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Ammo 9mm S&B FMJ 115 Grain 50 Round Box Boxer Primed Non Corrosive Fully Reloadable

Sellier & Bellot
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50 Round box of 9mm ammo with 115-grain full-metal-jacket bullet is Boxer-primed, fully reloadable and very clean. Imported from the Czech Republic.
Delivers 1,280 fps and 421 foot-pounds.

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Sellior & Bellot
Ammunition is non-returnable. 
Total number of Reviews: 54

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5.0 5
"I love this ammo. Brass cased, sealed bullet and primer, clean shooting and now the same price as Russian steel cased ammo!!! I love shooting this ammo in my Glock 19 because my gun shoots this 9 mm so accurately."
– Mike
4.0 5
"I use this to practice with my Hi-Point 9mm.. Never jammed, and great accuracy at a more than great price"
– SilentWolf
5.0 5
"Just finished shooting my first five boxes of this ammo. It worked with all my 9mm, including my tec-9 (which does not like UMC or WIN loads)... no problems at all and very accurate in my pistols. I will be ordering alot of this ammo and would recommend it to all my friends. Do not let the price fool you this is good stuff, hope it doesn't get so popular that it causes the price to go up."
– etxd
4.0 5
"I've put about 300 rounds through my Glock 17 and it eats this stuff up, you cannot beat the price."
– RT
5.0 5
"This is about the cleanest and trouble free ammo we have found."
– David D
5.0 5
"I love this ammo. I've put 3000 rounds through my P2000 and have never had a FTF or FTE. The only thing that sucks is the price has gone up $2 a box since early December! It was a steal at $6 a box. Thank god I still have a case."
– SG
5.0 5
5.0 5
"I use S&B only now for my training needs. This stuff works well with the 92FS, Storm, and my Glock 26. I've bought and shot at least 5,000 rounds, never had a FTF or any other ammo related mishap. It's clean, accurate, and my guns just eat this stuff up!!"
5.0 5
"this ammo is great! i`ve put 450 rouns through my pt 24/7 pro and have never had a FTF. the price is good and the quality of the ammo is great too."
– boloncho
1.0 5
"Do not use this ammo in the H&K SP-89 because it will jam about every 5th round. Mine is not the only one it jams in.Stick to US brands like Windhester or government ammo."
– John
5.0 5
"S&B ammunition represents a tremendous value in this caliber (and many others). You get substantial quality for your dollar along with good accuracy and a clean burn. (It also happens to pack smaller per box of 50 rounds than any other decent brand on the market, in case you are the type to care about space and squirreling away ammo for a \"rainy day\"...) The price of these rounds has gone up in recent months, but they're still one of the best deals going in 9mm Luger."
– Lil' C
5.0 5
"I have been shooting for years with multiple calibers. I personally have fired over 2000+ rounds of this ammo without a single jam. My Ruger P-89 has never had an issue with this ammo. It could be that I have an excellent firearm because the P-89 fired the Russian ammo well enough. I don't purchase any other ammo from any other manufacture."
– JoMo
5.0 5
"I'm on my second 1,000 round case of this ammo. Works in all my 9mms, never a mis-feed or jam. If this ammo doesn't work in your gun, its probably your gun."
– Donald
5.0 5
"One of the best rounds for the practice range. I just got back from practicing for the TX CHL and used this ammo. Very accurate and very small flash. Excellent ammo for the price!"
– Kent
1.0 5
"Until I've used this ammo, I've never had a problem with malfunctions on my HK USP Compact. I've fired about 5,000 successful rounds, until I put this crap in. I've used cheaper stuff like CCI, Win WB, and reloads, and it has all worked perfectly. This stuff misfed like crazy, which was shocking because I've never heard a discussion on any USP ever failing. Now, I only use this stuff for my Sig 226."
– C-MoNeY
2.0 5
"this ammo is economical and clean but do not use it for defence or serious shooting my bushmaster carbon 15 can handle almost any ammo but this one, i found the rounds to easy compress the round nose of the fmj back into the casing.also my glock 17 does not like it to much strictly for range use-thanks and keep shooting-zombie18delta"
– zombie18delta
5.0 5
"I don't understand the poor reviews. I've shot thousands of rounds of this hot ammo from my Glocks and I'm not sure if I can remember a single misfeed from a broken-in pistol. Some has been remarkably accurate. S&B makes very high quality products."
– Glock Boy
5.0 5
"This ammo worked flawlessly in my Ruger P89. I will be buying more of this, and highly recommend it!"
– Ron
5.0 5
"ive put a few boxes of this through my ammo-picky Vector Arms UZI and it works FLAWLESSLY! havent tried it through anything else as thats my only 9mm."
– metalhead
4.0 5
"i just broke in my xd-9 and fired a couple of mag and it did not have a problem. cheap and very effective."
