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AR-15 and M16 New Style Bandoleer Kit with 12 Stripper Clips 4 Pockets and 4 Silencer Inserts and 1 Guide is Used Excelle

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Includes new style cloth bandoleer with four pockets, four cardboard silencer inserts, one stripper clip guide and 12 stripper clips (each holds 10 rounds of .223 ammo); used, excellent condition. 
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4.0 5
"Great double duty bandoleer - simply pull the thread and the bandoleer will hold 5 of 30 round mags instead of 150 rounds in stripper clips. If you're buying this kit, insist on the convertible bandoleer!"
– Tom
5.0 5
"Greetings, This is the best New or Old Style AR-15/M16 Bandoleer Kit that I have found in quite some time! It's Excellent Condition listing is right on the money! The only part of the kit that didn't appear new was the Cardboard Silencer Inserts But as listed they were in Excellent Condition! The Guide (Charger) is the best Iv'e found yet. It was made by a First Rate Company who's name is stamped into it. Iv'e found kits for a few dollars less but didn't match the quality of the I purchased from CTD! I definetly plan on purchasing several more if CTD's inventory allows. I HIGHLY recommend item # ARR-058. Thank you very much CTD for your OUTSTANDING SERVICE & SELECTION!!"
– Kevin
4.0 5
"Great Shape! As pictured! \"used Guide\" looks unissued to me!"
– Sonofmoon
5.0 5
"This is a very nice set-up for the money."
5.0 5
"I have lots of .223/5.56 stashed away and this is the best way to store it. The neat thing about these kits is that they are eaisly transportable and are reusable. If you have a Ruger Mini-14 you will need a different stripper guide because the Mini's mags are different and the AR guide doesn't fit the Rugger mags, but that's no problem because Mini-14 stripper guides are available at CTD. For really fast loading of your magazines try one of the excellent LULU mag loaders."
– old geezer
5.0 5
"The stripper clips and loader were seemingly mil. spec. The loader fits fine in my PMAG mags. The bandolier had flawless stitching, but the excess cloth made it seem a bit haphazardous in design. This is fine for military and survivalist applications (better to have more to work with than less), but if you're buying for looks it is ugly. Great purchase in my opinion."
– Vet
5.0 5
"I've purchased 8 of these from CTD, filled them all, and have no complaints. They're heavy duty and get the job done. Buy them, you won't regret it."
– Jimmy
5.0 5
"I only bought one of these kits that was a mistake I should have bought a lot more. This kit is a great way to store your .223/5.56 ammunition. The stripper clips are a much better storage alternative than putting ammo in the boxes it came in. The clips that come with the kit can easily be used to load any capacity AR magazine and they work great. With this kit I can load a 30 round magazine in less than 12 seconds. All parts in this kit are of great quality and in excellent condition. If you are going to buy one of these kits I recommend buying some more stripper clips and chargers. As always a great buy and I strongly encourage people to buy this item. Thanks CTD"
– M.Scheppke
5.0 5
"I picked up four of these. Everything looked new with no dirty pieces. I store two full bandoleers in a .30 cal ammo box along with two empty mags. I will buy more, great for storing ammo and making it mobile at the same time."
– That Redneck that races dirt bikes
3.0 5
"My only real complaint is the quality of the cloth bandoleer itself. The strippers and guides were good quality, I just dont trust for the cloth bandoleer to hold up."
– Jim
3.0 5
"I bought one of these to see if I wanted to use them to be able to quickly access my ammo. Not very happy with the cloth used in the bandoleer. It seems to be too flimsy to hold up to heavy use. I guess I'll stick with the stripper clips and cardboard in ammo cans."
– highteckredneck
4.0 5
"I bought two of these, and like others have said, the only real issue is the flimsiness of the cloth bandoleer. You can hold it up to a light source and see through it. The charger and stripper clips were in excellent condition."
– slrmc807
4.0 5
"I've been using similar bandoleers for nearly a year to store my 5.56 M855 ammo. The ones I've been using were either picked up at military ranges (we generally throw these in the trash, as there is no reason to keep them after the ammo is issued), or at local surplus shops. The bandoleer in this kit is similar to the actual military ones, but as many have pointed out, is much lighter in weight, and far more \"flimsy\". For simple storage, it will work out fine, but if you intend for this to be used as an actual bandoleer, it might not be able to stand up to the stress. The stripper clips, spoon, and cardboard inserts are very good, however, so this product easily gets four bullets."
– Airborne_Alpha-17
4.0 5
"Everything was new, easy to load mags, material on pouch feels flimsy, overall good in my book."
– EZ Target
4.0 5
"This is a \"starter Kit\" and is minimal, the only thing special you get is the bandoleer and it is rather cheap(ok but cheap). I bought this along with some more clips and boxes to reach at least 1k rds"
– Tuten(2/10)
5.0 5
"This Bandoleer Kit is well worth the money and a typical great buy from CTD. Glenn Beck is right, CTD is the place to buy all your shooting gear. I've been buying from CTD for a long time and have never been unhappy with their merchandise and as always, their service is fast."
– Flyer
4.0 5
"nicely packaged and everything needed for organized re packing. I just wished the actual bandoleer was a little more heavy duty, although I have ordered more of these."
– wayne s
4.0 5
"Just what I needed for storage of ammo. bandoleer could be more heavy duty if you carry the ammo and clips around or the full magazines. It won't carry for long.Everything is still very good quality and I will probably order more along with more ammo."
– John
1.0 5
"Totally terrible. Stripper clips too tight, can't push out the ammo. Cartons did not have spacers included. Bandoleer is so flimsy it is not useable. Don't know what the other reviewers were thinking."
– shooter
5.0 5
"I order 2 of these got them in 5 days. Some have said that the bandoleers seams thin, and they are. However I believe its beacause these are not starched. I truely don't remember the ones we had in the Military beening any more robust than these. Some of the stripper clips had something that looked small gravel stuck in side them. I received 12 stripper clips 1 4 pockect bandoleer, 4 boxes, and 1 guide per each repack kit. Will be ordering more!!!1"
3.0 5
"After receiving the bandolier recharging kits I opened the packages to start my refilling process. I noticed some unusual material falling out of the package and dismissed it as packing remnants. As I started to fill the stripper clips I was having some difficulty sliding the rounds into the clips and they required excessive force to load. After some frustration with nearly the entire bandolier, I opened the next package to discover the same difficulty. Upon further inspection, I discovered there was a material similar to corn cob polishing media behind the brass liners of the clips. I removed one of the liners and cleaned the media from behind it, and the clips functioned flawlessly. I did have to remove the liners from EVERY ONE and clean them out to use them problem free!! I feel you shouldn't have to clean them out before use. Better off to buy just clips not refilling kits. :("
– remnton
5.0 5
"Came in great condition, some look brand new! And as always fast shipping!"
– Mike