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Winchester USA .45 ACP 230 Grain FMJ 50 Round Box

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No better ammo to bring to the range or for training in your 1911 or 1911 clone then this .45 Auto "Hard Ball" ammo. Winchester USA brand ammunition provides great performance at a value price.

Muzzle Velocity: 835 fps
Muzzle Energy: 356 ft/lbs
50 Yard Velocity: 800 fps
50 Yard Energy: 326 ft/lbs
Use for target shooting and plinking

Price is per 50 round box.


Item#: 9-1386,7-AQ4170,2-WNQ4170BX,65465
Total number of Reviews: 46

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2.0 5
"Ran 500 rounds thru my Kimber Pro Carry Ten, had about every 10-12 rounds jam or fail to feed. Seems case sizing not quite up to par, although worked ok in my S&W. I guess would be ok for loose production pistols, but the tighter customs don't like it at all. Also accuracy all over the place, will get tight three or four shot groups and then you'll get one off the paper. Wouldn't recommend for better guns."
– Doug P, Florida
1.0 5
"At least one round from every mag I shot at the range jammed. I was shooting my Kimber Eclipse Custom II. Got a lil embarrased when my Kimber was misfeeding with this ammo and the guy next to me asked me \"If your getting frustrated you could shoot my pistol if u like that will never happen with a Ruger\".So needless to say I will not use this ammo again. Changed back to my regular stuff and been fine after."
– Leo Ca.
5.0 5
"I guess these Kimber guy's are having some issues. Kind of nice to hear considering I payed a lot less for my XD and it will eat almost any ammo I feed it. I have ~1500 rounds WWB through my XD 45 ACP Tact. I have not had a single issue to date. NO FTF's or anything. I think this stuff is the best range ammo you can buy for the price. God I love my XD's!"
5.0 5
"Although I've never purchased this ammunition through cheaperthandirt, I do use it all the time. I have had feeding issues once in a blue moon. Hardly enough for me to even be frustrated, I go sometimes through 1000 rounds without problems. I own a Para Ordnance 1911 PXT Single Action Ltd. and it is very accurate. I do not know what the tolerances are on my gun in comparison with a Kimber Custom, perhaps it is an ammo that would be better reserved for non-top of the line weapons, but absolutely no problems with my experiences."
– .4orty5ive
1.0 5
"Yep...they suck! Stove pipe city!PS To the guy that bought the bargain brand pistol, theres nothin like a kimber...They just dont like cheap ammo."
– jack frost
5.0 5
"I completely agree with XDMAN, i have a Para-Ord P-14, It loves being fed WWB. In fact, im gonna go get some right now!!!!"
– Proud Para Owner
5.0 5
"Ive put well over 4 (four) thousand rounds of this thru my Ruger P90 and have not, I repeat have NOT, had ONE SINGLE JAM!!! It doesnt smoke excessively, its accurate and best of all its cheap! If one's weapon jams one must ask oneself: is it CLEAN?!?!"
– KeepItClean
3.0 5
"I have never purchased this ammo from CTD, but use it often. I fire it through my SW1911. I get a feed jam every once in a while, but not often enough to complain. The ammo is a bit dirty. With the price of ammo so high recently, this stuff is definently not bad. Would not recommend it in any Kimbers or custom pistols."
– Jason, WA
1.0 5
"Miss feed at least once per clip in my brand new SW1911. Buddy told me he has the same problem with his Springfield 1911A1. I have been shooting these though my Rugger P90 for several years and never once had a single problem in my Rugger."
– disapointed
4.0 5
"I haven't purchased this ammo through CheaperThanDirt before, but it's the only factory ammo I use when I'm practicing with my Springfield 1911-A1 Govt. I've only had problems with it jamming using factory Springfield clips (and not very often on that one either), but using the Wilson Combat clips that I bought for my gun I rarely get a jam off of one of these bullets. They fire a a bit dirtier than handloads, but they are so cheap it's hard to find components to load bullets cheaper than this!"
– captcliff
5.0 5
"These rounds are great regardless of price. I never have any feed problems with my Colt Ltwt-Commander or my Springfield TRP Operator. Also, I got tired of spending extra $ for the so called better ammo with no real improvement in my pistols. Remember that not all pistols are the same and beware the finicky target pistols......IMO I'll stay with the great accuracy and reliability of my two pistols because I can hit the target even with the cheap stuff."
– Commander-TRP
4.0 5
"I've shot 500 rds through my Kimber custom II and I've never had a jam...the round is a bit dirty though, more than I like but it was more affordable and reliable than the others."
– ragin
5.0 5
"I'll only use this ammo through my Springfield Armory 1911 TRP Operator. I've already shot almost 1000 rounds of this ammo through my gun and there have been absolutely no problems. I've been shooting Winchesters FMJ Range ammo for over 15 years and it has never once failed me; and that's with all the handgun calibers that they provide. I would highly recommend this ammo to any and everyone."
– Ian
5.0 5
"to all those that say this is dirty ammo, have you seen Wolf? for this price this is the cleanest ammo one can buy. i've never had any problems shooting the winchester white box."
