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Ammo 9mm Federal JHP 124 Grain +P+ 50 Round Box Hydra Shok

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50 Round box of 9mm Federal, JHP, 124 Grain +P+, Hydra Shok.
The choice of law enforcement agencies nationwide. Federal's unique center-post design delivers controlled expansion, and the notched jacket provides efficient energy transfer to penetrate barriers while retaining stopping power. The deep penetration of this jacketed bullet satisfies even the FBI's stringent testing requirements.
Ammunition is a non returnable item. 
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5.0 5
"Bought these rounds for my Glock 17c. Awsome rounds recoil is not as bad as I thought it was going to be and the penetration power is awesome. Perfect rounds for any situations."
5.0 5
"I just wrote a review about the #407 Hydra Shok Federal bullet. If you wish to read it, please click on that ammo box. I don`t know what the difference is in the #407 & this # 408 124 grain +P+ ammo. I`d like to know. The prices are identical. My review was on the +P+ 9mm Hydra Shok 124 grain ammo by Federal. Perhaps you guys at CTD will explain the difference in these 2 numbered ammos. The review I wrote goes for this load as well. The pics of the boxes appear to be the same. And you do get 50 rounds instead of just 20. Still a bargain at this price."
5.0 5
"I've purchased several variations of the Federal line of Tactical/Home defense ammunition for some time now. My wife and I have a 30+ acre ranch in California and Coyotes are a HUGE problem.I have a few rifles in large calibers from 308 down to .223 and all over penetrate the coyotes when shooting them with even the best expanding ammo. I purchased a Ruger PC9 carbine and loaded it up with Federal HST and Hydra SHOCK. When the coyotes where shot with the HST/HS 9mm rounds inside the 100M range they dropped fast and hard. Follow up shots with the Ruger PC9 Carbine are VERY fast (not that you'll need em). I pulled a few of the rounds from the dead coyotes and the jacket stayed iintact/attached to the bullet/core and expansion was EXCELLENT!!! with the exception of a rib shot, witch still expanded but fragmented a bit. All of the bullets expanded as advertised. I use the HST in my Berreta at home. I have full faith on the bullets abilities. Ken -"
2.0 5
"This ammo is decent for shooting at melons or melon eaters but will not penetrate a small booklet. As a Veteran Police Officer in the boonies this ammunition was distributed throughout our Department and was field tested one evening when a drug dealer in a stolen vehicle attempted to run me over while conducting a traffic stop. My partner shot at the vehicle attempting to use deadly force, however, further investigation revealed that the rounds did not penetrate the windshield or drivers door. It did however penetrate the door's window, causing the glass to impede the driver's vision. He was arrested, charged with a mess of felonies and a bleeding heart D/A got him into a rehab program and probation. He has been arrested two times since, once for Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor and again for Armed drug trafficing. He is currently on the streets awaiting trial. Our Department has switched to Winchester \"Rangers\" to ensure that Justice is carried out and our safety has a chance. Be vigilent and safe, complacency kills."
4.0 5
"I have been a Peace Officer for over 20 years and in my department we taught handguns were for shooting at people not cars. In fact I can't think of any handgun really good at stopping a charging auto. I suggest next time try stepping out of the way and calling in backup."
4.0 5
"I agree, when shooting at people this packs some stopping power! If you are looking for whatever round they use on tv that goes through the angled safety glass of a windshield I suggest you look in Hollywood as no law enforcement duty handgun in going to produce consistant stops of vehicles. As far as one shot stops go, my experience in law enforcement in big cities since the late 70's leads me to believe this round in calibers 9mm and up ranks right up there with the best."
4.0 5
"IF you use a 9mm for self defense, concealed carry, or law enforcement duty weapon, THIS, or Rem. Golden Saber 9mm +P 124 gr is what you want to use. Period. If you want more stopping power or expansion, use a .40 or .45 +P. Period."
5.0 5
"I got some of these years ago from you guys. I used it for carry ammo. I need more in both 9mm and .45acp. Like one reviewer said, it won't stop a car. If I want to stop a car, I'll use a 12 gauge slug, failing that, I'll get a gun shooting .50 BMG rounds. All I ever shot it at was jello blocks. Tell ya though, if I ever get attacked by a mound of jello, this round will stop it real good."
5.0 5
"This is a personal defense load and as such it does its job very well. Rapid expansion ensures the round does not over penetrate its intended target. Also, if you miss the round won't go through your wall into your neighbors' house. Why anyone would rate the ammo down for not causing a Hollywood explosion on a car is beyond me but for what it is intended, the round works awesome. I have not recovered any of the 9MM rounds to measure but I have with my 40 S&W and they consistently measure out at .75 in. If you want a personal defense round with great stopping power that won't over-penetrate this is a great one. If you want to blow up cars, join the Army."
4.0 5
"Federal makes great ammo but Speer gold dot ammo out performs it. The gold dot ammo has the jacket bonded to the lead core and is less prone to fragmenting upon impact. Therefore when it hits somthing such as glass or sheet metal (car doors) it stays together. As far as the comments about Hydra shok ammo being safe and that it won't over penitrate through the walls of your home that is not true at all. Most if not all 9mm ammo with go through sheet rock walls like they weren't even there. BE CAREFUL !! I'm not looking to argue with anyone about balistics but I didn't want someone to think it's \"ok\" to shoot a round in the house and expect a wall to stop it."
4.0 5
"This is a handgun round. This is an accurate round and has some very good and controlled energy release based on the testing we did at our department. However, of the two brands of handguns our department approves, only 1 (Glock) will approve the use of +p+ ammo. As a firearms instructor of 20+ years, I recommend you buy ANY good quality hollowpoint that works 100% in your firearm of choice and train train train. It comes down to only bullet placement and the bullet recipient's willingness to stop when shot that really determines effectiveness. Don't look for anything to be magical just because it says +p+ or 45acp or anything else. It is only a handgun round. The worst thing to take to a gun fight is a handgun, but if it is all you got, make sure it works and you know how to work it."
5.0 5
"What happened to this awesome round?"