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Armscor .22 LR Standard Velocity Solid Point, 40 Grain, 1135 fps, 500 Round Brick, 10 Boxes Of 50 Rounds, 50012

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ARMSCOR Small Arms Ammunition line is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the US. The Company offers a wide selection of competitively priced ammunition and components with sales spread throughout the world.

ARMSCOR, an ISO 9001 Certified Company, complies with the SAAMI, CIP and other military or customer desired standards or requirements.

ARMSCOR cartridges and components are widely used by the police, military, gun hobbyist, combat shooters and other shooting enthusiast due to its high quality, precise and dependable performance.

Caliber: .22LR
Grain Weight: 40
Bullet Type: Solid Point
Velocity: 1135 Muzzle
1013 @ 50 yds.
931 @ 100 yds.
Energy: 114 Muzzle
91 @ 50 yds.
77 @ 100 yds.
500 Round Brick Consisting of 10 Boxes, 50 Rounds per Box

Total number of Reviews: 18

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4.0 5
"When I saw the low price for this .22 LR ammo, I asked, \"What's the catch?\" After firing a couple of boxes, there didn't seem to be one. No misfires, no jams. When I missed, it was only by a little (shooting freehand at about 75 feet).Cleaning my rifle afterwards, I saw the catch: I have never seen cleaning patches so dirty in my life. I had to run three wet and four dry patches to get the barrel clean.But if you're the kind who cleans your weapon after every use, there shouldn't be a problem."
5.0 5
"When I first saw this, I said \"well.....maybe it'll work.\" So I ordered a brick of 500 rounds and when I went shooting, I was surprised. My Henry rifle loves this stuff! I sighted in at 25 yards and I was hitting in just about the same hole. I know many of y'all may not believe this, but I was shooting from a rest, something that I recommend for everyone when sighting in. But this stuff really does shoot well. Then I tried some high speed stuff and I was surprised. There wasn't any change in the group off the bench rest. So, when I cleaned my rifle: yeah there was some dirty patches but ya have to remember one fact, most .22s are dirty, so that's a fact I have to live with."
4.0 5
"I fired 50 rounds of this Armscor with my Ruger MkII and it liked it! Each round fed and extracted flawlessly and the accuracy seemed good for firing with no support at 50 feet. All the rounds stayed within the 5\" target, except the three or four I knew I jerked. The final 10 rounds I fired as fast as I could, and as I already stated, no errors. The Armscor worked much better than Thunderbolts, which didn't feed reliably, even after a good cleaning. I would by Armscor cartridges again."
1.0 5
"I shot 285/500 and had the rest of them destroyed at my local gun range. Two blew up in the chamber, and 35/285 misfired. I was shooting these out of my Marlin self-loading .22 LR. Worst ammo I have ever seen. Would give it less that 1 bullet, but I can't go any lower on their rating scale."
3.0 5
"I bought some of these rounds since it is getting very, very difficult to come by .22 LR rounds right now.I went out shooting over the weekend. My brother and I shot about 400 rounds of this stuff.We had a few FTFs and a couple of FTEs. As far as accuracy goes, it shot pretty well in our M&P15-22, as well as the Ruger 10/22. But, it was dirty, dirty, dirty. I ran nine cleaning patches down my barrel before it was really clean. So, if you don't mind some intensive cleaning after you go to the range, this would be a good buy for you.I personally, wouldn't buy this stuff again, unless it's the only ammo I could find."
4.0 5
"These are a little weak in my 10/22 - a FTF here and there - but they work great in my SR22P."
4.0 5
"I received this ammo and couldn't wait to go try it out. Shot it through three different guns, about a total of 350 rounds. My M&P15 shot it very consistently, with no problems, ripping through it as fast as possible. Also shot well through a Browning Buckmark and a Colt (Umarex,Walther) .22 Government Model 1911 - no failures! Normally, my Colt can be finicky on ammo, but it ate through this stuff like mad. Didn't notice it being any dirtier than CCI, Blazer, or Federal in my opinion. Wouldn't hesitate to buy it again!"
4.0 5
"I bought six bricks of this a couple of weeks ago. It shoots well, but is a little on the dirty side. I'll buy it again when the prices come back down."
1.0 5
"This is very dirty ammo and spent shells got stuck in the barrel of my Marlin 925 causing fte after fte. This was the first time I had taken this particular gun to the range, and this was the only available ammo. It has a lip just beneath the rim that is larger than other brands (presumably to create a good seal) that caused the spent shells to lodge in the barrel. It fed fine in two much older (more broken in) guns that I had with me, so after cleaning the heck out of the barrel, I came to the conclusion that the issue was the extractor and replaced it. This, however, did not solve the issue. I was able to get a hold of some federal and found that it cycled flawlessly in the Marlin. However, I still can't get a single round of this stuff to extract properly (fired or unfired). Maybe it was just a bad batch, but buyer beware anyway."
5.0 5
"Great ammo i bought 1500 rounds. And had no misfires through my smith & wesson m&p15-22 an they went through smoother than a porsche down the highway with the top down."
5.0 5
"I've put over 1,000 rounds of this ammo through 3 semi-auto pistols, a revolver, and 2 rifles and it functions perfectly, with no failures-to-feed or misfires. It's good ammo, and I'll keep buying it."
4.0 5
"good deal shipped fast"
4.0 5
"What I have shot I like. Several rounds through a Colt 22 auto. and well as a 22 bolt action Marlin. I will buy them again."
4.0 5
"As we all know it's tough to find 22 or right now. My kids shoot a lot of 22lr rounds. Close to a 1000 rounds shot and not a single problem yet. Shot in Remington VTR 22, H&K 416-22, ruger 10-22, we can't complain for what we spent."
4.0 5
"Picked up a brick and took a chance. Had no issues firing off 50 rounds or so with my Walther M4. Yep, patches were pretty dirty but I do clean my rifle after every firing so no big deal. Good for general plinking in my opinion."
1.0 5
"Lousy ammo. Won't cycle through my Mossberg 715 Tactical Semi Auto Rifle. Shot about 30 rounds down range from two different boxes of 50. Gave up after nearly 2/3 of them failed to eject. Frustrating. But CCI mini-mag ammo cycles perfectly with no issues. Won't be buying Armscor again."
5.0 5
"Took 100 rounds of this to the range today. Had no mis-fires and no jams. Fed it through both the Ruger SR22 and a Takedown 10/22. Cycled perfectly with no mishaps."
4.0 5
"I have shot several bricks of this. In my BRNO Mod 1 and out to 100yds shoots MOA, better than most the "match " ammo. It is a bit dirty but the only auto loader I've shot them out of is my Ruger automatics (Mk I) and had no problems. Only reason I gave 4 review is because the last brick has opened up groups a 1/2 @ 50yds."