Ammo Tray #4 50 Round 22-250/7.62x39 Russian

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Help keep all of your reloading equipment organized with the SmartReloader Carry-On Ammo Box. The box comes made from High Quality Plastic and with the best technology available to make sure your ammo are stored properly. But SmartReloader Ammo Boxes are not only storing boxes, they will also work great at the range, they will stay open since the first time you use them thanks to the hinges that connect the cover to the base. With the built in carry handle you will be able to carry your ammo anywhere.

Bullet up maximum overall length: 3.62"
Bullet down maximum overall length: 4.1"

50 rounds caliber: 224 Clark, 240 Wby. Mag., 25-06 / 280 Rem., 257 Roberts, 270 Win., 30 Gibbs, 30- 06 Spr., 318 Westley Richards, 330 Win. Mag., 338-06 A-Square, 35 Whelen, 400- 375 Belted Nitro Express, 6.5 Carcano, 6.5- 284 Norma, 6.5 x 257 Roberts, 6.5-284 Norma, 6.5x52 Italian, 7x57 Mauser, 7x64 Brenneke, 7x72 Rimmed, 7.7 Jap, 7x58 Jap., 8x57J, 8mm-06, 9.3x57mm Mauser, 9.3 x 74, .410 Shotshells.