– 1000rnds
5.0 5
"This S & B 9mm ammo is my favorite range ammo. I honestly won't use anything else in my Glock. It is very clean, the best I have found. Highly accurate and always dependable. It's hard to find, and I stock up when available. Price is actually lower, but it's better than any other Full Metal Jacket at any cost."
– Seattle Michael B.
5.0 5
"These rounds ar good to go. Using a brand new, not even broken in Glock 19, I did not have a single FTFeed or FTEject or misfire with these in 200 rounds. I was convinced and just ordered a lot more! I was able to punch the center number out of a full sized silhouette at 10 yards. Very nice group at 15 yrds too. These will be my full time practice round from now on.The $2 more a box than wolf is worth it for the fully reloadable brass casing. I just don't like sticking the steel cased bullets in my gun."
– texretvet
5.0 5
"I was using Remington UMC in my S&W Sigma. Had numerous feed problems with that ammo. Bought this ammo based on the reviews and it works great in the Sigma. No issues. Will buy more."
– CT
5.0 5
"With the rising price of ammo, I have been searching for deals for non-reloads. S&B is great ammo. I have ran 500+ rounds through my fullsize HK USP with no issues of any kind. I have seen numerous rounds sent through 1911s without any problems. Worked great this weekend at an outdoor tactical shoot. The varnish on the primer is also a nice touch. I was told about this ammo from people who used it throughout their class at Front Sight with great results."
– Matt
5.0 5
"so i purchased a walther P99 a few weeks ago... hurried to the range with a few hundred rounds of magtech... was so unimpressed that i was questioning my abilities. (at 21 ft i was lucky to have a 10 inch grouping)i then went out and purchased 200 hundred rounds of S&b, 200 more of magtech and 200 of remmington.long story short:at 21 ft:S&b - 3 inch groups or lessmagtech - 8-10 inch groupsremmington - heck, could not even get a \"group\""
– ShyKat
5.0 5
"Use S&B 9 and .45 in my HK usp 9 compact and .45 kimber, HK usp fullsize -not one jam missfeed or misfire - great stuff"
– Zed
5.0 5
"it looked cool when i seen that they were all gold bulletsit reminded me of james bondit shot flawlessly in my glock 19, hi point 9mm, and my walther p99"
– josh 9mmglocklover
5.0 5
"I have used S&B ammo for years because I have found it too be the best for the price. I have only Ruger handguns and every one uses S&B. P-89, GP100 and LCP. How may rounds fired well over 1000 in the P-89, and GP100 and about 100 in the LCP. I just wish I could still get 7.62X39 S&B for my SKS. Never a problem with feed or mis-fire, and very accurate."
– Ruger shooter
5.0 5
"I have by no means tried every 9mmX19 round carried by CTD, but I have yet to find anything better for the range. I've fired well over 3,000 rounds with my XD9 Subcompact and HK USP Compact without a single problem to date. The accuracy is equal to or better than any other round I've fired. Weapons cleaning is easier than with several other brands I've used."
– Centurion
5.0 5
"I have been using S&B 9mmm from the early days when it was $5/50 and now that the current price is double that from yesteryear, it's still the best 9mm range ammo around. Gotta love the sealed primers and cases. Quality is consistently good. FPS is hot and energy is listed as 421 ft lbs. My CAR-15 loves this stuff, as does my Glock 17L. Tough to finder better 9mm ammo for the current price."
– marceejay
5.0 5
"Have used S&B 9mm ammo in this loading in many S&W 9mm auto models from model 39 through current M&P 9mm models, several Glocks, Browning HP, Sig p226 and springfield XD. The only problem that I have encountered is running out of it before I was ready to leave the range. Simply put ..it runs every time you turn the key...and is the standard by which I judge all other loads. It was never a malfunction that pointed to ammo reliability...never. should have bought a truckload when it was half this price."
– David
5.0 5
"Good ammo, my CZ's like it."
– Sock
5.0 5
"Just put 150 rounds through my Beretta Cougar 8000. S&B 115-Grain FMJ's performed flawlessly. The were accurate and reliable. Getting ready to order a bunch more from CTD............"
– Mike
5.0 5
"Worked Flawless. Great deal here!Not one miss fire, stove pipe or jam. AWESOME!!"
– Mnmike
4.0 5
"I purchased a case of this ammo and it worked great. I shot around 300 rounds today out of both my Ruger P89 and my Kahr PM9. Every round I shot through my Rugar P89 worked with no problems, but my Kahr PM9 didn't like this ammo very much. About a 1/3 of this ammo that I loaded in my Karh PM9 wouldn't shoot and I thought the bullets that wouldn't shoot were duds. But, those same unfired bullets that would not shoot out of my Karh PM9 worked ferfectly when I loaded them in my Ruger P89, so no duds yet. Great target ammo and the accuracy isn't bad. it just depends on how touchy your gun is."
