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Ammo 5.56 NATO Lake City XM855 SS109 FMJ 62 Grain 30 Round Box On Stripper Clip r XM855 SS109

Lake City
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5.56 NATO, Lake City XM855, 62 Grain SS109 Penetrator Bullet, 30 Round Box on Strippers.

Arguably the best of the 5.56x45mm ammo, XM855, current and original as supplied to U.S. troops. M855 ammo with 62 grain SS109 penetrator green tip projectile, military spec annealed case shoulder, and crimped bullet and primer. NATO marked and pre-loaded on 10 round stripper clips, with three stripper clips per cardboard sleeve. Ready to quickly load your 30 round magazines.

Velocity at 78 ft: 3025 fps

Total number of Reviews: 18

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5.0 5
"Looks just like the ammo we were given when I was in the Marines. Haven't tried it on any cars or old appliances yet, but I have no doubt it will perform."
– Steve E.
5.0 5
"This ammo is what's issued to the military. It fills the gap between the impotence of the 5.56 ball ammo and the hard hitting 7.62 ammo when used on hardened targets. I've shot this at 1/2\" steel plate and it didn't have any issues hitting the target behind the plate. I'm very happy with the performance of this ammo and I'm glad to be able to purchase it outside of the service."
– 41st EIB
4.0 5
"This ammo is the same as the rounds I was issued in Iraq and during live fire exercises throughout my career in the Marines. The brass is fairly bright and the rounds are stamped Lake City 2011. From my experience with LC M855 1-2\" MOA can be expected from 16-20\" barrels consistently."
– Red Leg Marine
3.0 5
"Bought a few boxes of M855 a few years back and was very impressed with the quality, this batch not so much. I do realize that this is still quality ammunition but CTD needs to clarify that these boxes are marked 'NOT FOR DUTY USE' which, to me, means that they didn't make the grade for duty ammunition due to quality issues. It's just fine for what it is but based on the description I expected better, the brass is a little dented and just looks a little rough all the way around. I would buy again but the description needs more detail."
– Tony
4.0 5
"After reading other reviews, I got just what I expected. The brass was slightly scarred/scratched, but nothing that would prevent me from shooting it. There were very few rounds that had any dings and those were VERY small (probably came from when the neck was crimped around the projectile as they seemed to be in the same spot.) The primers were all seated level and were in good condition. Will add a review when I shoot them (provided the zombie hordes cooperate and try to overrun my \"POS\".)"
– Jarhedz
4.0 5
"It was labeled as \"not for duty use\" it should be on the description part on the web about the ammo the only downside for me. Went to the range shoots nice on my LWRC M16A2 having a good groups at 25 with every bullet holes touching each other and 50 yrds .5 to 1.5 inch groups using an Aimpoint and CMR 1x4. At 100yds, the max range for rifle near my place, I'm having 2 to 2.75 inches groups. I think I will order more just to have ammo for plinking."
– gun fan
3.0 5
"I gotta admit, from what others are saying about this ammo I almost didn't make the purchase, but 30 rds of Green Tip .556 at this price, pre-loaded on stripper clips, I couldn't let this one go. I shot some nasty, dinged, crappy M855 in Afghanistan and the stuff still hit what I aimed at (and hit it hard sometimes past 600 meters). I am glad to be able to buy surplus 5.56 at a reasonable price."
– Sergeant D
5.0 5
"There may be some minor imperfections, but pull trigger, go bang, eject. That's what you got. I did my research before I purchased this stuff and I know this was a good price. If you want perfect ammo, learn to reload or learn to pay a dollar a round."
4.0 5
"I ordered up some of this ammo when it went on sale. I figured for the price, I couldn't go too far wrong. I'm not sure when those complaining of the \"Not for Duty Use\" stamp bought theirs but mine has no such stamp.Ammo works fine."
– Mudinyeri
5.0 5
"Just got my ammo today and I am very pleased! Brass is bright but there are a few dings here or there. I cant wait to let these babys fly down range! Thanks CTD for a great product at a Great price!"
– jon up north
5.0 5
"Good price for good ammo. A little dirty but better than what we were issued in Iraq by a long shot. Shot 90 rounds 100-300 meters with no FTF, no FTE. Plan to buy some more."
– Raybo
5.0 5
"Excellent rounds! VERY clean! NO miss-fires in over 200 rounds! The stripper clips make loading my M4 pleasant! I wish I had a couple thousand of these put up for WTSHTF! I will work on building my 2000 round ammo cache of these AWESOME rounds!"
– OneJedi
4.0 5
"I am partial to the XM855 rounds, and these are just fine as reloads go. I dropped one bullet from the rating because of the cheezy packaging, I mean, c'mon guys- what's the deal with the paper strapping tape over the cut-open box?"
4.0 5
"Like a couple of other people, my ammo is marked \"NOT FOR DUTY USE\" on the boxes, but there's nothing wrong with the rounds. It's pretty obvious the cases were annealed, there is discoloration on the brass from the heating, so I guess these are reloaded. Works just fine though."
– Zane
5.0 5
"I bought some of them lake city m855 62 grain ss109 penetrator 5.56 ammo. Why are the 30 rd boxs tape up on the end its like they came from another box or something. Is it the real military ammo? Some know the answer. First time I have bought this before. I heard it was outstanding ammo good enough for the military is great for me."
– mule head
5.0 5
"The cardboard \"silencers\" have no top, they have \"V\" notches on opposite sides of the open end to aid getting the loaded stripper clips out of the box in the field. They are designed to be carried in bandoleers or ammo pouches where a top would not be needed or desired when you reload mags while in firefight. The tape is to keep rds in the silencers during shipment."
– Mike
5.0 5
"No ftf or fte. Don't really know how much more effective or useful the steel penetrator is but cool to have. Packs a lil more recoil then xm193 sure its due to the heavier grain round make sure you have a spoon 4 the stripper clips I spaced on it and had to take all the rounds off. Good buy."
– DNoss
5.0 5
"Alrighty then, these are rounds I used In the Army. They say not for duty use because Police officers cannot or should not use them due to the penetration. They are armor piercing rounds so will go through a person and maybe hit another person. Great for hogs heads too."
– Retired Sgt. Gilliam