– WWB Lover
5.0 5
"i shoot about 1500 rounds a week through many different types of .45s mostly 1911 and i would say that this is great ammo and i have never had a problem to those that have jams and stove pipes you ought to try cleaning your guns and magz and hold on to your gun like a man and you wont have stove pipes"
– jbcdino
4.0 5
"I've used this brand several times in several of my handguns. I would say I've shot close to 3,000 rounds of Winchester \"White Box\" ammunition at the range for practice. I've had only one stove pipe incident. Ran a bore brush through the chamber and fired another 150 rounds that day. Yes Kimber has tighter tolerences so I would reccomend having a bore brush and/or cleaning patch handy. You should any way when you're at the range. I've shot .40 S&W, .45 ACP., remember it's more of a practice ammo. Accuracy is decent not perfect, yes it's a little dirtier. You want clean and better accuracy spend the extra $3.00 a box on the WinClean."
– Matrxknght
5.0 5
"I have a Colt GunSite and this is all I shoot for practice. I can guarantee that I will out shoot most. I have never had a mis-feed. There is nothing wrong with this ammo. If your pistol will not shoot any factory ammo it's given, get a pistol that will. Your life may depend on it one day."
– brushout
5.0 5
"I was very surprised by the accuracy of this ammo. I did not expect much, considering the price. It was as accurate as my high priced \"Personal Defense\" hollow point ammo. It did not seem to be any dirter than any other ammo I've shot. My gun is a S&W 625 with a 5 inch barrel,45 ACP with full moon clips. I love my wheel guns. Never a problem loading or unloading any ammo no matter what brand or bullet style."
– Wheel Gunner
4.0 5
"I use this brand of bullet for practice with my .45 and 40 S&W. It is very accurate, not costly, and cleaner than most brands. I can consistently hit groups of 1 to 2 inches from a 25 yard distance with my Thompson 1911. I also use this bullet as a carry in my spare magazine. I have never experienced a misfire with Winchester. The reliability of the Winchester name is exemplified in the bullets that they make."
– Horace L.
2.0 5
"Used Winchester in my rifles and it worked great but tryed to feed this to my Sig Sauer P 220A and it wouldn't have none of it, stove pipe, failure to feed, failure to battery, every issue you can imagine, switched to other ammo, and the ammo fouled so bad that i had to field strip and clean it. this is a major no go."
– Chris
4.0 5
"I've put 600 rounds of white box through my Kimber no problems the problems people are getting might be the magazine don't put a 7 dollar magazine in a thousand dollar gun try changing the magazine."
– razorgrind
5.0 5
"I bought a box of the Winchester ammo for my Les Baer, It shot great. No feeding or ejection problems. The recoiled felt good. For 230 grain I was expecting more kick but it was that bad. I will defiantly be buying more of this stuff."
– Joe
5.0 5
"I shoot a LOT of 45, 9 and 357, and Winchester White Box is the ONLY practice ammo I'll buy. Never have any problems with it in ANY of my guns, and that INCLUDES a VERY high end Wilson CQB. All the complaints I hear are from Kimber owners, I wonder why that is?"
– Otter
4.0 5
"Great practice ammo. Blew through 200 rounds on snap shots and Failure/Mozambique drills at the range. Not a single problem and they were very accurate to boot. Controlled pairs were about an inch apart. Switched over to just constant rate of fire and was able to group about 30 shots within 3 inches at CQ engagement distances. Definitely will be in my range back next time!"
– Mark
5.0 5
"By far the best training ammo on the market. It went through my para big hawg like a champ."
– J
1.0 5
"Have a brand new Smith & Wesson M&P .45, and purchased two boxes of this ammo. Out of the first 50 rounds, had 7 failure to feed. Switched to Speer, and Blazer and ran through 50 rounds each without any problems. Thoroughly cleaned gun and switched back to the Winchester, and had two more FTF's and stovepiped once before I even got half-way through the second box."
– Dave
5.0 5
"This is excellent ammo . I will agree it is a little dirty, but remember you are shooting lots at one time. I usually go through 2 boxes during one practice session. The gun will get dirty no matter what you use with that volume, keep that in mind. I really enjoy this ammo, it is accurate and have never had a problem that wasn't easily fixed. Issues usually arise through operator error. Good stuff to buy for practice, and good enough for carry if in a pinch."
– Steve
5.0 5
"I've shot about 250 rounds through my Taurus PT 1911 AR and have not had a single misfeed, jam or ejection problem. They are just a little dirty, but hey, for the price they work great at the range."
– John
4.0 5
"I have fired numerous brands of ammo out of my .45's trying to find a cheap, well functioning, clean, round for the range.. For the price this is one of the best I have found. Brass casing's keep rounds ejecting smoothly (never one misfeed in any of my XD's), powder burns clean and easily cleans off with solvent and minimal elbo grease. Shoots straight, no Hot/Weak loads felt, and never once had a misfire in over 500rds. (and all this coming from a \"Federal\" man!)"
