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MAKO Foregrip, 1" Light Adapter, Integrated Trigger

Mako Group
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Attaches on your accessory rail to form a pistol-style foregrip that securely holds your one inch diameter flashlight. Depress the switch to activate the light with a switch lock for light discipline. Works on tail-switch lights like Surefire or Streamlight. Rugged, clever, functional, and easy to remove and install. Store a spare battery in the bottom of the grip. Grip is 4.75" long and the overall length is 5.5".

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: T-GRIP-B
Grip Length: 4.75"
Overall Length: 5.5"
Storage compartment in bottom of grip
Holds 1" Diameter flashlight


Item#: 3-1022379,ARR-606,9-72983,2-MAKTGRIP,48712,6-1022379
Total number of Reviews: 41

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4.0 5
"Received this item very fast. Mounted it to my bottom rail. Fits well and holds 3 spare batteries or accessories. I would just add a little padding to the storage compartment to prevent rattles. Trigger works well and my Surefire is held secure and is adjustable for sensitivity. Lockout mechanism does not always lock it fully out...that depends on how deep you insert the light. Very satasfied with this product. Well designed and materials are sturdy."
5.0 5
"On my first Mossberg 500 home defense shotgun, I paid over $300 to mount a dedicated SureFire 623FGA Integrated Forend Shotgun WeaponLight with a 6P flashlight. While the 623 forend is sophisticated, well engineered, highly ergonomic, and durable, it is also heavy and commits me to retaining the light semi-permanently and to using an overmolded horizontal grip. On my second Mossy, I opted to install this nifty front grip with flashlight holder/trigger -- actually a FAB Tactical T-Grip made in Israel -- with a $50 SureFire 6P light on a $69 replacement RIS three-rail forend from Falcon Industries. For about half the price, I got equivalent activation and lighting, lighter weight, a battle-tough vertical front grip for smooth pump action and battery storage, and the added versatility of easy on/off rail mounting with no gunsmithing! This grip is incredible. It is worth every penny. I put an identical setup with this grip on the rail forend of my AR-15, roughly duplicating SureFire's $600 M900A WeaponLight at a fraction of the cost and giving it that nice, tight M4 carbine feel. I can even use the T-Grip/6P combo on my paintball gun for night play at scenario games! The trigger action is intuitive and reliable, and installation/adjustment was a snap."
– Lil' C
5.0 5
"I will agree with the other reviewers. This is a quality product and is simple to use, adjust, etc. I replaced another system with this item. The \"safety\" can be used to prevent accidental discharge of flashlight batteries when not in use. A good feature."
– Battleborn2002
5.0 5
"sturdy and looks great.gives a whole new attitude to my ak. SERiOUSLY improves control with rapid fire.buy this and you will be glad!"
– basszack
5.0 5
"After reading the reviews for this grip I had to buy one for my olympic arms flat top. I had been looking into using pressure switches but I have to tell you, if you are at all thinking about getting this vertical grip do it. it is built very sturdy, the plastic does not feel cheap at all, the trigger feels tough like it will last a long time and the lockout works great. It fits the light I got perfectly which I will also write a review for because it's so great. If you get the same light I got then you can spin the light to make it stay on permanently and spin it back to trigger only mode. it has a sturdy compartment in the grip that's not circular for batteries only so you could actually put many other things inside besides batteries if you want. the flashlight is held very securely and does not move at all as does the grip on my quadrail hold very strong. after having this in my hands I would pay twice what they're charging for it."
– mark
4.0 5
"Used this with the cheap tactical rail forend Item #: SHT-062 on my rem 870 with a surefire 6p led. I know for a fact that this does not fit that neat cheap led+laser Item #: LIGHT-143. The 18\" barrel end barely enters the cone of light enough to cast a shadow. Construction seems sturdy, gave it a good hard pull to see if it wanted to come off. It's designed so the screw-down clamp fits on the end of a surefire so you can still twist the flashlight for always-on or battery changing perhaps. The trigger pull is a bit heavy to hold onto for long periods. The switch mechanism is simply a little plastic nub that comes forward to press the existing tail switch on your flashlight. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 for its tough trigger but mainly its application as a shotgun forend. I find the swept-back grip orientation uncomfortable and unnatural for racking rounds, compared to a perpendicular grip. One last thing of note is that depending how tight the flashlight is screwed into itself, it may come on too easily or not at all, it's very possible to turn it on by pushing the flashlight back into the holder, if it's not screwed out enough."
