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Ammo 7.62 NATO Federal HPBT 175 Grain 20 Round Box Match NATO M118 Sniper Ammunition

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7.62mm NATO, Federal M118, 175 Grain Sierra Matchking Hollow Point Boat Tail Bullet, 20 Round Box.

Sniper Ammo Headstamped F.C 2008 through 2010. This ammo was manufactured in the USA by licensed contractors and is the same spec as the L.C Headstamped ammo. Everyone says their ammo is "Match Grade" or designed for snipers, well this is the real deal. Designed to shoot 10 inch groups at 1000 meters, so rare we only have a few boxes to sell.

Non returnable item.
Muzzle velocity: 2600 fps.
Velocity at 200 yards: 2255 fps.
Velocity at 400 yards: 1938 fps.
Velocity at 600 yards: 1648 fps.
Velocity at 800 yards: 1394 fps.
Velocity at 1000 yards: 1193 fps.
Uses: Long Range Target Shooting, Competition. 
Total number of Reviews: 23

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5.0 5
"The M118 is some of the most reliable shooting ammo i have put through any weapon! M80 is garbage, If you cant shoot a clover leaf @100yds with ammo your crosseyed!"
– PaveGunner
4.0 5
"I shot 40 rounds through my Remington 700 sps 20\" tactical this weekend. I was able to consistently place my first 2 shots of a 5 shot group in the same hole at 200Yd as the barrel heated I began to get flyers but no more than .75\" from the original 2 shots. Did this 3 times in a row once I was sighted in. the rest of the ammo was burnt at 100yd ware I consistently found One raged hole five shot groups that were all under 1 MOA. I am very happy with this Round I will be purchasing more. I just am looking that much further to my HS-Precision stock and new trigger."
5.0 5
"i have fired over 100 rounds of M118 175gr through my remington 700 sps and every single round is dead center at 200 yards after zeroing. i find littel to no differance in cold bore to hot shots. i am excited to get theese rounds out in the field this hunting season to see what they will do."
– don
5.0 5
"WOW! is the only thing to say about this ammo. My remington 700 VTR .308 eats this stuff up. 1.5 inch 5 shot group, no flyers at 300 yards. I shot the 173 grain. Unbelievable."
– Gester11
5.0 5
"Put 40 rounds through my M25 and had several 1\" groups at 100 yds. Very clean and accurate ammo."
– Shooter
5.0 5
"Shot a five shot group 1/4 inch spread at 100yds out of savage 10fp. this shoots as good or better than anything Ive ever shot ."
– Spurmonkey
5.0 5
"I\uFFFDm a sniper in the US Army. The M118LR is the best round there is in my professional opinion. We have shot different kinds of ammo through our M24 and the M110 sass. Simply put, any ammo other than the M118 LR is garbage. I consistently get shot groups of less than 1 inch at 100 meters. At 600 meters i consistently get shot groups of 5.1\""
– us army sniper
5.0 5
"I am a competitive shooter and a long range shooter. As a Combat Marksmaship Coach and Instructor I liked the performance of this ammunition through my M-1A and M-40. This ammo is consistent and reliable. I shot targets out to 1,500 yards and hit every time. It's cheaper than the many match ammunition types out there ($28.00 and up).It is flatter shooting than the 168 grain. Some people don't know that a fine tuned rifle with the correct rifle twist will give the optimal results as this ammunition did. The grain of the bullet is heavier and doesn't get affected by the wind as much as a 168 grain bullet. I will be buying more of this."
– Eddie
5.0 5
"I shoot a Armalite AR-10 Super S.A.S.S. I burned 125 RDS through it just to break it in. 50yd 5 shot group .15 group. 100yd 5 shot group .50. 300 yd group, 1.25. I think i could have done better on all. I'm looking forward to getting out to 1,000. Just haven't had the time yet. I think next week. Great ammo!!!!!!!!!!"
5.0 5
"This ammo shot one ragged hole groups at 100 yards all day long through my Savage 10 BAS-K. As good as it get's for off the shelf ammo. It hits on a steel ram at 600 yards were a cinch."
– Al 1911
5.0 5
"These bullets are awesome. Everything that you have heard about them is true. I took them out and shot two five shot groups less than 1/2 MOA at 100 yards. They are just perfect. So please do me a favor and don't buy them because I plan on buying them all! Ha Ha"
– Mike from NY
5.0 5
"I'm always skeptical about ammo claiming to be M118 (or spec), but I tried some out this and it sure groups and kicks like the real deal. I ran it through both a SASS and M1A and it performs every bit as good as FGMM."
– BattleAxe
5.0 5
"Great ammo. Grouped better in my CETME than Federal Gold Medal Match 168gr and costs less. The 175gr are actually slightly shorter over all length than the 168gr. I ordered 4 more boxes. Thanks CTD!"
