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Leapers UTG AR-15 Tactical Flip Up Rear Sight Black

Leapers UTG
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Complete flip up AR-15 rear sight.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: MNT-951
Integral picatinny mounting deck to fit all flat top receivers.
Locking retention thumb nut.
Precision windage adjustments.
Dual aiming apertures for short and long range shooting.
Robust flip up posi-lock design to guarantee zero.
Weight: 3.4 ounces
Length: 1.3 inches
Width: 2 inches
Height: 1.9 inches 

Item#: ARR-142,7-MNT951,9-263475,2-UTGMNT-951,16-MNT-951
Total number of Reviews: 41

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5.0 5
"For the price, this rear sight is unbeatable. This works wonderfully as a co-witness setup with an EOTech. I had it zeroed in less than 10 shots. When the rear sight is locked in the upright position, there is absolutely no wobble. There is no knob to adjust the rear elevation, however, I knew that before my purchase and have it zeroed at ~200 meters. The windage knob clicks are crisp with no slack or play. It manages to hold a zero just fine. The flip-up 0-2 aperture permits firing in darker conditions. It also mounts very securely and tightly on my Stag-15 flat-top rail. This rear sight will definitely serve its purpose as a BUIS. The finish also matches that of my Stag. I shot a 239 out of 250 (with the \"expert\" qualification being a score of 220) on a USMC rifle range (not with this rear sight), so I understand the importance of rock-solid iron sights. Some may criticize this sight because of the low price and the origin of the manufacturer, however, it works exceptionally well!"
– Segaw
4.0 5
"since there is not an elevation knob on it you can still a adjust the elevation with your front sight."
– helpful hint
5.0 5
"Kind of skeptic, but got to hand it to CTD, package arrived quickly. Upon opening package, I mounted the rear site and it was more than I expected. Fits solid and adjusted great. Excellent bang for the buck."
– Captain J
5.0 5
"I purchased this after buying another more expensive brand (which was junk) and found this sight to be of much better quality. I am very pleased with it."
– david
5.0 5
"This rear sight worked really well with the matching front sight. I zeroed in 6 bullets using both sights together. Great w/my BSA red dot. You can flip up sights and look easily through red dot window to see front sight post."
– Mike
4.0 5
"Got this thing a day earlier than I paid shipping for! It is exactly as shown. Works like it is supposed to, looks like it is supposed to, and locked up tight on my DPMS. If you want a rear BUIS and don't want to pay the rip-off prices for a \"premium\" version, this is it. Let's face it, anything over $50 is a rip-off for a BUIS. 50+ year old technology that you can mount to a picatinny rail. Doesn't seem to justify the prices that other companies are charging these days."
– Staff Sergeant US Army
5.0 5
"Unbeatable for the price. VERY solid, looks exactly as the picture, and works as promised. What more is there?"
– Staff Sergeant US Army
4.0 5
"I have been very happy with this rear sight. The only reason i didn't give it 5 stars was the lack of an elevation knob."
– Turk
2.0 5
"Save your money on this sight, may work on a air rifle not good enough for a M&P 15, you get what you pay for."
– Gump
3.0 5
"This is actually an A1 rear sight system. (no elevation adjustment). But is good and sturdy for a BUIS. Not nearly as accurate as a MaTech 600m buis though."
– Jeffrey
4.0 5
"My only complaint is that it doesn't \"lock\" in the up position. It is sturdy when it is up, but it doesn't lock. It \"could\" possibly be knocked down, if bumped. It has not been a problem though, just an issue I foresee could happen. It looks good, feel sturdy. Doesn't wobble. I like it just fine."
– Colt
5.0 5
"Outstanding rear sight for the money. Mounts up very solid and was a breeze to adjust."
– Fat George
5.0 5
"Great sight. Locks nice into place and folds down and out of the way when using the scope. Fits nice, and stays in place."
– yamil
1.0 5
"Was planning on using this sight as my BUIS when I recieved my EOTech. Haven't bought the EOTech yet, though, so I've been using it as a primary - I've fired roughly 300 rds through the rifle with this sight, and now the sight flips back on it's own from the recoil. I'd hope that after 300 rds. even a back-up sight would still function - I'm very dissapointed.You get what you pay for - if you plan on actually USING your BUIS, get something decent."