– witty alias
4.0 5
"For what this costs it couldn't possibly be any better. I actually think it's a lot better than some of the more expensive alternatives. It's rock solid, the grip is comfortable, and it's not very expensive. The trigger is tough but that isn't bad since you're just turning on a flashlight and not firing the weapon. The safety is pretty tough too but I don't use it so I don't care. I gave it 4 bullets cause I'm sure to someone out there the trigger and safety are going to matter, but for me it's 5 bullets. Served me well in Iraq and it's doing duty on my home defense gun now."
– Mike
5.0 5
"Love this product, perfect fit in your hand. Nice trigger feel for the light. Holds flashlight perfect. Safety works great. The compartment on the bottom could use some work, to open it is hard. I will def buy this grip for all my guns."
– Buy it
5.0 5
"Good grip. Fits on rail tight. Well made."
– Phil
5.0 5
"Had an AIMSHOT 150 Lumen Flashlight Mounted to my M4A3, took it off because of the uncomfort of having to use my thumb on the twist cap and the strobe feature (now on my 10/22.) Replaced this with a Streamlight TLR1 and Command Action Arms Foregrip, which was shortly replaced with the Mako. I'm satisified with the Mako completely. Easy installation! Actually used a real screw driver not an allen wrench like 90 billion other products on the market. My uncle had one and bragged and bragged how it felt on his M4A3 so I took a look. The grip fits comfortably in the hand, the trigger is very well made a very simplistic, sturdy design. I've got a Surefire Nitrolon G2 with an LED Lens Kit, which is held firmly, and in a rather good looking package. I've got mine setup primarily as a hog hunting rifle, and this grip gives me control enough to move, swing, acquire, and engage an animal with speed and precision. To those who don't realize, when it comes down to it, when you actually \"jump\" a group of hogs, muzzle control is of the utmost importance. This product allows me to keep my mind on what I'm aiming at, rather than having to fondle around in the dark to find a pressure switch, or activate a tail-cap switch, and move to my vertical grip to engage, saving me precious seconds. This product is amazing for what it does; Point, and squeeze, then you can see what you're actually shooting at! Might even save some poor cow's life in a bit of adrenaline drenched excitement of chasing some hogs across the property! Definitely recommend this product for speed shooting, entry teams, or anyone who just wants a really good looking grip and light holder for their weapon. On a down note, it did take a bit of fondling so the safety would work. Also, when I attached it to my Surefire, it actually clamped onto the twist cap. This needed to be adjusted so that every time you bumped the rifle the light wouldn't come on. No big deal really, when it saves you from hav..."
– Jrs0015
5.0 5
"I have the CTD quad rail which is solid, so I trusted this product and was satisfied. This grip is rock solid. Mounted on the very front of the quad rail on my bushmaster flat top, I can pick up the rifle by just this grip and shake it hard, and there is ZERO play in the grip, ZERO ! I hightly recommend this grip, if you are even considering this grip, get it now! The trigger is not hard as described by other posts here, if you have ever used a similar tac light, gov issue or other, this is just as good or better. I had a surefire tac with pressure switch on my M4 when I was on a QRF in Italy, and this is better! Get it, stop thinking and whip out your credit card!"
– richscep
5.0 5
"One of the best weapon-mountable foregrips I've bought. Assembled it with the metal-cased Surefire flashlight (Mfr# 6P-BK) and replaced the bulb with the LED assembly (MFR #P60L). All together, the assembly allows for temporary ON-OFF via the rear push-button on the flash light (the trigger on the front grip pushes a plunger into the back of the light, to activate the switch). If needed, you can do a half-twist of the flashlight, which will turn the light to constant ON (holder assembly only holds tight on the back portion of the flashlight that rotates the ON/TEMP/OFF functionality). Great combination for a sturdy grip, great light, great functionality on either your AK or AR platform (also love the UTG AK Metal Quad Rail hand grip assembly (item #AKS-101 that allowed me to attach the foregrip to my SAR-1 AK)."
– Maelstrom
5.0 5
"I purchased this to mount on a tactical forend I purchased for a Winchester 1300 Defender 8-shot. This unit is very well built and holds up to slug punishment. It gives the shotgun a more balanced feel and with a surefire G2, it makes for a formidable home defense weapon.I very much recommend this product, even at the original price (after using it, I would have paid more)."
– AC from SA
5.0 5
"Just got this in the mail today and was more than happy. I was worried that it would be loose and rattle but it's not/doesn't. I was also nervous about the trigger/plunger design that activates the light. I was worried that it would be cheaply built and \"sloppy\" but it functions perfect. Bottom line...I couldn't be happier."
4.0 5
"Good buy, ordered it Thur and got it Friday. Fits rock solid on the quad rails (also from CTD), and the trigger switch works as advertised. It's just what's needed to make your weapon home defense ready."
