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9mm Federal Classic Hi-Shok 115 Grain JHP 50 Round Box 1180 fps Self Defense Ammunition

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Federal Classic Hi-Shok, 9mm Luger (9x19mm), 115 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Bullet, 50 Round box 1180 fps.

Our Classic Hi-Shok line of ammunition has served law enforcement officers for generations. It has proven itself as a consistent, dependable performer at a reasonable price. Hi-Shok bullets hit hard and expand reliably for effective energy transfer. You'll find enhancements of bullets throughout our line of Classic ammunition, just as they have been for decades.

9mm is also known and listed as 9x19mm, 9mm Parabellum, 9mm Para, 9mm NATO and 9mm Luger.
Non-returnable item.
Muzzle velocity: 1180 fps.
Velocity at 50 yards: 1048 fps.
Muzzle energy: 356 ft/lbs.
Energy at 50 yards: 280 ft/lbs.
Brass Case
Uses: Personal Protection, Law Enforcement.

Total number of Reviews: 29

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5.0 5
"Extremely accurate in Kel-tec PF9 .Chrono's right at 1120 fps and is right on target at 10 yards. Expands to .620 every time in wet phone books and have had no core separations . Excellent standard pressure load and not hard on your gun or wrist . Can't beat the price and I've looked everywhere . p.s - was used by many major police depts for decades and is still in limited issue today ."
– W \"ah\"
5.0 5
"Great round! Recomended highly by my State Trooper friends. I had great groupings, clean burning powder, which is easy on your firearm and your wallet. If your looking for a reliable round at a fair price look no further! Exspansion is great. 200 rounds through a phone book at 15 yards with a 4 inch grouping through my Taurus PT 911. More than fair price for a fantastic round. Get it while you can."
– God Bless America
5.0 5
"Great stuff, didnt have any problems feeding it through my glock 19 and my sig pro. Great deal."
– RC
5.0 5
"This was the standard issue load for most police departments that carried 9mm's through the 1980s and 1990's. Up until +p ammo and boutique bullets became popular. This is a proven, reliable round that expands well, and is very accurate. It won't break the bank. This round is also known to feed more reliably in difficult firearms than a lot of the newer designs."
– Robert
5.0 5
"Though not a +p+ round it is a good choice while the bple round is going to hopefully come back soon. The rounds performance in ballistics gel alone was @ 10 yrds though a taurus pt92 yielded 9.8 inches of penetration and had a expansion of approx. .62 of inch. Gel w/ a flannel shirt and jean jacket yielded a penetration of 10.75 inches,while still maintaining a good shape with approx 40% deformation of the \"mushroomed\" expansion. For the price I personally like this round as a substitute for my favorite 9BPLE.....hope this helps."
– Leadfarmer
5.0 5
"Massad Ayoob recommends this load for standard pressure 115 gr. Enough said."
5.0 5
"Super nice ammo for the price, I had no problems what so ever on 3 of my guns with this ammo. I would highly recommend it for self defense use."
– Shawn
5.0 5
"This round has a very long history of L. E. use and in my opinion is one of the finest non +P - +P+ rounds available. While not having the punch of the Federal 9BPLE 115 G. +P+ JHP load it is still quite effective and has proved to be highly reliable and consistent. Ensure that your pistol can handle the higher pressures of +P and +P+ ammo. The round reviewed is as excellent choice and can get the job done less higher pressures and is still in limited use by L.E. agencies."
– Rick
5.0 5
"Not only is this a fantastic round in the stopping power dept but, it is standard pressure (easier on me and my gun win!-Win!) but, I have never had any problems with this round clambering/firing in any of the 5 9mm pistols I have (Glocks, Sig, HK and Kahr) it doesn't matter what rounds do in a test barrel its out in the real world that counts!"
– Pete S.
1.0 5
"I've ordered four boxes. I have got to say, I have never been as disgusted with ammo before in my life. Not one of the 200 rounds I bought was uniform to another, from the drilled hollow points to the jacketing of the round. The hollow portion of the rounds have 3 different and pretty distinct diameters. The edges of the tips are jagged, not uniform, and in some cases uneven. Yes, uneven.Shreds of the outer jacket are clearly visible in and around the lead of the hollow point, that is when the lead actually reaches flush with the top. I know, its almost hard to believe but true. I took photos and am contacting Federal directly since Cheaper than Dirt can't refund ammo sales, regardless of the condition. \"Recommended for Law Enforcement\" must be some kind of sick joke because no cop in their right mind would load the crap I got in any of their weapons."
– JR
5.0 5
"Purchased 6 boxes of this ammo a few months ago. After reading the review by JR, I checked the remaining rounds I had left and could not find anything physically wrong with this ammo. I have used about half of what I purchased and fired this stuff in 5 different 9mm pistols without a single hiccup. Works for me. Even if it did not look perfect ,I think I would at least try a few rounds downrange before I would write a negative review."
