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Ammo Can 50 Caliber Forest Green MTM Case-Gard Military Style Inside 5.8"x 11"x 7.2" Rust Proof Plastic Lockable

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This O-Ring sealed container is molded from rugged polypropylene plastic with a reinforced bottom that is tough, durable and moisture resistant. Made in USA

It's as versatile as it is sturdy. Use it for bulk ammo, decoy weights or even as a corrosion-free waterproof storage in a damp basement. It offers a heavy-duty latch, double padlock tabs and molded stacking ridges for slip resistant stacking. Holds up to 30 pounds.
Inside Dim: 5.8(L) x 11.0(W) x 7.2(H)
Outside Dim: 7.4(L) x 13.5(W) x 8.5(H)
Weight: 1.76 Pounds

Our Ammo Can Organizers (ZAA-074) will work in the MTM Case-Gard Military Style Ammo Cans. 

Item#: MTM-050,74530,7-AC50C
Total number of Reviews: 23

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3.0 5
"I have about 6 or 7 of these to store ammo, cleaning supplies, parts, etc. I noticed that on two different occasions the handles popped out while I was walking with them full of ammo. Otherwise, they are sturdy, have double latches and have a rubber seal."
5.0 5
"A good quality storage can. I performed couple of tests: submerged in water, dropped, etc. The can is water proof and tough. I holds a thousand rounds of 223 easily. I will order more."
– mccloud
3.0 5
"Great can for storing my extra batteries or other items that need to be kept dry. Handle has a tendency to pop off if carrying full load of ammo, but other than that it's a great box. I chopped it down to 3 bullets because I just don't think it can handle the weight of ammo which was its original purpose."
– RobTx
4.0 5
"I tried these instead of the .50 cal surplus cans and I am happy. These have two latches and are holding a full load of ammo just fine, I am not swinging them around or anything but they are great for storage. I will buy more when needed."
– Jake
4.0 5
"These actually work out better for me than the 7.62 or 5.56 can because the are larger and I don't need to buy as many. For some reason the CTD website says the 5.56 cans are 50 cal. Gr3 but they are 5.56 like shown in the picture.( they are nice cans btw) These cans are lighter and cheaper to ship ups than the steel cans. I was able to buy 1 more can for the price of the shipping. The handle will pop out if you swing the can or want to stack them. I believe the mfgr. did this on purpose. Not a problem for me. I carry them loaded and the handle stays just fine. These are lockable and in my opinion pretty darn childproof, this is a big plus if you want to lock your can. For my hard earned dollar, this is a better bet than the used steel cans."
– Dan the can man
5.0 5
"After spending 10 years in the Army and handling ammo cans on countless occasions, these cans are way better. When carrying ammo cans full of ammo, this is much more comfortable on your hands. The metal cans dent and bend and rust, these don't. I can fit 1,500 of 9mm in one can. They can fit 1,300 rounds of 5.56. I have a few of these and will most likely get more."
– Andy M
5.0 5
"Bought 3 of these without seeing them first. Very happy thus far. Seem sturdy enough, and holds about 200+ 2 3/4\" shot shells. 500 round of .40 doesn't quite fill it 1/2 way either. I was little surprised to see the actual size when it arrived as I kind of measured with a tape to get an idea, but these just seemed bigger than I was expecting. Not sure of the longevity of the handle under full load, but I doubt it will cause much trouble. I will be definitely ordering more."
– Andrew
4.0 5
"This is a very good plastic ammo can. Has the rubber seal to make it weather tight. Its not just made for 50 cal. You can put whatever you want in there. I only have my 9mm ammo (about 500 rds) in there currently, but thats only about 70% full! still plenty room for more. The latches that lock are durable and secure. The overall plastic is very very very durable and thick. It will withstand abuse with no problem, even over time. The only complaint i have is the lousy handle: it barely locks into place. so if its 100% packed with stuff inside, its most likely going to snap off and fall on the floor. The price is good tho i will be getting more to hold my shotty ammo."
5.0 5