– Mastershots
4.0 5
"i love the trigger activated light system. it lets u blind ur target and stun them. my only problem was finding a good compact light with this. so i ended up with the surefire g2 but the only problem with that is it is about 4 1/2 in of room being taken up by the light. so if u have this on ur ar-15 carbin then it takes up all of your room. but great quality."
– the raven
4.0 5
"I bought this grip about a year ago and I havent taken it off my AR since then. It fits flashlights of 1inch diameter so I use my surefire G2. There is a trigger lock or safety for the light so that it doesn't turn on when you dont want it to."
– Chris
5.0 5
"The grip is sturdy, attaches easily, and works well. The lock downs for the flashlight and rail system work with a straight slot screw driver. The grip has a lockout feature to prevent unwanted activation of your flashlight. There is storage in the bottom of the grip for spare batteries, tools, etc. I used the Hellfire X-8 tactical flashlight with it. The light fits perfectly, provides 150 lumens of blinding light, and the momentary on feature of the flashlight works like a charm with the pistol grip trigger."
– liveyr
5.0 5
"Great grip. Very sturdy and mounts easily. Flashlight trigger works great. I ended up getting a brinkman light from Academy for 19.99. It fits perfect and works great. Its not a \"tactical\" light, but it is plenty bright. I highly recommend this grip."
– Jason
5.0 5
"Just installed my grip on my new UTG Quadrails(also excellent and affordable). I am so pleased at the balance and ease of operation, and it makes my S&W MP15 even more usable. I wouldn't spend a dime on that overpriced name-brand stuff. Get this, it works! I am using an Inova XO3 light, and it is perfect. I plan to buy one for my Oly carbine tomorrow, along with the UTG quad forearm. Thanks CTD, for another winner!!"
– SteveFromTyler
5.0 5
"This works great, It mounts very solid and fits the hand well. It holds the light very secure, I used a 1\" s&w m&p light with it, and it works fantastic without having all kinds of cords and pressure switches all over the gun."
– k9cop
5.0 5
"this grip fits great and its easy to install, it holds my surefire g2 led perfect!!"
– colt owner
3.0 5
"the grip is well made and fits securely on the quad rail. the problem i had with it was that trigger not functioning as though i thought it would. it is annoying having to readjust the flashlight after i placed it inside the flashlight holder. also, the trigger sometimes had to be pushed pretty hard for it to activate the flashlight. for these reasons i returned the item, esp. aftering paying $70.00 for a foregrip."
– Jay
2.0 5
"The trigger does not work consistently with my flashlight (S&W M&P Cree. Maybe better luck with Surefire?). It has to be in a \uFFFDperfect\uFFFD position for the trigger to get the light turned on and off. Even if the flashlight moves a millimeter it would not work. Also, even with the trigger lock in the place, the trigger still moves slightly and that is enough to get the trigger to temporarily make the light shine (at least with my light). Dead giveaway of your location. Also, I would caution about using index finger trigger type of flashlight in general (according to my police/ex-military instructor). Under pressure, with sympathetic muscle response, you might trigger the wrong trigger. You might meant to turn the light on with your left index finger, but you might pull the right index finger. So, instead of verifying your target, you just killed it. Or instead shooting the target you let him see you and get shot at. This gets especially more complicated, if you train yourself to shoot right and left shouldered, as your trigger finger will change. This is probably why the military does not use trigger based system, but either pressure pads or thumb activated switch."
– John
4.0 5
"I just put this on my CMMG AR15. It fit snugly with no movement at all. I was happy to find a locking mechanism to prevent accidental activation of the light. The light holds my surefire G2 perfectly, and I would HIGHLY recommend that flashlight. I would have given the item 5 bullets because I really do love the way it feels and handles, but I was slightly disappointed by the fact that I could not get the same thing with a rubber grip (It's hard plastic). Overall, very pleased with this item and would recommend it to anyone."
– Ken
3.0 5
"Just installed this on my M4A3 and it fits great! Absolutely no problems. Placed my surefire LED tactical flashlight in its position, tightened it down, pulled the trigger and it worked fine. So far, right out of the box, this item is worth the money."
– MacCoinneach
5.0 5
"Works as advertised. Mounted on my Colt M-4 after installing the Mako Quad-rail handguard. Fits very securely even after firing several hundred rounds. Great way to pull rifle securely into shooting shoulder with non-shooting hand. Fitted with a 1\" Surefire tac light. Great fit. Trigger to operate the light works very well, just take a little bit of fine tuning which was no problem. I appreaciate the locking mechanism which prevents accidental illumination. Very happy with this grip and light mount. Really tricks out my carbine."
