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Ammo .40 S&W Winchester Ranger Jacketed Hollow Point 155 Grain 50 Round Box Marked Law Enforcement Only

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Ammo .40 S&W, Winchester Ranger, 155-Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Bullet, 50 Rounds Per Box. The Box Is Marked Law Enforcement.
Winchester Ranger .40 S&W caliber ammunition was designed for the Law Enforcement officer in mind.
Made for Law Enforcement but is legal for anyone to purchase.

Ammo Price Is Per Box

Non-Returnable Item.
Total number of Reviews: 34

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5.0 5
"This is an amazing deal on \"top of the line\" self defense loads. I received it and it appears to be of better quality than a well known competitor I bought at better than three times the price per round. A wise consumer with high standards should snap up this deal. I'm ecstatic I picked up three boxes."
– AD
5.0 5
"I would challenge anyone to find better ammo for the price. 40sw JHP for less than FMJ??? Its is a great round and a no brainer for anyone looking for a deal on 40 sw Ammo. Bottom line buy it or do like me and buy 2 cases....."
5.0 5
"This ammo is not only a really good price. It is some of the most reliable stuff my beretta 96 has ever shot. Groups were tight and the ammo just cycled through clip after clip. Muzzle flip is easy to handle also. Oh yea did i mention the price?"
– easychair
5.0 5
"this is very good ammo accuret and does its job the price is outstanding also i have no complants with this i will buy more also another very good self defense round is the extream schock AFR rounds you should check them out if a 9mm AFR round will drop a 505 pound russin raor back boar with one shot broadside then they did something right"
– brian
5.0 5
"This is the best ammo at the best price. Shoots clean, accurate. Great defense round! It is not nickel like some of the other Ranger stuff but the price is unbeatable."
– Cal Worthington
5.0 5
"I have used this ammo for years. No longer considered Top of the Line because of it's conventional hollow point, but remains a very effective premium round. It's 1200 fps approx. 500 ft/lbs muzzle energy. I believe this is the best value in defensive .40 caliber ammo."
– Rakkasan79
5.0 5
"Been looking everywhere for this ammo as it is really hard to find. This ammo is the best of the best! Winchester has the best ammo, but Ranger ammo is like having the prime deal. Dependable and highly well performing ammo with a lot of expansion and knockdown power! Used by professionals made by professionals!"
– Georgie21
5.0 5
"Bought 5 boxes....love em."
– DP
4.0 5
"Bought 20 boxes for my XD 40 sub-compact and like them so far. 2 boxes through and no jams, very accurate. If you like to practice with what you carry this ammo fits the bill."
– cardshark
5.0 5
"This is good stuff. I bought two boxes. Ran one through my Glock 27 without a hiccup. Very accurate. You can feel the difference. This my carry ammo in the G-27 now. I don't think you can beat the price."
– Shooter
4.0 5
"I prefer a heavier bullet but this is a good deal and they perform well."
– BabyChris
4.0 5
"Very happy with the price and the great turn around time in order and arriving time. CTD you are the best for offering top notch ammo at a great price all the time...much thanks."
– .40 Glocks Talk
5.0 5
"This is one of the best buys for the 40 cal. you can find...you can't go wrong for this price !!!! hard hitting ammo"
– The Old Sarge
5.0 5
"The .40S&W 155 grain Winchester Ranger hollow point is a great value in regard to price and performance. I shot about 200 rounds through my two Sig Sauer pistols (P229R DAK and P250c) without any malfunctions. Accuracy was consistently very good. As I understand through the blog grapevine, Winchester manufactured quite a bit of this round and was disappointed when the round's jacket separated from its core during LE agency testing. Therefore, Winchester flooded distributors with low wholesale prices to dump its inventories. It may not quite cut the mark with certain LE agencies, however, its plenty potent enough for me to be my personal defense round. Separating jacket equals more wound channels in the bad guys! Good stuff, will buy more of it while supplies last."
– Bigborepacker
5.0 5
"Works great in my SIG 226 DAK, P229 DA/SA and Sigpro 2340.Very accurate and clean burning. Plus great price."
– Mutsy1951
5.0 5
"Great product! All rounds are in great shape, no rust. Shipped in original Winchester Ranger box. Will purchase this ammo again in the future."
– MI-Chris
5.0 5
"This ammo is a top quality. I use the Ranger ammo in all of my weapons, you would be hard pressed to find better ammo for the price, and dependablity. Buy it now before it's to late."
– rowbill1
4.0 5