"Took this out the range today. Inside, I was able to fit (3) 12 round .40 SW mags, speed loader, 2 50 round plastic storage containers, safety glasses, 3 pairs of ear plugs, and a Kleen Bore cleaning kit. Very roomy. And very sturdy, and portable with the fold down handle."
– RockSolid
5.0 5
"Good box,tight seal,very happy."
– Frank
1.0 5
"Looks nice.. but the rubber gasket does not seal on the sides of the can. I barely submerged it in water and the water poured in."
– John
3.0 5
"I've owned many ammo cans and I'm not impressed with the quality of this one. The latch system consists of 2 plastic latches which do not seem like they will hold up or secure a tight water seal. With previous latch systems there was always a plastic latch on a metal rod-type design. If you need a field box then consider another option ... if this is going to sit in your closet or garage then it will work."
– ECC444
4.0 5
"Very sturdy ammo can. I got ALOT of ammo in mine so it's hefty, but I've man-handled this thing and it's nice and durable. O-ring sealing is a big plus too."
– tacops226
4.0 5
"Just took this can on a road trip to Colorado. Worked well had alot in it, handle and latches worked well. Good ammo can. Recommend to all."
– HHH6024
5.0 5
"Outstanding cases for ammo storage. I wouldn't toss them around too much, but for light transport and long term storage, they are EXCELLENT."
– ionic57
4.0 5
"I have two of these cans, one in OD and one in black. The OD one has held up to just over a year of work with no issues. The OD can is holding several hundred rounds of pistol ammo, and the black can stores several loaded magazines of rifle ammo (AR and AK). The handles and latches are solid and the O-ring seals keep the crap out. Price is great too. The only thing keeping it from 5 bullets is that I would not trust these cans to be truly waterproof (submersible), but they'd probably do just fine keeping the rain out."
– Echo3389
4.0 5
"I agree with the rest of the reviews that the handle could be an issue if you were running with the can full of ammo, but if you are just transporting, it's really not a problem. I got two of them: one holds exactly 800 rds of 9mm (in 50 rd cardboard boxes) and the other holds exactly 150 rds of 2-3/4\" shells (in 10 rd boxes). Like always, CTD has amazing and speedy shipping."
– happy CTD customer
5.0 5
"Have two of these cans for bulk shotgun ammo order. Able to hold 39/5 round boxes (195 rds) in each can. Rugged with sturdy latches and handles, rubber seals and no rust! Replaced army surplus 40mm can which is now for loose tools kept in the truck. Very satisfied."
– JD590
5.0 5
"Not knowing what to expect I must admit this product is awesome! Was using 50mm \"used\" ammo cases,...no more. Heavy duty handle with water seal and plenty of storage room - excellent!I'll purchase several more.R."
– Rikk
5.0 5
"I purchased 10 of these ammo cans.Good seal,great price,it saved a lot of work for me with many different ammo types,to semi inventory/store,these many different boxes,into some sort of arrangement by size,,,.22 cal-.50 cal-pistol ammo-etc.They are now all together,in cal specific boxes,no more digging through large cardboard boxes,to find what I want to bring to the range,or hunt.They handle the full weight very good.Sturdy!"
– Bullettbob
5.0 5
"Works great, good product, good deal, and highly recommended!"
– Hawaii2Oregon
4.0 5
"I bought four of these as they were on sale. Each came shipped in its individual box. I ordered an insert organizer for one, (more on that in the organizer review,) but it fits these cans fine. The other three I loaded with ammo. One I filled with 500 rounds of 308. Holds it fine and is quite easy to carry. The only shortfall are the latches. They are plastic on plastic so at sometime and some weight they will fail. Should you buy, yes, especially for the price."
– SNG, Las Vegas, NV
3.0 5
"Quality seems to be lacking. I like this ammo can as it can hold a lot of ammo, but it seems as if moisture gets into this ammo can somewhat easy, as with most plastic ammo cans. The metal ammo cans seem to keep out moisture better. Whenever I place a desicant pack inside this ammo can, the colored beads seem to turn from blue to pink, indicating it's absorbed the max level of moisture quicker than the metal cans. The latches also don't feel like they're holding the lid down very tight."