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Armscor USA .308 Win. 20 Rounds, FMJ, 147 Grains, F AC 308-1N

F AC 308-1N
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ARMSCOR USA Small Arms Ammunition line is one of the largest and most comprehensive in Southeast Asia. The Company offers a wide selection of competitively priced ammunition and components with sales spread throughout the world.

ARMSCOR, an ISO 9001 Certified Company, complies with the SAAMI, CIP and other military or customer desired standards or requirements.

ARMSCOR cartridges and components are widely used by the police, military, gun hobbyist, combat shooters and other shooting enthusiast due to its high quality, precise and dependable performance.

Specifications: F AC 308-1N
Caliber: .308 Winchester
Bullet Weight: 147 Grains
Bullet Type: M80 Ball Full Metal Jacket ( Bi-Metal Jacket)
Velocity: 2700 Muzzle
2586 @ 100 yds.
2131 @ 200 yds.
1742 @ 300 yds.
Energy: 1136 Muzzle
804 @ 100 yds.
555 @ 200 yds.
371 @ 300 yds.
New Reloadable Mixed Headstamp Brass Case
This Item May Attract a Magnet
20 Rounds per Box

Total number of Reviews: 19

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4.0 5
"My grandson visited me from NC, just out of HS. He wants to join the Army. He fired over 200 rds of this ammo thru my Springfield M1A. Never fired a HP rifle before, but put 'em all in the black at 100 yds. No malf. or misfeeds. He had a blast! The only problem we had that day at the range was the cheap aftermarket mags we had. But a little filing and banging on them will fix 'em. Thanks CTD!"
– JoseyWalesAZ
4.0 5
"I was very impressed with Armscor ammo. My DPMS Oracle LR308 loved it. Decent groupings about 1.5 to 2.0\" groups at a 100yds. Also no misfires or jams. Would recommend this to anybody."
– GreyDeath01
3.0 5
"Bought three boxes of this for my SCAR 17. The .308 not so nice. Out of two mags (40 rounds), I had three rounds that were duds. I was running a drill when I encountered them and treated them with s.p.o.r.t.s. After the drill, I observed that the rounds and the primers were struck, but the rounds were 100% intact, like I had just pulled 'em out of the box."
– ChicksDigScars
1.0 5
"The three boxes of this ammo I bought was totally inconsistent. Off the bench as much as 1.5 foot difference between rounds at 200 yards. I will never buy this worthless ammo again. I would have rated it lower but there is no negative numbers. Spend a little more and get some consistent ammo."
– RippedOff
1.0 5
"Shot this through my DPMS 308. Would eject each round but would not reload another round into chamber after shot fired. I had to pull charging handle each time to reload round into chamber on entire 20 round box. No problems with any other type of ammo. Now I am stuck with about 10 boxes of this. OK, I guess, if you are using a bolt action rifle."
– 505Guy
5.0 5
"Bought some of this ammo to run at the range in my DPMS. I really like this ammo. It ran clean, no problems at all, and accuracy was surprisingly good. I'll buy it again!"
– cobrar1987
4.0 5
"I ordered 250 rounds to do a barrel break in on my DPMS AP4. I have had no issues with the ammo. In fact, I am on the site to re-order. The ammo doesn't have the tightest groups, but when you're just shooting for fun, this stuff is great."
– Kyle
5.0 5
"Shot 80 rounds with my DPMS LR308 with no issues. Good price would recommend it to others."
– GreyDeath01
4.0 5
"I have put about 100 rounds of this through my Remington 700 with no hiccups. Accuracy was also surprisingly good. I would recommend this."
– Justin
4.0 5
"Took a chance with this brand. Ran 20+ rounds through the new Ruger American with no problems. Load cartridge, pull trigger - blamo! - hole appears in target at 100 yards. If I was better schooled, I'm sure the groups would be also. Waiting for it to be available again."
– dlj95118
4.0 5
"Took a chance because I couldn't find brand names because of Obamascare and am very happy with these guy's. Used them with my Springfield M1A1 and had no jams with good groupings. I just might keep using them."
– JagdPaul
2.0 5
"I picked these up because they were the cheapest thing available and all I really wanted them for was for a barrel break-in. I picked up 3 boxes and it's pretty much what you expect from buying the cheapest ammunition online. I was able to get 1-2 inch groups with frequent 3 inch fliers at 100 yards. I was firing them out of a Rem 700 SPS bedded in an HS Precision. After my break-in, I purchased Federal 168g Sierra Match loads and they're consistently inside .5\" at the same range. This proves that it's not the gun or the shooter. Also, those Federal Match king loads are $2 more than these Armscor. In a pinch, these Armscor rounds will work, but if you can avoid them, do it.I hope this helps whoever is reading."
– Eric
1.0 5
"I bought a couple of boxes of this in 308 Winchester, mainly because of the price. On first inspection, the ammunition seemed to be well manufactured. My first box produced 2-3 inch groups a 100 yards. For the money, I thought it was passable. The second and third boxes were much worse. Groups were around 3 inches with an occasional 5 inch flyer. It became difficult to be certain of the actual pattern that my rifle was shooting.As a comparison, I returned to the range this morning and shot box of Federal Vital Shok, and am feeling a lot better about my own capability and that of the rifle. Groups are back down to an inch.Armscor must be having some rather serious quality control issues of late if the reliability from box to box is this bad. I don't recommend this stuff."
– WiscoHunter
5.0 5
"For those of you who have written bad reviews about this ammo because your groups weren't tight; don't blame the ammo, blame the person pulling the trigger. Ammo doesn't have a brain, so I would check your breathing technique rather than blaming an inanimate object. Furthermore, I would say you need more practice on the range."
– Sharpshooter
4.0 5
"I agree with sharpshooter. You get what you pay for. If you want a finer ammo then spend more money or use this and a good sand bag or a tree."
– Paladin Ralph
2.0 5
"I bought four boxes of this ammo. Two of the boxes each had an unusable round in it. One round had a split on the neck of the case. The other round had a notch out of the top of the case. Neither round was safe to fire. Glad I happened to inspect the ammo. It could have resulted in damage to my gun, and possible injury to myself. All the other rounds fired without malfunction. They aren't particularly accurate, so I would only use for target shooting."
– Doc Shot
4.0 5
"Just shot 20 rounds new DPMS Oracle--Cleaner than I expected and 5 out of 5 in 6\" bulls eye at 100 yards was better than expected. I would recommend this ammo."
– Wiley
3.0 5
"For the price this is a good deal, however I had several bullets that wouldn't work. The groupings were quite a bit off, particularly in comparison to match grade ammo. Still though, fun to shoot overall."
– Bobby
3.0 5
"I read reviews before purchase and my impressions met my expectation.Apparently once-fired mixed canadian nato brass. Brass plenty dinged up but nothing major. I don't have a case gauge but my measurements by caliper show no case dimmensions over .308 spec for 10 samples, with most a bit under. Deburring is questionable but not terrible. I think I got what I paid for."
– not unhappy