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ArmaLaser Tactical Laser System for Kel-Tec P32 and P3AT 635nm 5mW Laser Adjusts for Windage and Elevation

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Designed specifically for pocket-auto pistols, the ArmaLaser operates on Touch Sensor Technology- utilizing human touch conductivity. Simply put, just stick your finger in the trigger guard and the laser turns on; remove your finger and it turns off in 12 seconds. Features a 635nm 5mW laser that is windage and elevation adjustable. Includes a tough polymer storage box with foam padding, owner's manual, batteries, ArmaLaser brace, and all necessary hardware. The laser's design also breaks up your pistols outline for pocket carry.

Non-Returnable, Please contact Vendor for all Warranty Questions.
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5.0 5
"I had read good reviews on this laser on the Kel Tec forums and also saw the link from the Kel Tec factory website to ArmaLasers site.I bought it because I thought it would also square off the muzzle of the pistol in my pants pockets, which it does. The workmanship and pieces are top notch and good quality. The laser itself is bright and clear. Overall I am very happy with it and have shot only 30 rounds through my pistol with it on but it accurate and easy to adjust the dot.The way it turns on is really good. It does work as advertised and can only help my aging eyes to make hits on this short-sighted pistol. The braces on the sides lock the laser to the frame of my P3AT and I can see how the claims of it being strong and won't move are true."
– goblue
5.0 5
"My Dad recently purchased one of these for his P3AT, and I have to say, I was skeptical about a trigger guard mounted laser after the many cheap designs I have tried in the past. But this system is Incredibly strong and snug fitting with the frame. For such a tiny pistol this laser increases your effective distance. Spend about 25 - 50 rounds making sure you have your sight point dead on and you never have to worry about it losing it's zero. Point of impact and point of aim will remain Identical even after months of pocket carry. I can't wait to own one of my own.(which won't be long) Highly recommend this product to Anyone wishing to carry an ultrasmall yet highly effective personal defense firearm/sight combination."
– KY-Boy
5.0 5
"My experience: It is all it claims to be, and it's the only laser sight I've liked well enough to put (and keep) on a pocket pistol. I've carried an Arma-Laser equipped Kel-Tec P32 concealed for about a year now, and don't have a single real complaint. It's always worked flawlessly, and has seen a lot of range use in that time. I initially wondered if the instant on finger contact switch would be reliable... it's been perfect. The design helps square off the shape of the barrel / trigger guard area of the gun (which improves print characteristics), without adding a lot of bulk or interfering with the already very small grip area of a P32. The way it clamps to the trigger guard plus the S-braces to the gun frame makes the mount very solid, it really becomes part of the pistol, no wiggle at all. Mine is zeroed at 50 ft, and it's held that zero even through daily carry, heavy range use and multiple battery changes. That REALLY amazed me, but it's true. I do wish the design allowed battery changes without case disassembly, but overall I am very satisfied with this product."
– Steve
4.0 5
"This is a great laser. The light does drift an inch or two at 50 feet after many shots, but this is close enough for personal protection. The only drawback is that powder residue gets between the battery contacts, and the laser becomes intermittent after about 40 rounds. When this happens, remove and clean the batteries. Hopefully ArmaLaser will read this and add some type of compression fit 'O' ring to future models. A double action Kel-Tec is not the type of gun to take to the range and practice 100 rounds with, but still I needed to shoot it enough to become comfortable with it."
– rick
5.0 5
"I have to say that I was skeptical when I placed an order for the ArmaLaser for my Kel-Tec P3AT. The YouTube videos are impressive, the review by other are equally helpful. But nothing can really tell a person about how an actual model will operated for everyone. Since ArmaLaser does not a local shop dealer listed for the in the SF Bay area peninsula region I hard to order the product on somewhat on faith. I can tell you now that faith was well rewarded. The ArmaLaser itself is solidly built. The hardware used to attach the ArmaLaser to the Kel-Tec is a perfect fit. The activation of the ArmaLaser works every time. Surprisingly, the activation works through some glove type as well. The supplied batteries are quality batteries. The manual is well written. An YES, you can shoot your pistol multiple times, drop you pistol multiple times, and generally abuse the mounted ArmaLaser without fear it will break or become misaligned. No product is perfect however and the ArmaLaser does leave a little room for improvement. My package came with three small black metal washers. There documentation did not mention where to place the washers. The ArmaLaser mounted and operated just fine without the washers. The ArmaLaser is not sealed from the elements. So far this has not made any difference in the reliability. I have taken the my P3AT to the range several times (100+ round each time) followed up with a normal cleaning afterward. I used my regular cleaning methods that includes a couple spray cleaners (M-Pro 7 cleaner and Birch-Casey Gun Scrubber) and my preferred lubricant (Militec-1). Each time I left the ArmaLaser in place. At this point ArmaLaser keeps chugging right along activating with the same brightness and reliability each time it is needed. I recommend the ArmaLaser to anyone wondering about purchasing this product."
– Vectrexer
5.0 5
"Hey this is really not bad. Sometimes when it comes to CTD you get what you pay for but this is some nice quality equipment. Arrived in two days, took 5 minutes to install and now my little Kel Tec has a much better impact as a self defense weapon. It makes it easier for my wife and puts a lot more OH CRAP factor to this little devil. Very impressed. Thanks CTD."
