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DPMS AR-15 Miculek Compensator .223/5.56x45mm

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Six opposing side ports direct gasses outward to reduce muzzle jump.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 60673
1/2" by 28 threads for .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO
Finish: Black
Material: Steel
Made in the USA

Jam nut, for indexing. 
Total number of Reviews: 35

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5.0 5
"I have installed this Compensator on my AR-15,M4 and the result, it is very accurate with a flat shooting.must have one on yous AR-15."
– Bbeto
4.0 5
"Delivered and installed today. Installs well but leaves a gap between the rear of the jam nut and barrel flange. May consider including a peel washer to take care of that or recessing the the tap hole a 1/8 inch deeper into the comp. Other than that, the comp is top quality."
– Andy
5.0 5
"Nice little thread on comp. Works well, looks good too. If your wanting to finish out the your match AR get one or if you just want a cool little comp instead of the standard flash hider, get one!"
– scott65
4.0 5
"Finishes off my AR-15 nicely. It fires flat and was easy to install. I say well worth the money."
– azpointman69
5.0 5
"I must admit I was surprised, the AR has so little kick to start with I was not sure how big a difference this would make. I replaced my standard flash hider and what a difference and a great addition to my gun. Install was easy, I did need to use a peel washer - no gap and it looks great and works great. Well worth the price."
– Shpank
4.0 5
"My comp just arrived today so I installed it and went shooting .. its perfect for reducing the recoil and keeping the muzzle down and keeps me on target for fast follow up shots.. well worth the price... however i am giving it 4 bullets instead 5 due to the fact the comp and the indexing nut were shipped in same pack and my parts were all scratched up from them rubbing on each other during shipment. All in all a great buy still.."
– mrblueagian
5.0 5
"This item was great for my smith and wesson AR-15 sniper rifle. Easy to put on and helps with muzzle climb when shooting"
– zombie133
4.0 5
"Definitely helps with faster target acquisition because of reduced muzzle jump when shooting with iron sights and helps when using a scope also, good buy for the money if your looking to change the feel of your companion. * I recommend better hearing protection for yourself and neighbors using this component!"
– EducatedConsumer
5.0 5
"I installed this in 5 minutes. This makes a definite difference in the recoil. This allows for much faster target acquisition for subsequent shots. A great product for rapid fire shooting."
– Tankerman68
5.0 5
"Reasonably priced; Easy to install; Little to NO recoil (depending on ammo); lightening-fast target re-acquisition; Nice & LOUD!!!"
– A Must Have For Serious Shooters!!!
5.0 5
"Added this to my Stag 15 upper and had a friends M16 lower. Almost no muzzle climb through a 30 round mag."
– STAG-15
4.0 5
"Works great on my Bushmaster Carbon 15 M4. It reduces the recoil substantially and doesn't seem to affect the bullet trajectory (at least out to 200yds that I could test). Its a very nice addition if you want to reduce recoil and muzzle jump. The only problem I had is that it is VERY loud shooting my AR now. The gases percussion are directed back at the shooter. After 200 rounds my ears were ringing even with ear plugs. Also since recoil is greatly reduced, I can't bumpfire my AR that well anymore."
– Austin
4.0 5
"Works great but hard to install with included nut . I dont know why the nut isn't connected to the compensator but after finally getting it on straight, it took and extra washer btw, but it cut recoil in half and greatly improved accuracy."
– cool
3.0 5
"I put this on my 16\" barrel and it is so LOUD, that it takes away the fun out of shooting. The percussion really hits you while shooting with this on. It does however, take away some recoil. I feel that I wasted money on this and I will be putting my A2 flash hider back on."
– LiveFreeOrDIe1984
5.0 5
"I was searching for a decent muzzle break that wouldn't break my budget. I stumble upon this break, but was reluctant to purchase due to little to no reviews found. When I tested at the range I found that the recoil was reduced to shooting a .22lr round. I was amazed, contrary to what most will say, a .223 round does have a kick to it, if not you could not bump fire, am I wrong? I am very pleased with this comp, though I don't know if you can bump fire now :]"
– Lambert
5.0 5
"This brake works very, very well. Reduced muzzle climb significantly, and it looks great on the AR too. It is, however, INCREDIBLY loud to the shooter and persons standing beside you. Hearing protection is a must- be kind and tell the folks next to you at the range before firing."
– Colorado Shooter
5.0 5
"I must admit I am not a big fan of MALL NINJA equipment but this is no tacticool compensator. If you are looking for some serious reduction in muzzle climb, quick follow up shots and a overall better experience with the already good AR platform buy this!!!! You will not be upset!"
– Brandon
5.0 5
"I added the Miculek comp as part of a rebuild of my AR 15 that is used for 3 gun. The difference it made is absolutely amazing! Muzzle flip is a thing of the past, making follow up shots so much easier. Highly recommended!"
– dukeguy
5.0 5