4.0 5
"Ive used Seller & Bellot for years,works great in my guns,all the different calibers I hve it in. Its clean and I find very reliable, no problems with it at all. I used to buy 1000 rounds at a time in several calibers, but the price now causes me not to shoot it much lately."
– Bob
5.0 5
"These are the best medicine for stress release I have found. I load up all my Beretta Storm clips and have a blast. I have 6-32 round clips 6-20 rounders and 4-10 round clips. When all is said and done I might have one or two issues but who cares at this price. The wolf stuff is also cheap and works good but I like these a little better. You can not go wrong here!"
– GT
4.0 5
"Fired 300 rounds from my px4. never had one problem. Kinda clean and cheap."
5.0 5
"This is good ammo.It is clean and accurate. The brass also reloads good,I can get at least 10 loads through them."
– wldmike
4.0 5
"Fired 250 rounds through my Beretta 92 without any problems."
– Scotty
5.0 5
"A quick look at the numbers will tell you S&B is as hot as you can get short of +p ammo. Just for fun several weeks ago, I ran 15rd magazines loaded with different 9mm through my Beretta Storm at an indoor 25 yd range using a rest. There was no doubt about the result: Winchester white box, UMC, Federal, Magtech were 4\" circles; Fiocchi (also hot) was a 3\"circle; S&B was a 1.5\" hole. Wish they had a hollow point readily available but I have Speer Gold Dot for PD issues. If I'm working at making practice mean something, I want the S&B. It's also clean to boot."
– Kirk
5.0 5
"Well worth the price!"
– Jon
4.0 5
"Ran over 250 + of these rounds thru my Taurus PT 911 9.mm No FTF and burns clean. Could be a self defence round in the proper hands. No problems. Overall, great range ammo and I would trust it in a pinch if need be."
– god bless america
5.0 5
"I bought this ammo reluctantly for my P08 Parabellum since it's a very picky gun. The usual advise is to use Winchester White Box ammo only, but that one is not available anywhere, anyway, this ammo worked very well. Out of 50 shots I had not one malfunction and that is to say something with my gun. Usually I have around 5 or so malfunctionis with Winchester ammo. If this brand remains available at cheaperthandirt, this is going to be my new standard ammo."
– Alterfritz
3.0 5
"Tried some of this in my Beretta 92f. First mag OK next two mags 5 FFT, 3 stove pipes, 4 FTE. Then tried three mags of Wolf, no problems. I did run 4 mags of this thru my Keltec S2K with no problem."
– george
5.0 5
"Put about 200 rds through an XDsub9, 100 rds each through an XD9 and XD(M)-9, and 100rds through a Taurus PT609Ti. Not a single misfire, FTF, or any problems with either firearm. Seems to burn very clean (much cleaner than Blazer or AE). It's no Winchester white box, but it gets the job done. Be mindful that some people claim to have problems with this stuff in H&K's, but my experience has been 100% positive."
– philXDsub9
4.0 5
"I have sent many rounds down range of this ammo and I have never had any problems. Making a shot at 75 feet is no problem with this ammo and my old Beretta 92FS. Very good ammo for practice at the range. At 75 feet I can keep all rounds sent down range in a 6 inch pattern, nothing wrong with this ammo."
– 92FS
5.0 5
"Used 300 rnds of S&B yesterday thru an XD 9mm and XD subcompact 9mm. They jammed in the standard XD but not the subcompact. A little investigating showed it was the magazine not the ammo. Will continue to use."
– cm
5.0 5
"I have used this ammo in a variety of calibers and weapon types. These include Ruger LCP 380, Ruger P95, M1 .30 Carbine, and even a 12ga shotgun. This ammo worked flawlessly in all of them. They're accurate and have a affordably priced. Can't wait to try them in my 30-06 and my .45 ACP."
– Steve
4.0 5
"Shooters, after using this ammo and meny others, by far, this is the best priced factory ammo. This ammo shoots with outstanding accuracy for factory ammo. I've used this in my S&W M&P45, Springfield XDM 9mm, and my S&W Sigma .40, never had any problems. I will use this ammo until I find better! Semper Fi."
– Sgt L. USMC
4.0 5
"It is good, reliable ammo, and always cheap. I've probably shot 500 rounds or so of this through my PT-99, and have yet to have a single misfire."
– chris
5.0 5
"This has got to be some of the greatest ammo I've ever fired. It goes without saying that my CZ 75B eats it up and has never had a problem."
– Kevin
5.0 5
"I shot 100 rounds through my Px4 today. They are real good for target shooting. No ftf no fte and no miss-fires and good groups for my shooting. I will buy again."
– paper shooter
5.0 5
"This is some good stuff. Had no problems with it. The case is steel though, or whatever it's made of fails the magnet test at one of the ranges I've been to. Just keep that in mind. Aside from that, enjoy it."
– zachFIU