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Ammo 7.62 NATO American Tactical FMJ 150 Grain 20 Round Box, NATO Spec M80 Ammo

American Tactical Imports
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20 round boxes of American Tactical Imports 7.62x51mm, 150 Grain, M80 Spec, High quality ammunition. New from the Turkish MKE Arsenal this ammo is brass cased and features crimped boxer primers to prevent backed out primers.

NATO Spec M80 FMJ load headstamped MKE 08 and 09.

Total number of Reviews: 25

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1.0 5
"This stuff is horrible in my gun. Failed to extract and cases had to be rammed out with cleaning rod."
– mb
4.0 5
"Functions well in a well-maintained M1A Socom. Dont take care of your weapon? No degree of expensive ammo purchases will save you from a weapons malfunction. Great ammo for price!"
– Drill Sgt
2.0 5
"I won't be a repeat customer for this ammo or its brand name. Like mb, failure to extract in my rifle."
– nco
5.0 5
"It's loaded in brass with boxer prime. I fired a magazine out of my L1A1 and it functioned flawlessy. I gave 20 rds to my fried and fired it out of his L1A1 and it had no problems. I'm happy and will be buying more of this ammo."
– Ray
5.0 5
"My LR-308 and Socom 16 both love this stuff....bought a 1000 rd box and half gone in two days at the range. Will buy more!"
1.0 5
"This stuff kept short stroking my SA M1A, making it a straight pull bolt action, other ammo I had out with me today worked just fine (Federal 762D, British Surplus, and Lithuanian Surplus) but this stuff was a no go for me."
– TJ
3.0 5
"For the price its ok, nothing special. Accuracy seems no better than good steel case but at least you get brass for reloading."
– Dan
2.0 5
"One out of 10 would get stuck in the chamber of my Remington 7600 pump. Had to pull the forend really hard to get them out. I imagine what a PITA it would be in a semi-auto. Accuracy was good but nothing special."
– Yg-Mort
2.0 5
"Accuracy is no better than Brown Bear steel case in my Saiga which normally loves brass. At least its re-loadable so its reincarnation will be accurate, but thats some pretty expensive brass."
– Dan
1.0 5
"This ammo is worthless! Absolutely terrible. It made my PTR91 a paper weight until I could clean the flutes out thoroughly with the surplus HK kit... Noting the PTRs current batch of ammo issues, I assumed it was the rifle, not the ammo. Then I tried it in my rem 700, what a joke. Not worth the cost of the brass. I'll stick to milsurp and quality ammo and not have to worry about kicking my cocking lever to remove a stuck p.o.s round."
– Tom P.
3.0 5
"This functioned perfectly in PTR91 and Remington bolt gun. This ammo will group ok, nothing compared to handloads, but if you don't handload it's cheap to shoot."
– brass rat
4.0 5
"I have suffered no feed or ejection problems at 60 rounds through my DPMS LR-308. I have no access to long range, but I can mow down the pop bottles at 75 ft with a red dot scope."
– Kopperhed
4.0 5
"My SA M1A had no problems at all with it. I put about 100 rounds with no ejection failures or any other problems to report. Given it's (relatively) reasonable price, I'll probably buy more."
– socaldough1972
5.0 5
"I have used this ammo quite a bit in my Springfield M1A1 and have been more than satisfied with it. Consistantly placed quarter sized groups at 100 yards with iron sights. No extraction or misfeed problems and economical to shoot."
– JimASA
4.0 5
"It works well in my SAI M1A...It worked well in my friends M1A loaded. The only issue with the loaded was that the SAI extractor was not machined correctly and would leave brass in the chamber. Once the extractor was changed out for USGI it worked without a problem. My only issue and its minor is that its really dirty. But you have to clean once your done anyways."
– Orion5457
2.0 5
"i gave this ammo a shot today, and every single round failed to extract from my ptr91sc, my gun seems pretty picky about its ammo, it likes spendy stuff. i tried four different types of ammo today and these were the only ones i had a problem with."
– Victim
3.0 5
"I fired a box of American Eagle 308 and three boxes of ATI 7.62 in a Rem 700 VTR at 100 yd range. I make no claims about being a good shot, but I noticed a definite difference in the two types. This ATI stuff was all on the paper, but all over the place. From each box, a few rounds would be low and a next few would be dead on. It just didn't seem to perform consistently. I wasn't shooting quarters, but I could definitely see a 50% to 100% increase in the spread size when comparing the boxes of ATI with the American Eagle. Bottom line: I like this ammo because it's cheap, but I wouldn't use it for long-distance shooting. If only I had an AR-10..."
– Mike
1.0 5
"This ammo is crap and not for use in a semi-auto rifle! I've tried it in a FA-308 and a DSA FAL, and it will not feed. It has short strokes and doesn't get chambered up from the mags. Guns are clean and every other manufacturer's .308 and 7.62x51 work fine. Waste of time and money unless your only using it for bolt-action shooting, or just to sight-in optics."
– SW
2.0 5
"I bought 100 rounds of this stuff for my rifles. The stuff will not cycle in a PTR-91 rifle AT ALL! I thought it was the gun, so I tried it in my M1A, and... same thing (and my M1A handles all the Russian, Chinese, and other lower quality surplus ammo I can feed it)... This stuff would not cycle, and I had to manually pull the bolt back to cycle the next round. Tried different ammo immediately after, and that ammo cycled just fine. My experience with this ammunition was quite bad, but I've always found CTD and the people there to be good folks."
1.0 5
"This is bottom of the barrel junk. It would not cycle my DPMS .308-not even once. I am giving the rest of my rounds to a buddy to try out of his FN FAL with the gas regulator cranked down. I will never buy these rounds again. The Brown Bear are cheaper and actually work...what a concept."
– Dlee
1.0 5
"Great price, but not the best ammo. I fired it out of my Rem 700 Tactical, and it wouldn't extract from the barrel without a solid jerk. The military style brass is thicker than most, and when it's fired the expansion wedges inside the barrel. My zero at 100 yds was hit and miss with each round compared to my previous rounds."
– Cass
2.0 5
"Fired out of Rem. 308 PSS.... like many, the rounds fail to extract, or hang up at the tip. This ammo is great for the price, but being 7.62x51 military grade ammo means the brass is thicker and was likely used for area weapons such as an MG which also effects accuracy. **************************"
– KCGun
3.0 5
"Works well in my DPMS 308, but other posts indicate not all DPMS 308s like it. It has been as accurate at 100 as Prvi Partizan Match, but a bit more consistent and much cheaper. Recommend buying only a few boxes at first, to check usability in your platform, and then only expecting tactical & training fodder. Side note: my DPMS 308 LOVES orange-box Federal Gold Medal Match, and CTD often has the best price for it."
– tm in va
5.0 5
"Ordered 2 boxes to check out in my DPMS LR-308 24\" SS bull barrel. All 40 rounds fired and ejected without a problem. Shot at 200 yard target, all 40 rounds inside 5\". You sure wouldn't want your melon as the target."
– Bush Hog
4.0 5
"Didn't give it 5 stars because I haven't really put it to a grouping test to see how tight the groupings are. Otherwise,works fine in my Socom II. Goes bang when I pull the trigger. No issue with performance"