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Independence .45 ACP 230 Grain FMJ 50 Round Box

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Independence Ammunition is quality .45 ACP 230 Grain FMJ ammo at a value price. These cartridges are loaded in brand new reloadable brass cases with boxer primers. Great for high volume shooting with out busting the bank.

Muzzle velocity: 890 fps
Uses: Target shooting, Training and Practice

50 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 10 boxes.

Ammo price is per box


Item#: 12854
Total number of Reviews: 18

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4.0 5
"I have been shooting this brand in both 40SW and 9mm. I have come to the conclusion that they are very accurate in both calibers. There is hardly any smoke and the fouling is minimal. I have had only one stovepipe and that was the 9mm during rapid firing. I recommend the Independence bullet and will continue using it in my practices and target shooting. Thank you."
4.0 5
"Good ammo for practice not to dirty I thought, A lot cleaner than S&B I thought. Ran about 250 rounds of each threw, though I never had any troubles no stove pipes or spoilers. All and all a good brand."
4.0 5
"Good stuff overall. This ammo seems to have a problem in one of my 45's with the round getting smashed into the chamber diagonally out of my Wilson and stock mags, pushing the bullet into the casing about 1/8 inch and sometimes more. Have not done enough testing with it to see if its the ammo or my pistol. Other ammo (S&B, Winchester) doesn't seem to do it. Fires fine out of my Glock, but what doesn't fire out of a Glock..."
5.0 5
"I have been shooting this ammo for years! It functions great in my Glocks, 1911\uFFFDs, and XD. Independence shoots cleaner than the Winchester white box. I\uFFFDve also noticed that it has extremely low muzzle flash more comparable to my department\uFFFDs gold dots. For practice ammo, you cannot go wrong with Independence!"
1.0 5
"All the oether reviews are true. However this stuff is not very consistent at all as far as accuracy. You know it's Korean. I'll send my money to South America. Magtech makes this stuff beg for mercy."
1.0 5
"The claimed velocity is 1240fps? That's is way above .45super, no less .45ACP for a 230 grain round. Has to be a misprint, if it's not, doesn't seem to safe."
1.0 5
"Very inaccurate, shot from glock and kimber, no consistancy would shoot anywhere from 10 foot in front of target to 10 foot over target at 25 yards. Winchester 230 grain ball ammo is the best plinker rounds I've found for the price."
4.0 5
"I used this for my CCW renewal class and it worked 100% of the time in my Ruger. I gave it only a 4 Bullet rating because it burns dirty, but this ammo goes bang every time you pull the trigger. The brass is excellent for reloading too."
4.0 5
"this stuff feeds great in my taurus pt145 pro millenium. accuracy is good for combat distance"
1.0 5
"This stuff is REALLY bad. No accuracy, fouls my Glock SF 21 worse than the cheapest Russian steel stuff. I have used most of both the good and the cheap range ammo brands and this is the first stuff I have shot that actually produced ashes, smelled funny disoclored my handgun and was dangerously inaccurate. Anyone who said this stuff is good is actually a secret sales rep for the worlds worse ammo company. Makes American Eagle and Winchester seem like Corbon or Hornandy = AVOID"
4.0 5
"I use it in my M+P 45,accurate as any other,not much dirtier either.I read its made by Federal??"
1.0 5
"Total junk. This is the worst ammo I've ever run through my 1911. Every other round was an FTE."
1.0 5
"This stuff is crap. It shoots dirty and dosen't have enough umph to blow back and cycle properly. If I could I would ask for my money back!! Shot two boxes, and regret spending the 40 bucks for them. WORST AMMO I HAVE EVER USED!!!"
1.0 5
"New .45ACP auto pistol, plus cheap ammo, equals could'nt hit the broad side of a barn at 25 feet. Spend money on BETTER ammo"
1.0 5
"I have shot this ammo in my Para .45 and I have to say this ammo SUCKS!!!. It shoots extremely dirty and cycles poorly. I tried it in my XD .45 with much the same result and am sure I will NOT be buying any more of this crap. As for the person who said that every so often it will not feed correctly pushing the bullet up to an 1/8 inch into the brass, that can cause a serious overpressure and damage your gun or possibly blow it up. Should say something to you about the ammo right?"
4.0 5
"I've sat and read all these reviews and can come to one conclusion. It must be the shooter or the gun. They all seem to have a problem with Colt or clones in 45 acp. I shoot a smith 4506 and off hand hold 4 inches or less at 25 yards. This is about the same with W.W. , Remington or others in 230 ball, not in a target gun. Thats more than enough for self defence. By the way, off hand with a S&W modle 52-2 I shoot 990 or better. That is a target gun in 38spcl wadcutter. It's not a Colt clone its a S&W. The problem seems to be the gun & shooter. Not ammo."
3.0 5
"I shot a box of this out of a brand new ruger p345. I didn't have any feed issues or FTF's at all. The accuracy sucked though. I think probably from different powder charges in the rounds themselves. I had a few rounds that we very light, and others that had alot more kick. I also bought 3 boxes of Federal 180gr Hollow points. Those just kick the crap out of these. Deadly accurate at 15 yards. Also they were cheaper."
5.0 5
"All of these reviews about accuracy make me laugh! Its not the ammo or the gun its OPERATOR ERROR! I found accuracy to be no different than any other pinking ammo. There is a difference with this and the $45 a box spear gold dot I carry while on duty. But for less than half the price and for shooting holes in paper I can stand a little larger grouping."