstock to the weapon, but oh well found one that worked in my shed."
– aaron0313
4.0 5
"this is a great stock, went on easy enough, the only thing that i dont like about it is you feel all the recoil. But that should be a given."
– Garibay
4.0 5
"Ok I would give this piece 5 bullets because of the ease of installation (one bolt), the feel and look but it only gets 4 from me because this is definably for tactile purposes. What I mean is they made no compensation for the hunters. The action slide release button on the mossberg 500 is now just out of comfortable reach and the safety now (with stock down) requires you to move your entire hand up. (No chance to use just your thumb) With the stock up on the mossberg it does however have an opening for the saftey. The grip feels like a small pistol but gives you plenty of support during firing. All and all a great product, especially for the price."
– Jeremy
5.0 5
"Awesome item, ATI makes really good shotgun accessories. Pretty easy to install, if your getting the forend pistol grip then install that first. Looks great on my Mossberg."
– shotta
5.0 5
"Great item. Very light and durable. Easy to attach to my 18.5\" Mossberg Cruiser Breacher with pistol grip. I recommend getting the ATI 6 or 4 shot sidemount round holder and the Light mount to go with it. The length of my Mossberg limited the places to mount a light and the solution works great. I plan on upgrading my light now that I know how well it works."
– Home defender
5.0 5
"Put this on my Maverick 88, looks good and fits like a glove. The stock does nothing to reduce recoil, but that being said, it is a 12-gauge. I shoot 3\" Magnumm shells, so the recoil is tremendous no matter what I do. I got the ATI 5-shell holder to go along with it, and a heat shield. The gun looks very intimidating now."
– Myers
5.0 5
"Ii have been through a few shotgun stocks and i find this to be my fav. Its very light, looks great, and it sticks up off the gun a inch so i can still aim while using the pistol grip."
– wayne from tucson
5.0 5
"I've been going through a lot of stocks lately on different guns as far as folding stocks go and that includes the TAPCO stocks. The quality of this stock is on par with TAPCO in my opinion since I bought the gun with a TAPCO stock already installed along with the factory stock. So far I've gotten 3 stocks for 3 guns from advanced technology and they have all been superb. This makes the gun much more compact for easy storage or to fit in a good hiding spot in the house. i fired 100 rounds of bird shot with this stock today and inspected everything carefully after i got home and nothing has worked loose or come apart in any way. It is actually more forgiving to your body to fire with the stock folded up and only have a grip on the pump and the pistol grip. And you can still see under the stock when it is folded to take aim down the sights. But if you have the stock folded and hold it to look down the sights be sure to have a good grip because if you aren't careful you will smack yourself in the face. Its also much more controllable with the pistol grip and you can get back on target faster and its wonderful when firing from the hip. i could go on all day about how much i love this stock. TAPCO makes really good stuff but if you don't feel like spending over $100 for a stock the ATI stocks are the way to go. Simple installation, quality, and functionality on every stock I've bought so far. I will buy ATI stocks for every rifle or shotgun i feel like modifying."
– gun fan
4.0 5
"Just got back from the range after test firing an 870 Super Mag I did for a friend. If your're on a budget, this is a good investment. It looks a little flimsy.. even scary when you go to install but it surprised me on the range; good control and decently comfortable for a try-fold after 50 rounds. The only reason for 4 stars is I had to replace the washer for the mounting bolt because it came with one that was to big for the hole. It also clears a set of low profile flip down sights if you mount them right on an Aimtech Warhammer."
– D-Tac
5.0 5
"Just attached it to my Hawk 982 Shotgun using the Remington fittings. Took a little bit of filing to get it sitting right but looks great and feels great."
– Vessel
5.0 5
"Nice and sturdy, have had it for over two years not and is still nice and tight like the day I got it"
– Anthony
5.0 5
"I like. Good price and have no complaints. You get what you pay for."
– Gunslinger
1.0 5
"I bought this because it really looked cool and would fit my maverick 88. It took some filing to get the stock to fold flush with the receiver. Its sturdy, But I'm giving it one bullet because there is no way to get a proper sight picture. This is why: When you rest your cheek on the stock and fire, the stock acts like polymer knife. My cheek has 3 slices on it because of this stock. I recomend a T-6 stock or a M16-A1 style stock."
– Ricky
1.0 5
"This stock will not fit a remington 870 20 gauge express magnum shotgun, although, it says that it will. Maybe they messed up my order!"
– Kyle
5.0 5
"First tried this on a friend's Mossberg. Fun to shoot either folded or extended- doesn't absorb much recoil, but a rubber pad can help that. When folded there is just enough gap to use the bead sight. I noticed that the safety was nearly impossible to reach in either position without moving the whole hand. I bought this for my Remmington 870 Tactical and with the safety on the trigger it is not hindered by the stock. It arrived quickly and once I figured out how to get the original stock off it took five minutes to assemble including the additional shot shell holder I also bought (sht-025). The rough edges around the back of the grip and where the cheek meets the stock were smoothed out with 320 grit paper and cause no issues now. Now I'm not a big or strong guy at all and my Tactical is a comparatively heavy shotty, but I can hold it in my shooting hand, use my pump hand to flip the butt pad, press the release button with my thumb and rotate the stock in one motion and bringing it to my shoulder takes less than 3 seconds while never taking my finger off the trigger. I can also do the same in reverse.It's a great tactical stock. I couldn't ask for anything more."
– Yutti
4.0 5
"I purchased this stock and received it right away. I mounted it to my mossberg 590 and (I am no gunsmith) it was simple and quick. I also added the shell holder and it looked slick, very tactical. The only down side and it might just be me, is that the stock is a tad long for my reach. I have to extend my left arm quite a bit to hold the forend. My arm is almost straight, just a slight bend. Makes holding the rifle a bit uncomfortable. Other than that it's awesome!"
– ayesamson
5.0 5
"This is a great product and the cost can't be beat. It was a super easy install and performs to all expectations. CTD came through again with fast delivery and great prices. I do and will continue to refer them and this product."
– \"D\"