– Mike S.
5.0 5
"Great ammo, clean powder, my P89 Loves them. Will continue to buy them for protection and or duty rounds."
– Ranger2915
5.0 5
"I picked up 5 boxes of this 9mm ammo. For under $20 for a box of 50 hollow pts, you really can't go wrong. I inspected the ammo in every box and all seem just fine. These are not really a \"premium\" quality bullet, but I am sure it's consistently effective for personal protection. If you need a large quantity of personal protection ammo for whatever reason, i would stick with this. If you want carry-ammo you should stick with a +P ammo instead of this particular kind"
– Big Lou
5.0 5
"Damm good price and good ammo."
– d.b.
5.0 5
"My Kel tec p11 and smith&wesson 659 love this ammo. Fast shipping and quality ammo again from ctd."
– Mccloud
5.0 5
"Federals Hi-Shok 115G JHP (9BP) is the best standard pressure 9mm load. Its effectiveness and accuracy make it the world standard. CTD lived up to their name by selling this ammo cheaper than anyone else. My order was processed and delivered in 5 days."
– Cold War Vet
5.0 5
"I've been using this ammo for a long time, and it has always lived up to my expectations of both a target and personal defense round. This ammo burns clean, is accurate and penetrates well. Truly a nice round."
– Bob
5.0 5
"While I use the hotter Federal 9BPLE ammo in my full-size carry pistols, Federal 9BP ammo is what I use for personal protection in my PF-9. It is reliable, consistently accurate, and provides dependable terminal performance."
– Gareth
5.0 5
"All I can say is Wow, what a price! Good ammo, I did Not see any inconsistencies in my ammo, as another reviewer stated. I purchased 5 boxes of this, and all looks great, & will continue to buy more in the future!Thanks for the great deal CTD!!!"
– DB
5.0 5
"I used this round fifteen years ago before switching to Hydroshoks .I returned to it now because I want my primary and back up to use the same ammo .It was a proven stopper as well as a reliable round ,still is .One hundred rounds each through my DiamondBack DB 9 and Glock 23 and no problems with very good accuracy .And yes the LoneWolf 40-9 conversion is a winner ."
– Clyde
1.0 5
"This is LE issue range ammo, and I feel it should be noted on the sale posting that it is produced in 1998, that's 13 years old!!!!If I could afford to return it I would, but the shipping would put me even more upside down."
– Speedsteel
4.0 5
"The ammo is no longer produced by Federal in this packaging so it is older manufacture. Some of the bullets show slight damage around the face of the hollow point Great price for 50 rounds. Shoots well in my S&W MP9 however hard to load first round in my Kahr CW9. Will use another round in that pistol"
– Pulverizer
4.0 5
"I've shot 10 rounds through my HK P2000 SK. No problems.Ammo isn't the newest/cleanest, but works and comes in a 50 round box, so it's a good value."
– Brian
5.0 5
"Put three boxes through my G19 and three more through my Kel-Tec Sub2k and it went flawlessly. Can't tell the difference cycling this versus white or yellow box."
– 12ToothAssassin
5.0 5
"This is my carry round in my Keltec PF-9. Its been proven in law enforcement use for years and years. It works well in my PF-9 and is half the price of other newer rounds meaning you can afford to burn a couple mags on every range trip and thats the most important thing. Esoteric rounds might expand better or have more marketing hype etc, but actually wasting some on each range trip produces confidence in your weapon's reliability with your carry round, not just FMJ target rounds, and that confidence is priceless."
– Steve in KC
5.0 5
"Yeah, it's old ammo. Why anyone would want to return it because of that (like an earlier reviewer seems to) is beyond me. Shoots and cycles flawlessly in my SIG Sauer P226. I have run a couple hundred rounds of the stuff with absolutely no problems. It shoots straight and goes bang every time. I keep a mags worth as a backup to my carry ammo, but mostly I just practice with it. In all, definitely buy it when it's available."
– Echo3389
5.0 5
"Sure it's not produced anymore, but this ammunition is fantastic. It is very accurate in my G19, it surprised me. I couldn't care less if it's \"old\" ammo, it works great and at this price, you can practice with it AND carry it."
– David
5.0 5
"One range trip: Two Glocks in 9MM, thousand rounds each, no problems, no failures. Shot rapid with multiple mags (and even a couple 33s) locked, dropped, loaded, and fired. Only pause was when I speed-loaded. Like to practice with what I carry. My buddy tried to keep up with the cheap stuff on his gun, but he failed. Took less than an hour to run 2,000 rounds out - PRICELESS! You cannot guess confidence; you have to know it."
5.0 5
"I have read, ad nauseam which SD round is best. Federal Hi-Shock always gets mentioned (9BP). I have a Ruger SR9c, Beretta Storm, and a Sig 2022. ALL fired this stuff without a problem. I'm satisfied w/ballistic gel testing. Any shooting I'm going to do will be within 10 feet, so even a BB gun will penetrate flesh at that distance. This is inexpensive, clean shooting, reliable (in all my guns) and will do the job."
– bezoar