"This ammo is a very good value. Although good, it is not a great round in my personal experience. After placing almost 600 rounds through a new Springfield XD 40 last week over a 4-day period at a tactical shooting school, I had about 15 failures to feeds and several type three malfunctions. That said, the malfunctions did improve as I shot more rounds through my weapon. The rounds were very accurate, but visually inconsistent. That is many were discolored and it seemed that the hollow-point in some of the lead was slightly spread out more than others, perhaps contributing to the failure of the cartridge to feed into the barrel. I am not sure if I would use this round for carry. Great for target practice and practicing how to clear occasional malfunctions- and we all definitely need practice doing that. Yep I would purchase it again, but will try some others first."
– Singlespeed
5.0 5
"This ammo is great. Accurate. Clean burning, not much mess to clean up. Doesn't give you a smoke-show every time you fire. Clean brass. Not a bad price. Will buy again. All this, and the reviews from the LE community puts this one at the top of my list."
– rb
5.0 5
"My H&K USP 40 puts these in one ragged hole at 20 yards if I can hold it off a bench shoots like target ammo but with lots more KA-BOOM, wish I could buy more but I keep shooting it all up... OK so it\uFFFDs a big hole ,but still they\uFFFDre pretty dam accurate"
5.0 5
"I have shot 1000 rounds out of 5 of my Glock pistols, 4 of my Sig Sauer pistols with no problem what so ever!! This is great ammo for conceal carry."
– TAG79424
5.0 5
"I Have Bought Several Box's Of This Ammo & Will Buy Alot More,The Quality Is Excelent, No Mis Fire's Out Of 300+ Round's,The Clean Up After Shoting Was Not Bad, I Have A 40 Caliber Colt That Just Love's These Round's. Buy All You Can While They Last, I Will!!"
– Two Tone
5.0 5
"I use this 155gr and the 135 gr. as carry ammo. I practice with what I carry. As I think everone should. If I carry it, it is very good, believe me."
– B
5.0 5
"Super fast shipping, flawless performance at bargain price.Thank You CTD"
– XD
5.0 5
"I have bought about 12 boxes from CTD...enough said."
– Shotgunner
4.0 5
"after using using several different brands and a couple different weight bullets, 160 to 180's, that went wherever they wanted I found that my Smith&Wesson Sigma really liked these rounds and was real accurate with them, even my M&P that was pretty accurate to begin with tightened up real nice with these rounds also, so now I feel better with the Sigma as my CC gun and the M&P in my duty holster"
– timbercamo1
4.0 5
"I had high hopes for this ammo. And don't get me wrong I still do. The only complaint i have is that i did have with this stuff is out of 2 mags Ii had 1 jam. Other than that the accuracy is outstanding and the clean up is great. I will probably still use this for personal defense but i will test fire it a lot more as well. I just tried it on my new Sig 2022 and I have read in some reviews about the 2022 jamming in rare occasions when you first buy it so that could be the issue."
– Adam
5.0 5
"I've been pretty impressed with this ammo..no jams and very accurate...I did the water test and there was jacket separation but that doesn't bother me at all..the expansion was great..covers a nickel easily..so I highly recommend this ammo."
– kdub
5.0 5
"I Have A Ruger P-94 That Just Love's This Ammo,It Will Cost You About The Same For Practice Round's,I Prefer To Use The Ammo That I Am Allway's Going To Use Practice Or Defending Myself,It Has Great Knock Down Power,No Jamm's Or Misfire's From This Ammo,I Get As Much As I Can When I Can,Just Allaround Great Ammo,No Matter How Far The Target Is,50 To 75 Yard's A 1 Inch Pattern On The Groupping,Protect Yourself With The Best,The Powder Is Pretty Clean After You Get Done Haveing Fun,Clean's Up Real Easy,Good Powder,Get All You Can,Thank's CTD!!!!"
– Two-Tone
1.0 5
"I ordered 200 rounds, and all of them look worn, as though the brass has already been fires, and the case recycled.Some even have bits of rust/corrosion on the bottoms.If someone can show me that I simply neglected to notice that the description mentioned this ammo was once-fired, I will change my rating and withold judgment until I shoot them. Unless/until that happens, I am highly disappointed with the appearance of this ammo. It looks like 50 year old crap."
– Perplexed
5.0 5
"Tried 2 boxes in my Gen3 G-23. this thing just eats 'em up!! no failures of any kind, and shoots pretty clean and accurate too. Didn't see any rust or other issues that some other reviewers were noticing, although the boxes did look like they were in storage for quite a while. Im going to take the plunge and grab another 10 boxes!! the wife wants to get some range time in too, so I'll grab some rangers for her model 26! LIFE IS GOOD!!! stay safe."
– desert vet
2.0 5
"Still a decent value for 50 hollow points... Definitely not \"carry ammo.\" Many in the box were corroded and/or discolored... ALL are dull looking, like they've been on a shelf for 15 years. So I completely agree with the review below... WHAT ARE THESE?? Reloads?"
– zxxflyer
4.0 5
"Great hollow point ammo, tears up jugs and watermelons. Not sure if I would trust it with my life. PDX1 180gr. will remain to be my choice for defense ammo."
– Cory H.
5.0 5
"Used this for a class I took. Bought 2000 rounds and not one problem. Performed as well as 180 grain at 25 yards punching paper."
– MG