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ProMag AR-15 and M16 Forearm Removal Tool

Pro Mag
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This tool is required if you own an AR-15, allows you to remove the hand guards by depressing Delta ring without the usual three hands needed, makes a tough forearm switch in a snap, mfg by ProMag.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: PM009
Makes a tough forearm switch in a snap
Allows you to remove the handguards

Item#: ARR-046,77682,2-PM009
Total number of Reviews: 45

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5.0 5
"Great Quality,Does just what it says.Would be great for any AR-15 Fan."
– Wolf Track
5.0 5
"This tool works wonders. Easy to use!"
– Santo Saint
5.0 5
"Best item you can buy for your gun. 4 Stars!"
– Matt
5.0 5
"This is great. I took my forearm off my DPMS today and replaced it with another one in less than two minutes. The forearm that was on the gun took two of us about ten minutes just to put it on. With this new tool I did it by myself. Plus, ontop of all of this, I placed my order YESTERDAY at 10:30 AM and received it TODAY at 3:30pm. I didnt select over night delivery or anything. I just paid for the normal ground freight option. CTD is great!"
– Jeff
5.0 5
"This is a great tool for anyone with an AR. works great and will not scratch you weapon."
– locked and loaded
5.0 5
"its the best removal tool in the market, i used it only for several seconds and you're done removing the handguard.a five star rating on this item."
– hawaiian_glock35
5.0 5
"Don't be too impatient! I was at first and couldn't figure out how to use the thing. After cursing it a few times I got back online and looked at the picture then kicked myself for being an idiot. This thing works GREAT! Literally take both forearm panels off in seconds! And the coating on the handles won't scratch up your delta ring or your receiver. A must have for ones who want an easier way to remove the forearms, but already have enough tools to work the rest of the gun and don't want a \"all-in-one\" tool."
– Chris
5.0 5
"This product is a must have. It does exactly what it's suppose to do and for very little money."
– ARGuy
5.0 5
"Well what can i say, got today used it and was done putting on my mounts and hand grip on the forearms in less than 10 mins!! just can beat the price. Money well spent!!"
– Army Strong
5.0 5
"This tool is far better than most on the market and the price is quite reasonable. If you are at all serious about working on your AR you could do a lot worse."
– Karl
5.0 5
"This tool worked great on my M&P15. After taking the forearm off the hard way a couple of times it was time to get this tool and it worked flawlessly. Anyone planning on performing a forearm swap should include this item in their purchase."
– Shawn
5.0 5
"BUY THIS TOOL! I am constantly playing with different forearms on my AR's. We all know what a pain it can get to be when trying to install the bloody things. This is a cheap alternative to the normally awkward process. THIS IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! Thanks to CTD for a good piece of kit at a great price!"
– Anomadic1
2.0 5
"I purchased the quad rail system and this tool to remove and reinstall the forearm on my RRA AR15. Everything was new. When I applied pressure to the tool, it bent. The design seemed okay, but the steel rods are too soft. I've seen other designs that are twice the money but they probably have hardened steel irods. If you only take the forearm off a few times it's serviceable. This is not a tool that will hold up over a period of many uses."
– Jay
5.0 5
"Wow, after trying to remove my handguards without a tool, (and killing my fingers) I purchased this inexpensive removal tool, and so glad I did! It is the perfect tool for the job! Quality wise, I have no complaints at all, it did the job quickly, and easily, in fact it worked so well I thought I did something wrong! Very simple and easy to use, no problems with this tool at all! I'm impressed again! Thanks CTD!"
– Skydyver
5.0 5
"Tool worked as advertised! I had never removed a forearm on an AR-15. I bought this tool along with a rail system from CTD and this tool installed it within 30 seconds.Great buy."
– Unknown
5.0 5
"Great Great tool, I don't know why I didn't buy one before. Sooo easy to use.it doesn't even come with instructions it's so easy. I'm am fairly new to firearms and bought my first gun 9mm 2 years ago and am still learning all of the gunsmithing stuff and this tool does make it easy for me, being as I'm 16 and not very experienced."
– Luke
5.0 5
"This works! I have used it a couple of times, and it has performed as expected."
– Kimo
5.0 5
"Great price and easy to use. Feels sturdy enough and you dont have to apply lots of pressure. I heard some have complained about bending, but they must have really wrenched down on this tool. This is a must have."
– Mike
4.0 5
"Great product works well. I have only 2 suggestions I feel the rods should be smaller and stronger they do flex some, also the size of the rods makes it hard to get my Colt grips off."
– 4 ARS
4.0 5
"It works.. its cheap.. its not gunsmith grade... if your customizing every day several rifles... skip this.. but if your just putting on stuff now and then yea.. i had no fear of this system scuffing or messing up my delta ring...works for me."
