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AR-15 Gas Block Picatinny Quad Rail UTG Replaces Existing Gas Block

Leapers UTG
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AR-15 replacement gas block and quad rail combination.
Replaces standard gas block and front sight and adds four picatinny rails to attach flashlights, lasers, and other accessories.
Precision machined from aircraft aluminum.
Provides regular height gas block rail to attach a front sight.

Weight: 2.7 ounces
Length: 1.9 inches
Width: 1.6 inches
Height: 1.7 inches
Inside Diameter: .750 inches 
Total number of Reviews: 36

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5.0 5
"I am very pleased with this block. It is very light and strong and costs MUCH less than competing products, most of which cost at least twice as much. Switching out the gas tube was a snap with my punch set and the block is attached to the barrel by two screws on the bottom (not very visible in the picture, I know) that hold it SUPER tight. This is an excellent product."
– mikesguns.blogspot.com
3.0 5
"the block I received has a inside diameter of .754. Im not sure if .004 will be enough to let it slide on. If not i'll use a 2 inch brake cylinder hone to acheive the distance i need. All in all its a nice solid block. All the pin holes measure out correctly. 30 minutes of afro engineering and I should be able to step outside and try it out. If you dont have any mechanical ability spend the 50 bucks on a proper fit"
– afro engineer
1.0 5
"does not work for bushmaster almost a whole pin hole off"
4.0 5
"Im not sure what the previous poster meant by being almost a whole pin hole off, as this gas block is held via allen screws, ie: clamped onto the barrel, so no mounting holes should line up. I purchased several of these Gas Blocks and plan to purchase more as I am very pleased with the fit and function, thanks CTD!"
– Mr. D.
5.0 5
"Worked great. No problems on this DPMS I put it on for a friend. For less than half the price of others, it is well worth it."
2.0 5
"the hole that the pin goes though that holds the gas tube in the holes do not line up and caused gas to leak out and made the gun a single shot i wont be buying from them again"
– rogerxd45
4.0 5
"Took only a couple of minutes to put this on my DoublStar Star-15, can't wait to take it out to the range now."
– Nightgunner
1.0 5
"This produce look good,Save your self some time don't buy this .Will not fitt my stag arms Ar-15,Gas hole in barrel does not line up with the gas block ,gas tube does not line up with gas block."
– Ward
4.0 5
"Bought it to try on my .223, decided to marry it with the promag flip up front sight that CTD sells here as well, great combo! The holes lined up fine on the bushy barrel when I tried it on the .223, the screws are used to tighten it up. Holes in front and rear are for sling swivels, not for roll pins."
– WK
4.0 5
"If you are not mechanically inclined do yourself a favor and do not buy this. This Gas block may require a little modification to make it work, but hey that\uFFFDs part of the fun. The only real downside I see to this gas block is that if you mount a bipod or anything on it (other that a front sight) your accuracy will be effected for the worse."
– Major Matt
5.0 5
"This is a great product. Especially for the money. I have installed these on 8 rifles + 2 of my own. The folks that wrote the bad reviews don't appear to know much about the AR platform . If you don't know much about cars, would you install a new exhaust system ,yourself ? Leave your auto work to a mechanic. And your upgrades to a professional, or at least someone more knowledgeable. OR... there are a bunch of AR-15 how-to websites !"
– Ben
3.0 5
"This item although a good buy does not fit the original Colt AR-15 non heavy barrel model. This was even after I contacted Cheaper Than Dirt to make sure it did fit that style and make of rifle"
– Jerry
2.0 5
"All of those who have said the hole in the gas block is off are correct. I have 2 DPMS gas blocks and a Model 1 Sales gas block all of them are the same dimension to the center-line from the face. This gas block was .050 off from the others. I've been a tool and die maker since 1976 I know how to measure things. The gas block is tight but that didn't bother me at all I tapped a small wood wedge in and was able to fit it on and square with no trouble. I ended up getting a .050 gauge block and butting it up against that to get the holes to line up. The hole is huge so in many guns firing ball ammo it won't make any difference but in my 300 Fireball I need all of the gas I can get with Sub_sonic rounds. It's okay but I won't buy another."
– kdiver
5.0 5
"rock solid on my dpms light 16\". gas block has an inside diameter of .754 and will tighten down quite a bit. just mic the barrel at the gas block on your rifle to see if it will work for you."
– john
5.0 5
"All the people writing the negative reviews must not have installed this product properly, for I did not have a single issue with it. The hardest part about putting this one on was getting the old FSB off. Great product for an even greater price."
– AirmanAtwood
2.0 5
"I ordered this and put a few hundred rounds through it with no problems. Then after than it started going single shot on me. Heres why. Cheaper aluminum (what this one is made of) tend to expand under heat alot more than more expensive ones. After that many rounds the gas block actually expanded and slid towards the end of the barrel about half a CM thus causing a gas problem and making the weapon not function properly. So it may work at first, but do not use this if you are in Law enforcement, as it may cause your weapon to fail at a horrible time."
– Stag M4
1.0 5
"Installed with help of smithy, everything lined up beautifully. Block was tighted down, but gas is stil leaking causing weapon to not have enough preasure to kick back shell and feed another into barrel correctly causing weapon to jam. Will not be buying another here OR recomending one to a friend. Taking product off immediately!!"
– SGT Jones
5.0 5
"worked perfect for a DPMS Panther lite"
– mike
4.0 5
"I have owned this for over a yr. now & have had to work it over some. When I first installed it, the hole for the pin did not line up very well (as others have said). When I went to the range, single shot only due to poor sealing/alingment (again, as others have said). Went home, drilled out holes to line up, went to gunsmith & got new pin & made sure unit was tight. Went out & dumped 6 30rd mags with no prob and was able to repeat this on several more occasions. It will even cycle with .22LR. Awsome item if you are willing to spend some time working on it"