– JR in LC
5.0 5
"Very consistent out to 800yds. Starts to get iffy at 900+ but then most do. Used SMK 175gr profile on two ballistic computers with good results. Feeds better than the American Ballistics \"M118LR\" even tho it's a tad longer. Excellent practice ammo."
3.0 5
"The ammo definitely did not arrive as shown. In fact, they were quite discolored and oxidized, which is unexpected considering they were only manufactured 2 months ago (according to the box date). I guess I expected them to not look like uncle Earl's 5 year old reloads."
– Brett
5.0 5
"It hits a 12x14 inch steel target routinely at 1000+ meters, by far the best shooting ammunition for this price. It won't go wrong. I don't blame the ammuntion, I blame the trigger puller."
– frogman
5.0 5
"I shot 60 rounds through my Savage 110 tactical w/24 in barrel in a McMillan McHale stock with a sharpshooter trigger adjusted to 2 lbs this weekend. I consistently placed 10 shot groups in nearly the same hole at 100Yds on three targets. No hole bigger than a dime. Experienced no cold bore or heated barrel flyers. Then mixed with FGM 175 SMK and all hit POA. For the price and consistency I obtained from this ammo, I will be purchasing more, a lot more!!"
– SavageDLK
5.0 5
"So far I have purchased 200 rounds of this ammo, fired about 100. Took 6 shots to be zeroed at 100 yds, and this was after the \"old school\" way of looking down the bore. Groups are splitting holes @ 100 and touching at 200. Ready to step off to around 500 and see what happens. This was all done with an out of the box Savage 10 with a 22\" sporter barrel using a Centerpoint 4-16x40 Mil-Dot scope. Had the boys calling out multiple random targets at ranges from 50-200 yards. Same results. Cold bore, hot bore don't make hardly any difference."
– Shooter
4.0 5
"Bought about 200 rounds of the M118LR. The brass looked old so I will assume it's old surplus or rejected military spec ammo. For the price it shoots pretty good. Very consistent within each box from cold bore to hot bore. However I did notice a degree of shift between boxes. This threw off my zero by several inches at 300yds. I used these out past 400+ yds and got 2-3 inch groups out of an FNAR with a 20\" Heavy barrel using a NightForce NXS 12-42x56 on an 86 degree day with 68% humidity at about 100 ft elevation.These are great up close like at 100 yards and I will use them, but I need consistency to get out to 1000 yards."
– paitriot
5.0 5
"I keep reading reviews where someone is grading poorly the military specification ammunition they bought because the casings were not shiny and were discolored. So lets sort that out so everyone understands they do not have \"seconds\" or \"rejects\" or \"old\" ammunition. The brass for this military specification ammo and the mil spec ammo you can get on CTD or any other vendor for 5.56x45, 9MM, .45, etc., is never shiny and buffed pretty. The various ammunition manufactors/vendors charge extra for that process which is done for civilian ammuniton after the bullet is loaded to the casing. Since that additional proess is not relevant to the performance of the ammunition the military does not pay for that additional process. The vendors only do that for the commercial market ammunition for commercial hunters and shooters. because the uninformed \"naturally assume something must be wrong with it\" if whatever they buy is not shiny and pretty right out of the box. In making the ammo, the ammo casings are discolored near the throat of the casing, and for the government to pay to make that shiny again is a waste of time and money. So never expect military grade, professional killing grade, ammo to be shiny and you will be wiser and never disappointed."
– CSM, USA(Ret)
5.0 5
"I shot three groups of five shots at 100 yards. With M1A iron sights off the bench and with sandbags. The first group was 1 and 7/8. The second and third were 2.5 inches. It kicks like a mule compared to .308 Win. I will buy again."
– Ransome
5.0 5
"I made a 4 shot 1/4 MOA open sight group @ 200M yesterday 12/4/10 at Okeechobee Shooting Sports with a NM M1A, using a fwd rest, on a 12\" Dirty Bird Target. I purchased and shot for comparison; 308 SSA 175 Gr match ammo, Buffalo Bore .308 175 Gr. \"Sniper\",7.62 AE 168 Gr. M1A, and another Mfr.'s 7.62 M118LR in this rifle, a scoped M40 and a Remington 700TWS on the same range with the same results. Nothing comes close to the M118 offered here. Period."
– mcgulfdrvr
1.0 5
"The best i could group with this ammo is maybe 1.5 inches. I will stick with the Federal 168 BTHP or better yet handloads."
– sharp shooter