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Ammo 5.56 NATO Federal BTHP 62 Grain 20 Round Box MK318 MOD-O USMC "SOST" Match Bullet 2925 fps

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5.56x45mm NATO Federal BTHP 62 Grain 20 Round Box MK318 MOD-O USMC "SOST" Match Bullet T556TNB1. The military requested these be marked seconds to be sold to the civilian market.

This new SOST round from Federal Cartridge was engineered for the USMC as a supplemental replacement round to M855 green tip with more desirable terminal characteristics. NSN # 1305-01-573-2229. Designated as MK318 MOD-0 the round was designed as a barrier defeating round with superior penetration and better ballistic stability when shooting through glass, car doors and other barriers where other rounds perform poorly. It was engineered after the Marine Corps identified issues with the M855 round. This round utilizes a 62 grain open tip boat tail hollow point bullet with a lead core and reverse copper jacket creating the open tip.

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4.0 5
"Bought a couple of boxes of this to test against my current go to round, the M855 \"green tip\" penetrator round. Both are 62 grain, but I was curious to see the difference in POI at 100m or so. Firing from the prone supported, using a FN SCAR 16S with a 16\" 1:7 twist barrel, the POI was almost identical to M855 rounds, and grouped very well too. The rounds POI also matches up well with the 64 grain M856 Tracer rounds sold here too. Definitely worth considering if you want a good, BTHP 5.56 round for use as a \"SHTF\" or \"Zombie Defense\" round. Only down side, and the only reason why I can't give this 5 stars is the price."
– Airborne_Alpha-17
5.0 5
"Great ammunition and best price here. Usually use XM193 but these have proven to be much more accurate and consistant...tested 150 rounds @ 100 and 200 yards, 1:9 twist 16\" Bushmaster XM-15..never a miss feed either. Now just stocking up on these for the day Zombies take over because I know they will do the job. Another note...first shippment of 500 came with water damage to the boxes (shipping problem). Cheaper than dirt had a whole new shipment in great shape and service sent to me within 2 days from me returning the damaged shippment. Great to do business with you. Thanks!"
– AY
5.0 5
"Great ammo! all bullets were seated to exacting depths, clean brass, primer and case mouth sealed... Ammo is pricey but you get what you pay for. Good luck even finding a round of this type that matches the quality you get from these. Will no doubt be buying more!"
– Camper
5.0 5
"Fired several into test medium of half gallon jug of water backed by white wood 2x, 14\" wet newsprint, and another 2X. Jugs \"mistified\" more impressively than by Partizan 69 HPBT used as comparison. There was lead wash around entrance to 2x. Exit from 2x was much smaller than 69 HPBT, same for the destruction channel in wetlap. Penetrated about nine inches of wetlap. Recovered bullets consisted of solid bases expanded to about .26 just forward of crimping groove; front core missing. The 69 HPBT fragments played out by 7 inches. This is gonna be good game ammo, not just SHTF, though richochets may be more of a concern than with traditional HP's."
– Mizzoubi
5.0 5
"Bought half a case - tested from bipod in 14.5\" BCM carbine, 5-shots @25 and @100. The @25 was one hole .50\", 3 of @100 were one hole with 1\" flyers at 12 and 3 (likely the shooter).Much tighter groups than any of my M855. More consistent than the TAP FPD 75gr, faster and more accurate than the BVAC 62gr, similar to but better consistency @100 than the Fusion 62gr.Cannelure and crimp is good. No sealant on primer.To be clear, the brown box is not mil-spec, it is civilian \"loaded similar to MK318\"."
– Load Test
4.0 5
"Great ammo. Feeds well, and very closely matched to the 62g Green Tip out of my 16' Bushmaster with ACOG. Seems to be fairly clean as well. Definitely stocking up. Only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is the price."
– Michael
5.0 5
"Ammo is great. I did have an issue with this order. My order was shorted by 5 boxes of this ammo. Thanks to the customer service crew for resolving this and getting my order corrected within a week. Good Job, CTD. Five bullets for customer service."
– Michael
3.0 5
"I ordered 5 boxes based on the superlative reviews here on CTD. When I opened my first box, the primer seating was drastically uneven from round to round. I can't return them but if I could I would. Based on other ammo (Black Hills, and BVAC of the same or similar rating--BTHP, 62, 69, and 75 gr.) which is in the same price range and performance specs, I expected higher quality control from ammo at this price point. It just seems sloppy to have rounds from the same box come out seated between 1-2 mm apart. Haven't taken it to the range yet to see how it performs and haven't opened other boxes yet to see if this was just a dud box or if they're all seated at different depths. The rest of the reviewers seem thrilled with this ammo, so maybe it was just a bad batch, but with no recourse to send back, I'll just have to take my chances and let you all know what happens. Did no one else have issues with primers seated differently like this? Can anyone tell me if it even makes a difference as far as performance? I think from now on I'll just stick to the quality ammo I know is perfect every time, but would appreciate some feedback. Thanks."
– Raderman1
4.0 5
"This ammo does very well in carbine length gas system ARs. It was very clearly designed for that type of gas system. So, if by chance you aren't fielding a carbine length AR, this may not be the ammo for you, as it may not perform as well in other guns. However, this round put through my AR has never once FTF. Each round fired through a chronograph revealed consistent ballistics. My group conducted an independent M855 55gr green tip vs SOST test and the SOST consistently performed \"as advertised.\" For all you zombie nuts out there with carbine length gas tubes, you should field this ammo because one round would likely penetrate up to 4 zombies lined up in a row, thus maximizing your ammo efficiency. Plus, if you stockpile it, after you are eaten, Ill have plenty of ammo lying around that I didn't have to buy or carry!"
– Nordberg!
4.0 5
"Just rec'd 10 boxes less than five days after I ordered them. Inspection shows all of the primers to be evenly seated, and I measured an overall length of 2.225\" +/- .010\" for all 200. A few minor dings and dents in the cases, about on par with other Federal XM193 and XM855 ammo I've purchased over the years; same goes for overall cleanliness. Am a bit concerned, as the boxes are marked \"factory seconds,\" but assume that this just means it didn't quite meet mil-spec standards but is still fully functional. That's why I gave it four bullets. Will try it at the range next weekend, and if it works fine, I will definitely buy more."
– RetiredRacer
5.0 5
"Bought this on a flyer to use in my Sig 556 as a potential SHTF round. I was impressed with the result. Its accuracy is on par with other 5.56mm military rounds, and the damage dealt out was far superior. Left very satisfying half-dollar sized exit holes in dirt filled cans. It seems like this may be an answer to the \"5.56mm doesn't have enough stopping power\" criticism. Yes, it's a bit pricey, especially for paper punching, but for blowing stuff up or self defense, I'd recommend it without hesitation. I will be buying more."
– Cormacus
5.0 5
"Have purchased several hundred rounds of this ammo. Very consistent, accurate, and durable mil-spec quality. Radarman, and for those who find some discrepancies, every primer I have looked at appears to be seated correctly, along with the overall length. Sometimes, bullets are slightly different in length, so they will be seated accordingly to a prescribed overall length. So they might look a little different, but still shoot fine. Each of the rounds I have shot were very accurate from a 14.5\" Mid length barrel."
– Sierra276
2.0 5
"I totally agree with Raderman1's review. I have not taken it to the range yet, but I noticed everything is the way Raderman1 described."
– Hans
5.0 5
"This is some good accurate stuff in tighter twist barrels. Dependable and repeatable accuracy in rifle or carbine style firearms. Quarter size groups at 100 yards even with old eyes.This would be a good wild hog smack down round"
– Garanddaddy