4.0 5
"I use this ammo for target/practice in my Kimber Pro Carry II and I have no problem(s) at all. It is not as clean as other ammo (only 4 stars), but it feeds and ejects just fine."
– BJ
4.0 5
"I use this for monthly IPSC competitions in my Kimber CDP II and my Caspian 1911. We go thru 200-250 rounds per match and I have not experienced ANY failures due to ammo. I gave it a score of 4 due to the dirty factor, but it is great ammo if you are going to do lots of practice/drills. Double taps are tight @ 30-40 yards. To my 1911 Brothers and Sisters, Buy quality magazines-- Chip Mccormick power mags/ Wilson combat mags and KEEP YOUR EQUIPMENT (GUNS AND MAGS) CLEAN!!!Remember to always BE SAFE!Jammer"
– Jammer
4.0 5
"Awesome practice ammo. the only practice ammo i use when i want to keep in training without using my expensive ammo. i still use my 'carry ammo' in some practices, but this ammo can still help with mag changes, draws, and weapon controls manipulation. the accuracy is enough to practice with. the only thing is that it gets a little more dirty on the firearm, but doesnt affect the functioning. no jams so far. hence, 4 stars, not 5. but still great ammo. highly recommended for practice/plinking."
– ammo junkie
5.0 5
"I bought 250 rounds of this ammo for my SA 1911A1 G.I, and I didn't have a single problem. I will continue to buy this ammo. Very little cleaning was needed."
4.0 5
"I put 2000+ rounds through my Spring Armory 1911 GI and never had a problem. I bought a Kimber TLE/II this past summer, and I had two jams in the first magazine (3rd & 7th shots). After that, I've put 1500+ rounds through it without any problems so far. I only use Kimber magazines and \"White Box\" Winchesters. I'm a former Marine, so weapons maintainence and cleaning is a religion to me. If I start having problems, I'll report back."
– Mothball
5.0 5
"Great ammo for the price. Feed 100 rounds thru a colt 45 and no issues. A little dirty, but for the price who cares. I purchased this ammo from wally world."
– Greg
1.0 5
"I put these through my p90 ruger and could not keep them on the paper at 20 yards. after 500 of these i finally bought federal law enforcement jacketed hollow points +P and was keeping a pattern i could cover with a coffee cup at the same distance. i would not recommend this for anything. i never had it jam in my gun or misfire is all i can say good about it."
– PJ in PA
5.0 5
"I have been using this ammo in a new Kimber Team Match II using the supplied kimber magazines.. A total of 900 rounds have been fired with only one FTF. No jams or misfeeds of any sort. This ammo is reasonably accurate, somewhat sooty but easily cleaned. Range sessions account for 100 rounds in a session. Great ammo for the price, it works well for me."
– northwoodsprowler
5.0 5
"Best value in ammunition you can buy! i have fired over a thousand rounds of this stuff through my XD tactical 45, No problems!!! Get it whenever you see it"
– Gunship911
4.0 5
"My brother and I ran a few hundred of these through my Taurus 24/7 Pro and worked great except for one stovepipe - as others have mentioned it was a little sooty - the front of the gun was BLACK when we were done. Wiped clean though..."
– Ken
5.0 5
"I put over 3500 rounds threw my Golck .45 ACP not 1 malfunction cleaning at 500 rounds"
– John
4.0 5
"A little dirty (4 stars), but who cares?My various 1911s shoot fine. Chip McCormick 8 round mags and standard pressure recoil spring with a shock buffer allows lets me shoot standard pressure rounds and 185 +P interchangeably.My guns shoot the Wolf perfectly. In fact my guns will feed an empty cartridge every time.People with problems have mis-tuned weapons and need a competent gunsmith."
– Ray
4.0 5
"I shot this in my glock, 1911 and Kimber ultra CDP II. Keep my weapons clean as well as my magazines. I keep a strong wrist and have fired several thousand rounds. The ammunation is dirty, but I have never had a misfire. I would stake my life on this ammunation. I am sure it would work good in the cheaper weapons as well."
– Airborne Infantry
5.0 5
"I've used these in my Taurus 145. No jams or misfires. Who cares if they're dirty? You should clean you guns after you get back from the range anyways. Good stuff."
– Paitsch
4.0 5
"This ammunition runs very well in my Mark 23 and PX4; it is very accurate as well.Every Kimber I've shot this through (Custom CDP II, SIS Custom, Gold Combat II) has never had a feed jam or extraction error. The main problem that I've experienced with this ammunition in Kimbers is premature slide lock, since the bullets are wide enough that they can sometimes engage the stop and lock the slide back - this can be remedied by having Kimber send a modified slide stop, or just by carefully Dremmeling your own slide stop down and polish it to a mirror finish.It is very dirty however but is still accurate out of a 1911 - the Gold Combat II prints well with it at 32 yards."
5.0 5
"Use nothing but this Winchester ammo for practice. Just ran 300 rounds through my Kimber SIS yesterday. No failures. Have run about 6000 rounds of this through my Kimber and another 2000 through my Ed Brown Special Forces using Kimber and Wilson mags."
– Bob
4.0 5
"It looks great and I'm sure will shoot just fine through my Auto Ordinance 1911 clone."
– justajetmech