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Wolf Gold .45 ACP 185 Grain SJHP, 935 fps 50 Round Box

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.45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), Wolf Gold, 185 Grain Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point Bullet, 50 Round Box.

High quality and affordable brass case ammunition with exacting power, precision and long range accuracy built into each round. Premium components ensure excellent performance and reliability. WOLF Gold is available in a wide variety of loads for tactical, hunting and collectible firearms.

*Brass Cased.
*Boxer Primed.

Non returnable item.
Muzzle velocity: 935 fps.
Uses: Personal Protection, Target Shooting.

50 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 20 boxes.

Ammo price is per box
Total number of Reviews: 11

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1.0 5
"I recently purchased a High point 45 acp. So i was looking for a cheap round to run through it to get a feel for the weapon so i purchased 2 bricks of Wolf ammo to run through it and the rounds stove-piped after every round. I thought it was the gun or maybe the clip so i bought some Blazer Brass rounds and have yet to have a problem."
1.0 5
"Worst ammo I ever used, every round jammed in my Colt 1911"
5.0 5
"i used these rounds in my glock 21 nothing but jam city but then i tried them in my ruger P90 and they worked great i guess because it only has an 11 pound recoil spring and the glock or 1911 has a heavier recoil spring which is why it jams. so use these rounds in a ruger P90 and you will have no problem at all.the box needs a sticker on it saying only use in the ruger or gun that has a light recoil spring.it gets 5 bullets for working flawlessly in the ruger but gets 1 bullet for the jamming in my glock."
1.0 5
"This is for sure cheap ammo. And when they say you get what you pay for they were not lying. Avoid this with a 10ft pole. If you use a 45 apc don't use this. Might be ok in a revolver don't have to worry about jams in a revolver, but in an auto., this stuff jams every round."
1.0 5
"this ammo jams because it has a steel casing. every semi-auto with the exception of russian made firearms WILL jam when this round is fired through it, this goes for all wolf ammo. if you have a revolver, this is a decent and cheap ammo to shoot, but i would avoid it in a non-russian made semi-auto at all costs."
4.0 5
"OK lets get some things straight here first \"Jimbo\" this is not Steel cased the GOLD line of Wolf ammo comes in brass casing so your review is useless seeing as how you are reviewing the wrong ammo, and Mason your are going to tell me that an ammo is bad in a quaility gun like a Hi Point? Honestly!? get a gun that costs more than $150 and has a triger you can feel and then we will talk about quality ammo. Hi points a over priced power coated hammers. I have a Rock Island 1911 and it loves the Wolf ammo I have over 2000 rounds of Regular Wolf through it not one jam if I do my part. As for this ammo it is good too a bit over priced but in todays ammo market what is not. Bottem line fair price for BRASS ammo not Steel like the non GOLD Wolf. But if you are going to shoot wWolf just spend a bit less for the steel."
4.0 5
"D, summed it up, this is brass cased Russian ammo, you can virtually the same results using thier steel cased ammo & NO IT WILL NOT HURT YOUR GUN ! The Polymer coatings that wolf has added are great for smoothing the case cycle & both the steel & the Gold use the same powder, I have shoot both out of my 2 Les Baer's both with the 1.5 \" accuracy package when shot from a Ransom rest & I using the same Ransom Rest tested both the gold & the steel case , got 3\" plus or minus a 1/4\" out of both rounds brass & steel & that is outstanding from a discount ammo & I can reaLLY ONLY BETTER THAT by going with some .75-90 cent per round match ammo & then the gune truly will shoot the claimed accuracy so bottom line Ransom Rest Tested 3\" groups @ 50 yards either case , it's really what you waqnt to spend your money on , more exspensive ammo , or another new gun."
5.0 5
"Ive used this ammo hundreds of times and there is nothing better i have no idea why you guys are having problems. Might be you need a real gun cause my 45 combat commander loves wolf"
5.0 5
"Since I own a real gun (Springfield XD-45) I never have any problems with this ammo. This ammo worked great for me, its my primary sidearm ammunition when out in the Wilderness."
4.0 5
"I have fired several hundred rounds through my Gold Cup, and have never had a problem. I only wish someone would tell Wolf that smokeless powder is now available. My only real complaint is the powder is almost as dirty as black powder. Good accuracy, too. I often carry this load when I am in thwe woods, too."
5.0 5
"These are the nastiest rounds I've seen next to the discontinued Black Talons. Wouldn't want to get hit with it. And it is a sweet deal. I don't know about other guns, but my XD is a champ. It chews 'em up and spits 'em out. If your guns won't cycle on the soft tip, then don't buy these. Any feeding issues are probably the quirks of individual firearms. Test before stockpiling so you don't get stuck with loads of ammo you can't use."