– JepCheroke
5.0 5
"I have owned this gas block for over a year and a half. I have put at least 500 rounds through it and have not had a single problem. I did install it myself but I am also experienced at doing this type of work(Spent a year as an Armorer in U.S. Army). If you have any question about changing a part like this take it to your local G/S and pay the $20 to have them do the work for you. This gas block is made to fit Mil-spec M16/M4 barrels only, it is not intended for \"sportster\" or other exotic barrels. It is made as a direct replacement for a factory military FSB."
– Gen. Confusion
1.0 5
"This does not fit Bushmaster barrels. The gas tube roll pin will not line up. Do not buy if you have a Bushmaster barrel."
– Zoe
1.0 5
"this product is cheap china crap and does not work dont buy"
– evil-moist
1.0 5
"I have fought this thing long enough and now I will take my losses and throw it in file 13. The gas block does not line up with the gas tube. I have all kinds of leakage. I just finished my AR build and went cheap on the gas block. I paid the price. I still cannot get my ar to cycle. Getting a yhm or JP block."
– Poky
1.0 5
"Bought this for my DPMS Panther Lite...WORTHLESS!!!!!! The hole for the gas tube was incorrect and too big. Therefor gas was escaping and not allowing the bolt to follow thru and either not eject the spent cartridge or not chamber a new round!! I could throw this thing and make it hit the target faster than having it on my gun and trying to shoot. WASTE OF MONEY!!"
– Brent
4.0 5
"I have an AR-15 M4 upper with 16' barrel that it slipped right on and everything lined up. The job was complete in 15 minutes. I did not have any trouble after I watched a how to video on you tube. I took a risk because I read all reviews before ordering but after I installed it I can\uFFFDt believe everyone has trouble. This is the best buck spent on my AR."
– Ar
1.0 5
"I read most of the reviews before buying this gas block and should have listened. When I installed this gas block on my DPMS AR-15 with a bull barrel, I had no trouble with the gas tube and roll pin lining up. My trouble was getting the gas block set screws to line up with the indentations in the barrel. I had to machine the block down a few thousands of an inch to get things to line up. After that everything seemed to be ok for a while. After a few mags the gun quit cycling and I was shooting single shot. I reinstalled my original gas block and all is well. Save your money as others have said. (It gets only one bullet, and that's for the quick shipping.)"
– twogunsll
5.0 5
"I also took the risk because of the price and couldnt be more pleased. I bought 3 for builds im working on for M4 barrels and these things are 3 for 3. Thr gas tube lined up and fit perfectly, i did place a screw driver for leverage in the lower slit to install and get it to slip on the barrel, one final tap with a wedge block and hammer and it was on."
– voodootwothree
4.0 5
"I ordered mine before I read the reviews so i was biting my nails hoping it would fit and work the action like the stock one did.It fit well on a .750 S&W M&P15 barrel..was a snap to put on and worked fine!"
– Dago
4.0 5
"Keeping in mind it's only a few bucks, it fits well. I did have some issues with the gas tube pin lining back up but the tube itself fit fine. Everything went back together and has continued to fuinction for a few hundred rounds. The pin did recive a bit of damage upon re-entry so removal may present some problems. Definently will not be able to reuse it. All in all the block is worth the money spent. If I wind up with another AR I will buy another gas block."
– Kenton
5.0 5
"I've had this gas block installed on my Colt M4 for a couple of months now. Works great. Great Price. No issues what so ever. I love it."
– enbred
5.0 5
"I purchased this gas block and took it to a gunsmith to put on. The cost of the gunsmith was more than the part but it was installed correctly. Something amazing happened when I took this route for installation. IT WORKED. Works like a charm. Works in the day, works in the night, works hot, works cold. It even works with the crappy reloads I'm running through my AR. This is one product where you get more than you pay for. I hope this review helps your decision on which gas block to buy."
– enbred
4.0 5
"Hey guys, I don't see what your problems are. I have installed 2 UTG blocks on Bushmaster barrels. No problems! Sounds like you are to smart for the part! If you removed the front sight tower off the Bushmaster barrels, the pin holes have nothing to do with the gas block. Block covers the cut outs for the pins. The bolts tighten gas block onto the barrel. Make sure gas block is against stop and level so the gas tube is lined up with bolt. If it is not working, check your work before blaming product. I say this because I had the same issues with my installs as yall! When lined up correctly, it works great and should last a long time!"
– marine
5.0 5
"I bought this to replace the front sight post on my AR. I have a Del-Ton 16\" AP4 contour barrel. I installed it and it fit tightly the two clamp screws held tightly, I fired 200 rounds with it with no problems. Then just completed a 3 day tactical rifle class where I fired 1500 rounds during these three days with not a problem! Only draw back is the rail height does not match my rail forearm, but for the price thats not worth knocking the rating. Good solid quality. My only advise is measure your barrel at the mounting point to make sure its the right diameter. From reading the reviews it seems to me that was some of the problems people have had. Just make sure it will fit your equipment prior to buying it."
– smashedworm
4.0 5
"This is really all you need to add fold down sights, laser and flashlight to your flat top AR-15."
– HDoupsm
4.0 5
"I purchased and ordered one of the gas blocks and recieved it very quickly. I installed it onto my Rock River Arms LAR 15 in under 30 minutes. I have not had a chance to put any rounds throgh it yet and I am a little worried after reading some of the reviews. All the gas ports and tube pin holes appeard to line up perfect. Will get back once I have fired some rounds throught it."
– Gunzz
4.0 5
"Well it's march of 2011 now and maybe they fixed this thing because it works. The only problem was Ii had to do some filing for 30 seconds to fit it. Rifle fires every time."
– Dyno dave