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AR-15 Stipper Clips 10 Round Black Cartridge Stripper Pack of 10 Can be used as Fire Starter

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Package of 10 black stripper clips allow you to quickly load your magazine, these can also be used as a fire starter. 
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3.0 5
"These work fine as stripper clips, however, so near as I can tell, there is no earthly way to use these as a fire starter."
– Nic
2.0 5
"The 100 pack of AR stripper clips is a much better value for your dollar. I mainly purchased these because of the claim to be used as a Fire starter..... I cannot find any such way to use these to ignite a fire. Save your money! They are not even good stripper clips!"
– Kim
3.0 5
"These are plastic stripper clips. They seem to hold the rounds alright, yet I have not used them for very long. I am a little weary of the bullets coming loose due to the lack of a stopper that folds over, like some of the metal ones. Also, there is no way this plastic clip will start a fire."
– WaWaWeeWa
5.0 5
"Just got these stripper clips and loaded 1000 rounds of Lake City 5.56 on them. They work great with the StripUla in loading magazines. I like that these don't have the metal fold over clip because those tend to break after a few uses. These have a notch on both ends that hold the cartridges in place."
– Bob
4.0 5
"They are pretty cheaply made, which is the whole point. If you are loading a massive amount of rounds, then this is what I would depend on, especially if you are buying several boxes of 1000 loose rounds. They don't have the metal tab on the end, but instead bottleneck the ends so the rounds won't come loose. Again, these are made for loading a large amount of rounds for half the price. just grab them, load them, and stuff them in a pocket. No worrying about quality. You get what you pay for. As for a fire starter, you probably have to break one in half to get an edge to light as KINDLING, but I would rather get many more uses out of these before I consider testing that."
– Daniel R.
4.0 5
"There seems to be some confusion about how these start fires. 1st off, I like them as stripper clips, and they seem to hold everything in place. As far as the fire starter thing goes, if you have a lighter or matches, and you set one (or more) on fire, they make an excellent fire with which to START a much bigger fire, hence FIRE STARTER. Helps if you can't find dry grass, newspaper, or gasoline."
– Johnny Long Range
3.0 5
"Holds rounds pretty well, actually. It has a little tab on the inside edges on both sides."
– S.F.
5.0 5
"I just put 1000 rounds into 100 of these and all 1000 rounds stay in place just fine. Out of the 100 I ordered, they sent 102 and only one was bad. They also load through a stripper clip loader just fine as well. As far as the fire starter, I have no Idea. These work well as strippers. I wouldn't want to waste them."
– pjf1911
5.0 5
"I quickly loaded 500 rounds of Lake City ammo without a hitch. Grabbed a few handfulls from an ammo box and carried them to the range in a range bag with no problems. Not a single round has come loose. Very easy to load and they work great with a Striplula. Metal clips are hard to find and perhaps unnecessary after this purchase."
– RWM66
1.0 5
"They don't fit into the standard military speed loader, so I have no use for them. They cannot be used to start a fire, only fed into a preexisting fire."
– OlDog
5.0 5
"I used a few packs of these stripper clips on about 2,000 rounds of ammo. I had a few metal stripper clips on hand as well. I love using these plastic units, no little metal tabs at the end of the stripper clip to deal with. And the magazine loaded worked perfectly with these units. I am more than satisfied. About to place another order to handle 2,000 more rounds of 5.56 mm ammo."
– Gil Hale
5.0 5
"I've used the metal ones for years and now I prefer these. No bending tabs to wear out and break. They load and unload smoothly by hand or with the butler creek striplula. I can't say about starting fires because I'm so pleased with these I don't want to waste them."
5.0 5
"I bought 25 boxes of these. Me and my wife had a little competition as to who could put loose rounds in them faster. Out of 250 stripper clips, not one of them was faulty. Each one held the rounds securely and they work just fine with the Butler Creek StripLuLa."
– MMDeveloper
4.0 5
"Got enough for 300 rounds and they were so easy to use that I wondered where the problem might be and sure enough there was one. They will not work on the standard military speed loader. They are too wide but they do work on other fast loaders which is what I have and it's OK. I will purchase more and with the combination of the metal & plastic I am good to go."
– mikemi1951
5.0 5
"Excellent replacement Stripper Clips. Made of thick high density plastic and works well with the LULA Strip Loader to load 20 and 30 round magazines quickly and cleanly. Each strip holds 10 rounds of ammo securely and are completely reusable multiple times. Nice for storing rounds long term in your dry box and bandoleers. * Wont fit USGI feeder spoon. * Apparently they burn. (?)"
– Oscar Zulu
5.0 5
"These are great. no sharp edges. Plastic can actually be more resilient than metal. they flex and give and last longer. The metal tabs break off. And wow... I cannot believe the comments about starting a fire. anyone ever use fire starters in your fire place? The ones you buy at the store. They are highly flammable wood. get it? Even dryer lint make an excellent fire starter....but no, it will not spontaneously burst into flames. These sticks actually light quite easily and are good as an \"Accelerant\" to aid in survival situations."
– Bsndyer95
5.0 5
"These clips are great I loaded the rounds fast and without any cuts as has happened with the metal clips when I was in the military. They are durable with no sharp ends. Accidently bent one and it still worked. Also at a great price I need more and will reorder..."
– John
4.0 5
"Work as advertised, .223 steel cased and 556 brass both loaded on nice and firmly, no shells in danger of falling out (unlike my steel army issue ones).Did my usual stress test of all gear that I buy: grabbed a dozen of them, threw them in a 30 cal ammo box and dumped them on my bed. 2 shells came loose- that's a really good outcome for those who don't know how that plays out with most stripper clips.Dropped 2 of them from my hand onto my hardwood kitchen floor (don't tell my wife) and no rounds came out either. I only gave it 4 bullets because they only burn about as good as typical ABS plastic... which is better then some firestarter sticks lol."
– The Last Conservative Democrat
2.0 5
"not at all functional with military type stripper guides, the plastic is too thick to feed in the guide. i will stick with the original type. these will be used to start a fire someday since not compatible with my other stuff."
– hatterasman
5.0 5
"Too many reviews start with \"just got this but have not used it yet\" but the person gives it 5 bullets before he even uses said product. I wanted to actually use these before I did that, and so I have and no complaints at all. I agree with Bob about the tabs on the metal ones which is why I got these and glad I did. Cartridges stay on clips and load easily with my Thermold charger. I will buy more if ever need to."
– Ken
3.0 5
"I received this item shipping was fast. Instructions were easy to follow and change over was easy looks nice too."
– Chris