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AR-15 Accu Wedge Rifle Buffer 3 Pack Eliminates Movement Between Upper and Lower Receiver

Kleen Bore
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Small piece of rubber that installs below the take down pin in AR-15, Sporters, Match HBars and all clones of the AR-15. Improves accuracy, prevents wear, makes the gun tighter and more stable.

We sell these in a package of THREE wedges. 
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4.0 5
"This definately makes the upper and lower reciever fit tighter. Almost to the point of making it hard to get the takedown pin in. Would probably work better on older, more used rifles. Tight on new ARs."
– B.J.
5.0 5
"It works and it works well."
– MSG Robin-Sage
5.0 5
"These really do work. They tighten up your upper and lower receivers and therefore give you better accuracy."
– Major Matt
5.0 5
"I just received these in the mail. They drop right in, Perfect. A simple, cheap way improve the performance of your weapon. \"Cheaper Than Dirt,\" You might say."
– Richter
5.0 5
"Do you own an AR-15?Then you need an accuwedge in it.I found that this wedge eliminated 80% of the jiggle between my DPMS upper and lower, and a small 5/8\uFFFD x \uFFFD\uFFFD x 1/16\uFFFD o-ring on the front takedown post eliminated the rest (just mash the o-ring down when you close the firearm).This is a great product, and I believe one that makes a large difference for a small price. Eliminating all the chatter between the upper and lower will make any AR-15 seem like a more quality gun - the impact on accuracy is sure to be positive as well."
– Humboldt1337
5.0 5
"This inexpensive product does help your grouping.Must have."
– iseeyou308
4.0 5
"This is a really good product but S&W MP15 owners be aware that it does not fit this model. I purchased some before I knew this and with a razor blade I was able to shave it down to fit in my MP15. It really does the trick and I love the way the gun feels now - got rid of that rattle between the upper and lower."
– John \"G\"
4.0 5
"Its a great product. Installed one in a Bushmaster and another in a Double Star lower - however it wont fit the S&W MP15 lower. By the some reason the S&W lower dont have enough room for it."
– Alex
5.0 5
"Dropped in to my DPMS lower receiver WITHOUT ANY modification/shaving or other adjustment. Just dropped in and instantly tightened up my upper/lower receiver communication. and getting 3 for less than $3 each, made it an absolute bargain."
– Doc
4.0 5
"I ordered this even though there is no rattle on my RRA AR-15. While I'm sure it does help reduce wiggle and I may need it later, it doesn't fit in my gun. I think if I do need to use it later, I will have to shave some of the bottom."
– Edwin
4.0 5
"My DPMS has not wiggle now. Its no problem closing the upper on it, but taking the upper off to clean the rifle, I have to use a flat screw driver to get the retaining pin out. Still i love it, i hated the rattling sound."
– Jesse
5.0 5
"wow i love it. i had it put in when i got the M4 SOCOM retractable stock there is NO wiggling or movement. good stuff most def for the price get it."
– dougy
4.0 5
"I bought this Kleen red accu-wedge first and worked good, but alittle hard to squeeze the upper and lower together. I bought the Black accu-wedge and that one works MUCH better, its softer rubber...so BUY the BLACK accu-wedge!"
– Kevin
5.0 5
"Awesome, cheap little fix to get rid of that nasty wiggle room between uppers and lowers. If you've got a forward grip you feel that wiggle a lot. This takes 90% or more of that wiggle out. Gives a nice tight fit. Wont work in S&W M&P-15's without trimming. Worth every penny."
– MT_GunNut
5.0 5
"I wasn't sure about it at first, seemed like a gimmick. As a previous reviewer stated it removes at least 90% of the upper-to-lower receiver wobble. In my Bushmaster seems more like 99.9% tighter. I was/am very happy with this product and CTD provided it quickly with no issues..."
– MrHeathen
1.0 5
"This installed in a snap in my Colt HBAR. There is no noticeable change in wobble, however it is a little harder to hold the upper to the lower for pin alignment so it did something. I can see if it actually tightened the upper and lower it would improve accuracy but as it is you might not notice it until somewhere well past 300 Meters."
– Jester
5.0 5
"Given the host of AR makers out there, and the fact that many are not truly 'mil-spec,' there is an understandable amount of variances in take down slot/pin alignment. As such, this little piece of rubber has plenty of material to trim off and custom fit. Using a razor-blade and trial-n-fit, I placed a wedge in my Stag #2. Take-down now requires a small punch (a 5.56 round works fine in the field), but wobble is greatly diminished, and my carbine now feels like a one-piece weapon. Very good. Now I need two more ARs..."
– Minifourteener
4.0 5
"I had to trim the bottom with a box cutter; but, it tightened my upper and lower connection. There is not a bit of rattle in my gun now. I have an ar15performance upper and a rock river lower."