– SB
5.0 5
"Worked great. No bending as some others have mentioned. Doesn't take much pressure to push the collar down to change forearm pieces."
– Steve B.
5.0 5
"Bought it, got it, used it. I am glad that it was made of plastic so it wouldn't damage the collar or mag rec. Works very well."
– Dan
5.0 5
"Needed a tool to push my delta ring down on my m4 to put new forearms on, saw the price and thought it might be useful a few times and then break, dead wrong. Works great, barely flexes and does the job perfect countless times. Highly recommend this. Trying to put new handguards on without this is a pain and requires four hands."
– Corey
5.0 5
"Great tool.....should last a long time as long as you don't ask it to do more than it was designed for.."
– 820larry
5.0 5
"I originally bought it to swap out the forearm of my M4 style AR-15, but it has been handy for my M16 style as well, allowing me to re-seat the plastic forearms and stop them from wobbling as much. It works."
– Anon
5.0 5
"After 20 years in the Army,...why couldn't I have thought about this abd designed it?? This tool is great! Once you use it, you'll wonder why you didn't have it before."
– Tom
5.0 5
"Great for taking apart new rifles. Saves time and effort.We prepare, so we don't end up in the super dome."
– Parabellum
5.0 5
"I would have loved to have one of these in the Marine Corps. It is not impossible to remove the forearms without this but with a price this low its insane not to take the easy route. Others commented on this tool bending....it takes minimal force to use this so they must have been putting more force into it then needed. Buy it now you will not regret it! Thanks again for a great product CTD"
– Brandon
5.0 5
"Great product well worth the money. You don't have to squeeze the handles in hard, it takes very little force to hold the tool on the delta ring and very little force to compress the ring. If you are bending the tool you are pushing or squeezing way to hard."
– Muddy
5.0 5
"This tool is slick as greased snot. Works in seconds,and is made of polymer with rubbercoated rods for grip. Will NOT scratch your weapon. As for durability... I don't see how you could break this tool either."
– Glockster
5.0 5
"This item is so simple to use it will blow your mind! I only wish I had this item when I was in the Army. Man this thing would have been so dad gum useful during weapons cleaning time. Don't have one, get one. Even if you only use it once, for the money and ease of use, who cares?! Buy it!"
– MacCoinneach
1.0 5
"For me, this was useless. Perhaps everyone else has a 223/5.56 AR-15. All I know is that this tool does not work for the Rock River Arms 9mm carbines. The little tab that inserts into the magazine is too wide and too short to stick - it comes out as soon as pressure is exerted on the two sticks. I will have to rig something up to make this work. Thanks CTD for not indicating that this is NOT FOR 9mm mags."
– minerran
5.0 5
"It works so well! The plastic tab fit perfectly in my mag well. With just a little pressure with one hand, you can remove your handguard with the other. Saves so much time and is very useful."
– this guy
5.0 5
"The tool does exactly as described. I have a DPMS A-15 .223/5.56 carbine, 16\" barrel. The hand guards and delta ring were very tight. Promag tool compressed ring easily and hand guards popped right off. Easy to use and left no marks. The tool is well worth the price."
– clay2605
5.0 5
"This is a great tool to remove your old forearm. I read the reviews and bought this one instead of the cheaper one. Glad I did as it did not scratch the weapon at all. Pulled the old forearm off in a minute."
– richardbigspender
5.0 5
"I bought this on a Wednesday, received it on Saturday. Fast shipping! Changed out my stock handguard as soon as I got this, no problems with bending or function. It worked perfectly for me."
– highteckredneck
5.0 5
"All I can say is I wish I had this when I put a new forearm on my wife's AR three years ago. If you have an AR and want to swap out forearms, this is a \"must buy.\""
– Texan Raven
5.0 5
"Very happy with this product. Said it would ship in 3-5 days. Received it in two. Very simple and handy to use. Made changing my forearm a snap. More money well spent on a product from CTD!"
– Bandit0220
5.0 5
"What else can be said about a tool. It works, just as advertised. To the guy with the 9mm AR: the pictures make it seem obvious that the small well opening of a 9mm AR would NOT work with this tool."
– RL
4.0 5
"This tool is worth every penny and maybe a little more."
– Dutch
5.0 5
"Works perfect! It paid for itself in the first use-once you use it you will understand."
– roman929
4.0 5
"Worked just as advertised. Makes an awkward job simple. Thanks CTD."
– Chris
5.0 5
"it was a great tool that made things a lot easier. would recommend it."
– john
5.0 5
"This tool is a must have and ProMag has hit it outtadapark!Excellent."
– Quick change
5.0 5
"The tool made a hard job simple! Good quality material at a good price. If you have a 5.56/223 that needs a handguard change this is your tool. Many have said it before me, this tool is worth it's weight in gold!"
– mann