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Ammo 5.56 NATO Lake City M196 Red Tip Tracer 55 Grain 840 Round Can

Lake City
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We found a lot of early 80's Lake City red tipped tracer rounds as used by elite forces world wide. The NATO 5.56x45mm, 55 Grain tracer rounds permit visible observation of the bullet's inflight path or trajectory to the point of impact.

Chamber Pressure: 52,000 psi
Velocity 3200 fps, 15 Feet from Muzzle
Visual illumination begins at 50 yards
10 Rounds per stripper Clip packed in a .50 caliber ammo can for a total of 840 rounds.

Ammunition is not returnable. 
Total number of Reviews: 18

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4.0 5
"I shot one hundred rounds so far and every round has fired. Most rounds traced. There were a few that didn't, but that is what I expected when I noticed they are from 1989. The ammo can is great. All of the rounds come on stripper clips, have guides, silencers, and bandoleers. Not bad. I give it a rating of 4 bullets since they are old."
– c
4.0 5
"Nice ammo, fresh air from 1990 when I first opened the can. The ammo worked well, it traced at least 95% of the time. Well worth it in these troubled times. CTD's price was anywhere between $50-$150 cheaper than other vendors."
– Doug S
4.0 5
"Ordered on Sunday: delivered Wednesday. Ammo looks very good and clean. Can't wait to light a few up at dusk. Thanks CTD!"
– BT
4.0 5
"Shot a bandolier with my Rock River AR. Only had two that didn't light up. Great show. Will save the rest for the real thing."
– BT
5.0 5
"WOW! If you live in Texas, you can order after the bad guy gets to your house and the ammo will beat him to the door! I ordered my ammo on Wed. @ 1pm and it was at my door by 9:35am Thurs. Standard 3-5 day shipping!"
– KingCobra33
5.0 5
"I bought a can of this ammo on 10/29, and it arrived a few days later. I finally got to shoot about 100 rounds this past weekend. Every round fired, and all but maybe one or two traced. Very happy with my purchase, I came back to buy some more, but it went up in price. I wish I purchased more of it at the old price!"
– Bert
5.0 5
"This is some bad a** ammo. Works great in my Colt AR-15."
– ed
5.0 5
"Bring on the night time zombies!!! I broke open the can, and after choking on the crisp Nirvana air, I see such a sight I haven't seen since I was doing a live night fire in the Army. Lots of bandoliers of red tipped tracer ammo. After stuffing 100 rounds or so into 30 rd mags (thanks so much for the stripper clips), I was ready to go light up the night sky. After killing several zombie targets, and anything else around worth my lead love note attention, only a few rounds failed to light. Just got to love it, worth every penny. Buy this ammo. Might pick up another can for the apocalypse."
– Gene
4.0 5
"4 out of 5 traced. It shoots a little dirty, but it doesn't get any better for plinking. Great ammo for the range."
– TheDude
5.0 5
"Great with full auto! 95% light, had to have more!"
– 1Gunnut
5.0 5
"Good buy for the price of ammo now a days. I liked the fact that the ammo came on stripper clips with bandoliers in a .50 cal ammo can, too. The shipping was fast and the ammo does exactly what it says. It was a great price for the number of tracers that you get and they trace a lot better than the orange tipped tracers like the XM856 American Eagle tracers. Will get more in future if supplies last."
– Tracer Man
5.0 5
"Price is kinda high but it lights up for the most part. 30 yr old ammo. The can/strippers/speed loaders and bands make it wayy worth it for the prepper minded ;)"
– TheVerve
4.0 5
"Great ammo. Shoots well in my Mini-14 and Colt AR-15."
4.0 5
"Gotta love it! Great price for what you're getting. Fun to shoot up!"
5.0 5
"Can't beat it for the price. Shoots straight and glows red. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!?!?!"
– Rizzo
5.0 5
"I saw the reviews and this ammo seemed to be hit or miss. I gambled and split a can with a friend. We shoot outside in the wet part of WA so this was inexpensive ammo regardless.Manage your expectations!!! If you are shooting this, chances are that you will not see much, if any trace at all. If you stand off to the side while watching them being shot by someone else, then you can see clear trace. These need at least 25-30 yards to begin the trace; they will not light up right out of the barrel....this is how they were designed for the military because tracers work both ways."
– Brian
4.0 5
"I'm not a fan of tracers unless firing full auto but the price was very good at the time. In Nam my 60's were all tracer minigun belts. Kept their heads down! This ammo shot well and accurate out of my Bushmaster Varmiter 24\" barrel. Turns ground squirrels to dust ."
– Dennis Bartlett
5.0 5
"The biggest negative reviews I see is that this ammo is old and they all don't \"light up\". I have shot this ammo when the mfg date was but a few months old and they didn't all \"light up\" then either. Just be concerned that they fire. I have never had a mis-fire or a jam with when using this ammo. When you can find it- buy it. If it is on sale, consider yourself lucky. Thanks CTD!"
– Texan 2000