– Dissapointed Shooter
1.0 5
"I bought this for my AR thinking....cheap, should be reliable, and cheap is good enough mentality....This thing is a turkey....the pivot pin that allows the sight flip easily comes off....you can hammer it back in...but it will come right back off...it simply can't handle the recoil of the rifle.....I should have just saved some money and gotten a better one....ALSOthe whole thing comes loose after a few rounds...it simply can not handle the recoil"
– John
4.0 5
"This is a nicely made item, at unbelieveable price, works fine, all parts and operation are identical to the factory sight in the carry handle. The only complaint is that under heavy recoil from .50 Beowulf the mounting screw gets loose (I only tightened it by hand). Using a drop of blue (non-permanent) loctite fixed it. I don't ever need to mount/remount it because it is a flip sight."
– ygmort
4.0 5
"I dont really know what all the complaining is about. This sight works great! Only thing is, once you get it sighted in make sure to tighten windage screw. And the part where people are sayin it comes loose, just use some Blue LockTight... Its not permanent and holds tight till you need to take it off."
– Bmac2323
5.0 5
"I put this sight on my Ar-15 and took it to the range to dial it in...first three rounds i fired where dead center and all touching each other, i was amazed i did not have to adjust the sight. Locks upright strongly and have shot 500 rounds with it. Great buy!"
– Officer11968
5.0 5
"This sight works perfectly. Holds zero no matter how many times i flip it up or down. Cheap price, but made well."
– jonathon
1.0 5
"This thing lasted exactly 2 rounds. First one was fine. On the second round and every other round thereafter the sight kicked back to the down position from the recoil. This was used on an M4 carbine type AR in 5.56 mm. This would be great for a .22 lr or an BB gun. But nothing with even moderate recoil. I send it back the day I got it."
– liberty
3.0 5
"I got this sight because the Pro-mag I had my eye on doubled in price overnight (only to be listed at the cheaper price in the catalog sent with the order). This sight seems to be real bulky for a backup sight and is maybe 1/4\" to 1/2\" shorter when folded. On top of that the knob for attaching it to the rail is deceptively huge and really tacky looking, like something you would find on an airsoft gun."
– PD722
3.0 5
"This is an ok BUIS. Its very sturdy, holds zero. Only cons are that the \"knob\" is made out of a soft metal and the sight (in the down position) is still pretty tall, so much so that it is in the way of potential magnifiers/optics etc. Overall good buy though."
– Byron
1.0 5
"First time I used this sight I shot through the 10 X ring. However, the target was in the next lane over;-) I put my micrometer/protractor on this puppy and it is not precise. The housing holding the flip sight is out of square and or bent. Not well put together. Hopefully mine was just a lemon. I have been getting my share of lemons lately on gun parts from China. It seems quality control is hit or miss there. Semper fi..."
– Major Cordite
1.0 5
"When in the down postion the sight is still very tall and in the way. After firing my second shot with it the sight would bounce out of place for every shot afterwards. Skip this and spend the extra couple of bucks for a better one."
– Logan
4.0 5
"Look I've been hearing people complain about UTG for a few years now and I haven't had 1 single problem yet. My friends and I all use their products and I have yet to have a failure. You can't go wrong for the price."
– Sirus7
1.0 5
"DO NOT USE THIS SIGHT ON A REAL FIREARM. This sight will fold down due the recoil of a 223 round. PIECE OF JUNK!"
– 1Motor44
4.0 5
"NOt bad for a back up to a eotech as long as your strong enough to latch it down right you will be fine but if you only have iron sights than you might want to upgrade...."
– Cruz
4.0 5
"I shot my flat top M4 .223 for whole weekend Appleseed event and never had one problem (Over 300 rounds fired). I wanted to improve my shooting with open sights and picked up a set of UTG front and rears. I greatly improved my scores over the course of fire. The unit clicks into the up position solidly enough - I highly recommend this unit. I would have given it 5 bullets had it not been as bulky in the folded position. I have to take it off to put my scope on or the rear bell touches slightly. Taller rings would solve that problem."
