Armor Forensics ODV Bath Salts Test 7619

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The recent proliferation and criminalization of bath salts as controlled substances have necessitated the creation of a new drug test kit for field testing. Forensics Source now offers law enforcement officials a simple and effective presumptive drug test to combat this problem. This new Bath Salts Test Kit incorporates our high quality Scotts and Marquis Reagents kits along with a Sodium Nitroprusside Reagent kit to presumptively identify bath salts in the field. The bath salts tests come packaged in a single-use, three stick test kit that ensures you have all necessary tests on-hand at all times. This cost effective solution is now available in ODV to complement our other colorimetric drug test kit lines.

The use of three tests as compared to one provides a stronger scientific basis for the presumptive identification of the components of Bath Salts. A positive test result in just a single test is not conclusive enough, by itself, to determine the presence of Bath Salts. Each of the tests sticks can have a positive result with other illicit narcotics, but not in combination from a single source, other than Bath Salts. The multiplicity of the results will provide better results than just a single positive test.

Specifications and Features:
Armor Forensics ODV Bath Salts Test 7619
Stick test configuration is quick
Easy and inexpensive to use
Test kit contains all three reagents needed to presumptively test for bath salts
Convenient plastic container that stores easily and serves as a disposal case
Instructions included with all tests