– B-Rad
5.0 5
"When I bought this I thought it might work for a while then I will prob. have to send it back, due to it being all plastic. Well I have put it through H*** and it is still going. Being in law enforcement, I put my gun in ruff situations. All I will say is I am glad I made this choice. Great product. Just make sure your flashlight is a 1\". Great product!!!!!"
– L.M.
5.0 5
"I just got my grip and it works great. Well worth the price. It was easy to attach and the trigger for the flashlight is awesome."
– A.M.
5.0 5
"This grip is one of the best additions I have added to my Stag 2T. Fits great,no wobble and the trigger for the light is rock solid. I am using a LED LENSER V2 Tactical light with this, it is a perfect fit and eye blinding bright."
– Eightfooticeman
5.0 5
"Great product! I have owned this grip for over a year. I have a Maglite in it and I have hunted Bobcat and Coyote in the middle of the night in rain, etc... and this product is just as good as the day I bought it. It is sturdy on the rail and does not shake side to side in the least."
– Sean
4.0 5
"I attached this grip/torch holder to my Stag Model 2 fitted with an M4 Intrafuse Handguard. After a 1/8-twist, my LED LENSER torch fit well. No issues with operation and it looks great. Great home defense weapon. I really like the lockout button which prevents accidental light activation. Product solidly built and does not move on the rail. I'd recommend this to a fellow trooper."
– Airborne Trooper
5.0 5
"I just received my grip today and couldn't wait to put it on my M&P15. The grip is easily positioned with the spring loaded detach button and locks down on the picatinny rail when the threaded positioning bolt is added. It is solid and still lite weight. My Streamlight fits like a glove and is confidently held captive. The only thing I would improve would be to change the positioning bolt from a allen head bolt to knurled knob or thumbscrew so that no tools would be needed to attach/detach."
– Southpaw
5.0 5
"Fits great for my weapon. It seems to be real sturdy and feels good when firing."
– Crazy8
5.0 5
"As a friend once told me, 'buy once, cry once!' In other words, pay for quality and you'll get it, rather than replacing an item regularly. Don't let the price tag on this grip drive you to less-suitable options; this is by far the best grip I've ever had! It is extremely ergonomic and has a very natural feel in your hand. The flashlight collar fits all 1\" tube flashlights with a rear-mounted push-to-activate switch I use a Condor Tactical light with mine, which can be turned on by a quick pull and release of the trigger on the grip, or pull the trigger and hold it for strobe. The grip also has a push-button trigger safety (like on a shotgun) to prevent accidental activation of your light. I mounted this grip on a UTG AR carbine quad rail and it fit perfectly. Dual retention systems ensure it stays in place always! The lashlight is retained very well by a single screw-tightened collar. The screw adjustments are made with a flat head screwdriver, no allen keys required! The floor of the grip pops open to reveal a storage space large enough for 3 CR123 batteries or other small accessories, but it is a pain to open. (requires a pocket knife or something to pry it open; don't expect rapid access to your stored equipment) Room for improvment on the hinged floorplate, but still 5 bullets in my opinion! Also, if you're running a laser, it is difficult to attach a pressure switch to this grip."
– Sentinel 1_3
5.0 5
"Awesome grip. Very sturdy and easy to mount! I bought the Delta Force tactical flashlight from this site and it works like a dream! Thanks for all the reviews and for cheaperthandirt.com!"
– ladycop64
5.0 5
"I bought this based on the previous reviews, and they were right! It fits tight with no movement, on/off lock is great, my hand(size 9) feels great with the grip, and my Surefire fits tight with proper function of the light switch! Had to slide the grip assembly on/off the rail system about 15 times to break it in, but wasn't really a problem! Worth the money!"
– blhk349
5.0 5
"I just received it yesterday and installed it in less than 5 minutes. It feels great and easily mounts a 1\" flashlight. Would definitely recommend it."
– AR-15 guy
5.0 5
"I have had this grip for almost a year now, and have used it with both AK-47 and AR-15 rifles with quad-rail setups. It has worked perfectly so far and is very reliable, at least with my Surefire 1\" barrel flashlight. The grip performs exactly as stated in the description and is quite solid and comfortable. Not everyone has the right light for this setup, and some might not like pulling the trigger to activate it, but it is what it is, a high quality, trigger activated, light-holding foregrip."
– Tyman
3.0 5
"I bought this for my M&P15-22. Fits great, took only a couple minutes to install. I also have a tapco vertical foregrip, I would rather use the Tapco than this foregrip. I moved this foregrip over to my PPS22, and it also fits fine and works well with that rifle. I just feel that this grip is too expensive considering the other less expensive options for grips with or without flashlights out there."
– Crazykg
5.0 5
"Used this on 4/6 Iraq tours and had no problems with it. My highest recommendation."