– Jdub229R
4.0 5
"This is a better buy than the more expensive rear sights. It doesn't have a pin that locks it into place like the Promag, so it can be folded down if you aren't careful when changing apertures. It does have windage marks (unlike Promag) and a wider sturdier base. Best BUIS with dual apertures overall , IMO."
– sethbarcello
1.0 5
"may your life ever depend on your rifle this IS NOT the buis for you. still very tall in down position. i tried to put it under a aimpoint magnifier with quick detach twist off mount, too tall. and what sucks the most is it wont stay zeroed."
– expertriflemanusmc
3.0 5
"These are huge in the folded position. If you are trying to use it as a BUIS with an EOTech magnifier it just won't work. If you want some quality BUIS just spend the extra money and get some nice ones from Yankee Hill or Midwest Industries or whoever else you want. I mean they're a ton of companies to choose from. These are just a cheap filler."
– scott65
5.0 5
"I attempted to review and make a somewhat knowledgable purchase. The reviews on this flip rear sight were half good half bad. I decided to take my chances, and so far i'm very glad. I shot appx. 150 rounds today and had no malfunctions everyone else stated. excellent purchase in my book..."
– cajuntriplets
3.0 5
"I have mixed feelings about this sight. It's sturdy and strong, but does have a HIGH profile when folded down so count out using a scope mounted to the flat top with this thing on. The adjustment range is great and the markings are nice to reference to. I had to file the mounting surface to get a solid mate to the weaver on the flat top. When you switch the sight app, the windage clicks and changes position, but I haven't quite broke it in yet either. Guess I'm just used to AKs with one size fits all."
– new to ar's
4.0 5
"I read the reviews, including the negatives and bought the sight anyway because of the price. I have not been disappointed. The sight appears to be well made and it's lower price is due to the fact that it lacks the bells and whistles of the more expensive sights. The sight mounted easily. I had to move the EOTech forward to install the UTG sight on the rail to co-witness well together. The sight easily flips up and locks and flips down and locks. The sight didn't vibrate loose from the rail or flip up or down due to recoil as a couple of others reported. It stayed in place in either position up or down. I first sighted the irons at 30yds and after printing nice groups, turned on the EOtech and sighted it in after flipping the UTG down at 30yds. Then I flipped up the UTG, lined up both sights and fired at 30yds with nice results. To summarize: If you want a BUIS on your rifle and don't want to spend a lot of money and have a KISS philosophy, this is the sight to purchase. From the positive reviews, it seems clear that many others had good experiences with this sight as I did."
– RockDoctor
4.0 5
"I bought this sight as a backup for my red dot sight. I don't have any problems seeing over this sight when it is folded down. It looks to be well made and sturdy. I haven't gotten to shoot with it yet, but should not be any problems. The windage adjument knob is easy to use. I like the markings on the base and the alignment mark on the sight so you can reference how far off center you are when making windage adjustments. Something the removable sight in the handle of my M4 didn't have."
– Scott
4.0 5
"This sights is rugged and easy to use. Keeps right on target even after removal. I would buy it again"
– Rod
2.0 5
"This rear sight is a waste of time. Too bulky to be a good back up sight especially when mounted behind an Eotech."
– USMC 03
3.0 5
"This sight is good for the money, but it rust really easy and it is kinda bulky for a back up sight."
– Chris
5.0 5
"I use this with also it front sight, and it is easy to deploy. Just gotta get it sighted in. I use this sight combo on my AR-15, sig 516 and doesn't interfere with my red dot scope that I currently have on it. So if my red dot stops functioning, just flip these sights up and good to go. They use screw knobs for the bolts to attach it to the rail allowing for quick and easy mounting and unmounting. Would recommend if got the room and height clearance."
– Devon
4.0 5
"Haven't used this item yet, but for the price I think it was a great decision to get this backup sight.."
– Dustin O.
4.0 5
"This has stayed sturdy, mounted over around 500 rounds, and fulfills its purpose. Easily folds down to get out of the way of vision for my red dot. Hinge works fine, no spring but c'mon, it's the cheapest folder out there. If you're wondering \"Does this sight WORK TO HIT A TARGET?\" Yes, it does. May be a bit bulkier and less flashy than competitors, but it allows you to hit targets with your rifle."
– Nick