– SWAT Wannabe
5.0 5
"Received ArmaLaser Tactical Laser System for the KelTec P3AT today and I'm really impressed. For a medium priced laser this is a really nice piece. I had it installed in about 15 minutes and the fit was excellent. Instructions which accompanied the unit were clear and with pictures that were helpful. Zeroing the unit was also straight forward with no hitches encountered. Was able to zero at 25 yards which certainly speaks well of the laser beam itself and was able to keep my shots within a 6 inch circle at that distance (sure can't do that with the P3AT open sights). Oh, for the guy that asked, the 3 metal washers are for use with the alternate philips head screws that are included (step 8). Thanks for the reviews and quick service."
– flintlock
4.0 5
"I've had mine for over a year. I have notice very little drift, even while using it for a personal defense pistol class where I fired about 200 rnds. It is bright enough to zero in daylight and, as someone else mentioned, adds to the intimidation factor. Everyone who has seen \"The Terminator\" knows what the little red dot means. The big hole in the end of this tiny gun says the rest. The laser comes on every time the guard is touched as advertised. The only issue is while wearing gloves. This is a problem as I am a mountain biker and live in a cold climate. Otherwise it works well without having to think about it."
– palmgeek
2.0 5
"A friend of mine purchased one P32 and one P3AT. The P3AT was for me as he kept the P32. Both lasers were easily installed and very easy to see in daylight. I have carried my Kel-Tec for several months before I added this laser and I was pleased with how it helped hide the gun print. I sometimes carry my gun in my back pocket as I do a wallet and I have some concerns about this messing up my laser. This has not been a real concern as of yet because I have not been able to zero it in and have fired over 200 rounds trying. This unit will not hold a solid zero position."
– Tarpondog
1.0 5
"I spent many hours studying the Armalaser and comparing it to other solutions out there, and thought it to be the best choice. I ordered an Armalaser for my new P3AT in late May. It arrived the first week of June. I still haven't fired the gun, wanting to get the new sighting system installed before having to pop off several boxes of ammo to learn how to aim it. Now it's late July.The Armalaser for P3AT has a serious design flaw that the company will not acknowledge or address. The bracket system that is supposed to hold the laser on the gun is mismatched to the pins that go through the unit and through the pistol. It requires several hundred pounds of force to press the pins through the bracket, an assembly step that should be done before shipping it to the customer. A machine shop quoted me $150 to build a special plate to hold the bracket while pressing the pins through so that the bracket and pins aren't damaged by all the pressure necessary. That's more than the Armalaser costs new!Last week, after waiting a week for a reply, Rick at Armalaser promised that a technician would call me to discuss the problem and make suggestions about how to attach it to a P3AT without damage. A week later, and still nothing. Gun dealers I have since spoken to recommend against installing an Armalaser on a P3AT or P32 because the potential to damage the pistol. KelTec does not support their use either. I've been a gun lover for 35 years, and this is without a doubt the worst misrepresentation of a product I have ever seen. Do yourself a favor and forget about Armalaser as a viable solution for laser sighting. I cannot recommend any other laser sight for the P3AT, but I can say for sure that this one is definitely not something you want to mess with."
– Randall Steward
4.0 5
"I e-mailed Rick H. at Armalaser on Saturday and received my return ID# yesterday (Tuesday). So far all is proceeding as advertised. I would like to comment on Randal's remarks. I too found the pins very difficult to get through. Using a small hammer and an hour of tapping resulted in a solid seating of the pins but this should not be the case with this laser. The guide arms or (side arms) that hold the unit in place do not seat completely flush and this causes some concern. I'll let everyone know what I hear from Armalaser as I am shipping off my laser for replacement of repair(Wednesday 7-22)."
– Tarpondog
5.0 5
"Great laser system. Had it on since March and is a way better alternative than the pocket slipper laser I had on it a few years back. I have a 1st gen P32. Randal's comments below are not true, check it with Kel-Tec yourself, installing one does NOT void the warranty and what he didn't know is that Kel-Tec CNC actually makes some of the parts that go into this laser and Kel-Tec shows this laser installed on a P3AT every year at the SHOT show in their booth. I know, I saw it in Orlando in 2007 and 2009 (didn't get to Vegas in 2008 so can't confirm that year). Very good discussion on it here:http://www.ktog.org/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1204080197/30#30I would like to see different color options as my frame is now blue and would like it to match up. If you want a laser that doesn't move when you push on it with your trigger finger like the other one out there, this is the way to go and you save some $$ at the same time."
– TexasTim
5.0 5
"I am very pleased with this piece of equipment. It's very easy to install by anyone that has any skill. If you lack skill simply take it to a gunsmith. It is Easy to use and after 300 rounds it holds its zero. I've been able to finish up my shooting sessions with a head shot at 25yds. So, it holds a good zero for me. For the money, it's one hell of a buy. I'm buying several more. It's nice to get MORE than you pay for."
– lannysmedford
5.0 5
"I had read all reviews before purchase and found that the product was fairly easy to install. Kel-Tec pins are hard to pop out (for good reason) so using the new pin to drive the old pin out is not reccomended. Starting the old one out with a drift pin, then use the new pin works just fine. I was working on a glass top table with a cast on my left arm so this is not rocket science. The contact strip, was easily shifted with a strip of foil super glued to the right side, I may need to lightly bevel the lower corner of the plastic due to my chubby fingers. The 12 second time limit is good if you do not carry your pistola in a wallet or sleave, but if you do a litle longer could be nice. Concidering purchasing one for the P-11 also."
– Scribe