– JoeinTX
3.0 5
"Used one on my M&P, but I needed to remove almost the whole bottom section except for like 1 or 2mm worth of rubber because it was impossible to close. Maybe the M&P's are made with tighter tolerances, which makes me wonder how much of a difference the rubber buffer actually made."
– TexasZ
4.0 5
"I bought these accu wedges for my Stag Arms Model 2 AR-15, these sure did make it really tight between the upper and lower receiver, about 90% of the play between the upper and lower has been fixed but there still is play between the upper and lower receiver where the other take down pin is located. I had to use a knife to cut the wedges to make them fit in my Stag which i did not like but it wasn't a big deal. Overall good product i do recommend this, my gun doesn't feel like a damn wobbly airsoft gun anymore. I gave this a 4 star rating because i had to cut the wedges down to size."
– Fight the NWO
5.0 5
"This item fits in great in an Olympic Arms upper/lower. Olympic already has one of the tightest fits I have ever seen, but this makes it even tighter."
– Adam H.
5.0 5
"Installed between a Spikes Tactical lower and YHM upper receiver AR-15. Works perfectly as described however results may vary among manufactures..."
– Does exactly what it is intended to do...
5.0 5
"It works just as it says. Took all the slop out of my AR. Good buy!"
– Coyote
4.0 5
"I purchased this for a DTI-15. I didn't have that much slack between my upper/lower but figured this would cinch it up. When it arrived, the wedge was softer than I expected. I didn't need to trim any of it off. Even though it didn't exactly tighten up my fit (just made it rubbery) I guess it'd be nice to have to dampen any impact between the upper/lower during operation. If only they'd come out with a polyurethane version."
– ZM
1.0 5
"Did not make any difference. Do not try it because, they will refunnd the price but not the return shipping fee, it is almost the same as the price."
– mikepick
4.0 5
"Great product for stiffening the AR\uFFFDs upper and lower make a solid platform but I am not sure it helps accuracy. I don\uFFFDt know about low shelf and high shelf (I am fairly new to ARs) but I have two now. In my Bushmaster NM the accu wedge fits just right with a little bit of pressure to close. In my brand new White Oak Arms upper and a RRA lower, no way will it close. I will try the trimming method other have mentioned here. For the $s, this wedge really does eliminate an annoyance and a when a man has confidence in a gun he will shoot it well. I gave it 4 stars because they don\uFFFDt tell you about the low/high shelf thing and the mfg that have which set up."
– Len C, C Springs Co
3.0 5
"I give it a rating of three because I cant tell any difference from w/o it to w/ it. My AR is harder to get back together with it installed, but I really haven't seen any positve or negative results by using it."
– Bmac2323
4.0 5
"Used this in my Colt M4, it greatly reduced wiggle between upper/lower and I do notice slightly improved accuracy. would like it to fit a little tighter to reduce wiggle even more."
5.0 5
"I can't stand anything loose or rattling in a firearm and I believe this little wedge saved my sanity. Installed perfectly on my DPMS CAR."
– GM2 Crow
5.0 5
"If you want a quieter AR, get some."
– john
5.0 5
"This little item is a must to remove some of that rattle from your recievers ... I use them on my custom M4 at home and will deffinetly be using one for my custom 308 I will be building soon... some AR series rifles might require a little shaving off from the wedge but it will still tighten it up without a problem."
5.0 5
"Three of these little, silly looking rubber do-hickeys showed up in a bag. I was VERY dubious as to whether they would work. It was difficult to install between my DPMS lower and LWRC upper, which is good. It took up all the slack between the receivers, and noticeably improved my accuracy. The only down side is it takes another 15 seconds to disassemble."
– Zombieslayer
5.0 5
"I tried one of these and it really does take out the play between the receivers. I haven't seen anyone else post this but I had to sand mine down to get it in to fit ( which is a good thing ) I ordered the 3 pack after I tried out the single. Try one you won't be disappointed."
– BJ
5.0 5
"Definitely a winner if you built your own AR. I attached this on the dpms lower receiver with my windham weaponry upper with no problems. This made my AR a lot more sturdy and had no wobble once so ever. Ctd gives fast delivery, but that's already understood."
– lam
5.0 5
"I wouldn't get caught dead - no pun intended - without one of these in my M16. Takes all the slack out of the upper and lower receiver and makes it easier to qualify. Got me an expert 40/40 on paper targets down range."
– Martinez 530th
5.0 5
"My M4 had been to hell and back more times than I have, and had a good deal of upper to lower \"wobble.\" So, for my final deployment in Iraq, I ordered one of these Accu Wedges and it eliminated all the play between the upper and lower. It made my rifle more accurate, reduced wear, and made it feel like a new rifle. Thank you very much, Cheaper Than Dirt!"
– LibertarianFromMichigan
3.0 5
"Put it in the rifle but couldn't get the pin in because the wedge was in the way kinda disappointed."
– david_45