Armor Foensics 16oz. Bi-Chromatic Fingerprint Powder

Armor Forensics
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16oz. Bi-Chromatic Fingerprint Powder
Lightning Bi-Chromatic powder has the remarkable properties of appearing black when dusted on a light-colored surface and appearing silver when dusted on a dark-colored surface. You can use the same Zephyr fiberglass brush and Bi-Chromatic powder for 90 percent of your dusting requirements at crime scenes. The greatest advantage of using Bi-Chromatic powder is that the lifted prints will be black when placed on a white backing card. This eliminates the bother of comparing latent prints with light-colored ridges on a black background against rolled prints with black ridges on a white background. It also means that only white backing cards will be needed. There is no need for black backing cards with Bi-Chromatic powder.

Specifications and Features:
Manufacturer Part Number: 1-0006
Bi-Chromatic Fingerprint Powder
Size: 16oz.