"It is very LOUD, but works like a champ. Fit and finish is outstanding. The finish matches my CMMG and Colt uppers perfectly. I purchased two. The most interesting is the one I'm running on my CMMG .22LR. It takes .22LR recoil and makes it into a BB gun. The included jam nut mounting option is not very secure and looks like crap. Make it easy on yourself and buy a $2.00 crush washer for the install. It looks a lot better and makes mounting quick and easy. For extra security, use a drop of Rockset on the threads."
5.0 5
"Superior performance! Rifle stays on target with .22-like recoil and NO muzzle rise. I attribute my last win of rapid fire (including last stage of 5 rounds in 5 seconds window at 60 yards) to this compensator. Thank you, Jerry, for superior design, outstanding performance and CTD for the affordable offering!"
– Paul
5.0 5
"I can't imagine any muzzle brake working better than this one! It removes 99% of felt recoil with zero muzzle jump! Like I mentioned previously, you really can't believe how well this thing works until you try it yourself. The only possible drawback is the massive redirection of the muzzle blasts. I actually found it necessary to wear both my ear plugs and ear muffs combined to sufficiently minimize the redirected muzzle blast. That is, when someone else was shooting my AR with it! To my surprise, the muzzle blast is nowhere near as loud when you're the shooter, e.g., the muzzle blast flows around the shooter and hammers the innocent bystanders. I'm sure there is some good potential for perpetuating some form of practical joke while using this brake! It's quite remarkable!"
– Brad
5.0 5
"This compensator is great. There is almost no muzzle jump with it. However, it makes the muzzle brake shields at my local range swing about 6 inches with every shot, so make sure no one sets up right next to you."
– Ben
5.0 5
"First and foremost, it's loud, but I love it. Second, the price of this is a third of the price that Adams Arms muzzle brake, which looks almost identical. I did really want the AAC muzzle brake, but I couldn't cough up that much after buying their complete upper, no help from their CS either. I am in love with the price I paid, and the performance of it tops it off. I believe it is even better for piston uppers since the gas is getting blown back towards the front and with all that side ports, I don't feel any noticeable rise or barely any recoil. The only reason I know I'm shooting my AR .223/5.56 and not my M&P15-22 is because of the sound. This MICULEK compensator really defines the word \"DOUBLE TAP\" for me. This made double taps so easy. Thanks, Jerry."
– Clintoon Eastwood
5.0 5
"Wow, this thing reduces felt recoil at least 60% to 70%. It's amazing for such a cheap price. Does push the gasses/pressure back toward the shooter so you can feel the shock wave on your legs and whatnot. I think it feels awesome and, as I shoot with hearing protection, it does not bother me. Have already recommended it to friends and will continue to do so. Great product."
– Flipless
5.0 5
"Works great at reducing muzzle rise. Put on your ear muffs. It's loud."
– Jim
5.0 5
"I bought this as partially because I thought it looked good (it does other than the crush nut not lining up straight up and down) and because of the reviews stating how loud it is (I like a loud gun). This thing is louder than my 1927 made Mosin Nagant, I would not recommend if you plan to use the gun its attached to for home defense unless you want everyone standing beside you, and yourself to be deaf. It seems to direct all the gasses back towards the shooter. Can't say much about recoil reduction since I was distracted by my own muzzle blast buffeting me. Great for fun at the range and scaring someone, but that's about it lol. I give it five bullets because it did what I wanted it to do, look great and be loud as hell."
– Rusty Shackleford
5.0 5
"Awesome break for the price, was thinking of getting other similar ones that were double to triple the price and very glad i did not. Definitly works as designed reducing climb/movement & makes your AR sound like a BOSS"
– wedd830
5.0 5
"This thing is awesome. Like everyone else mentions \"it's loud!\" It definitely gets a lot of attention at the range. They always come and ask if it's a .308. In regards to the crush nut not aligning properly, I had no issues."
– NA
5.0 5
"Great comp at a great price. Installed it and fired my AR this weekend and was completely impressed. Clocked mine at the 12 oclock position instead of the 1 oclock that Jerry recommends, but the sights stay locked on target with absolutely no muzzle flip."
– bernnvern
5.0 5
"Put this on my sig sauer M400 enhnaced, works great, ez to install and looks awesome."
– Cjw1969
5.0 5
"I installed this on my AR-15 just for the 3 Gun match. And it works great with follow up short range shots, as well as a flat line at 100 yards. Had to adjust my scope at 100 yard since it now shoots on a flatter trajectory than before. It does reduce the muzzle rise and recoil. Good for the money and east to install."
– Abe
5.0 5
"The best compensator I have used so far. I stayed on target much easier than with the stock compensator."
– Vinny
5.0 5
"I was really happy with the fit as well as the look, it made my 223 pistol a totally different looking gun. I will be getting another one."
– DW
4.0 5
"The Miculek compensator is a great add-on to your AR-15. It looks awesome, sounds great, and It preforms great. It does reduce the rise of the barrel significantly for more accuracy with follow up shots and shot groups. I gotta say that it is louder with this replacement, but I like loud, when people notice the sound of your rifle at the shooting range. Well worth buying for the price and performance."
– AR-15 compensator
5.0 5
"This is a great compensator. Greatly reduced recoil and muzzle rise from the stock A2. Shooting it feels like a 22lr and sounds like a mosin nagant."
– Mr Remington