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Ammo .40 S&W BVAC Frangible 125 Grain 50 Round Box 1210 fps Lead-Free Sinterfire Bullet Indoor Practice Ammunition BV40-RR

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.40 Smith & Wesson, BVAC, 125 Grain Sinterfire Frangible Bullet, 50 round box, 1210 fps.

Years of experience has gone into perfecting Bitterroot Valley Ammunition which is considered to be the best amongst shooters worldwide. Produced in Montana using reloadable brass and new, top quality components to make this some of the best ammunition at an affordable price! A Shot Above the Rest

A totally Lead Free cartridge, this ammunition uses lead free primers and lead free frangible bullets that contain no traces of lead. Designed with no jacket, plating, or surface treatments, creating preferred performance characteristics in a full bodied projectile. Performance characteristics include; controlled frangibility, reduced hazard, no ricochet, inherent accuracy, increased velocity, reduced chamber pressures, and decreased bore wear. Acceptable in all indoor and outdoor ranges.

Non-returnable item.
This ammunition is loaded with cleaned and resized once fired brass and other new components.
Muzzle velocity: 1210 fps.
Uses: Indoor Target Shooting, Practice.

Total number of Reviews: 19

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2.0 5
"It works, but is inconsistent. Some shots have a real kick, others do not. Some shots create a huge poof of smoke out of the ejection port, others do not. Weird."
5.0 5
"I was a little worried that the light bullet weight would cause cycling problems, but I ran 250 rounds through a brand new Glock 22 without a single issue (e.g., no FTF, FTE, etc). They are kinda ugly, loose-packed, reloads, but for the price, they are great plinking ammo. I also didn't notice any hot loads (unlike the last reviewer).On a side note, I shot through one side of a metal drum, and the cardboard IDPA target behind it looked like it was hit by bird shot (meaning that the frangible bullet breaks-up as designed). As further proof, the bullet wouldn't even shoot through both sides of a 55-gallon drum (though there may have been some trash inside)."
3.0 5
"These bullets all go bang, but, I did recieve a box that was marked \"frangable\" and was not. I shot them anyway and they were alright. (Pretty sure they were uncleaned 180 fmj). Back to the actuall \"frangable\" bullets, they are good but leave a lot of copper in the gun. This is a non-issue as I clean my gun every time, but it is something of note (more/heavy duty cleaning is required). Three bullets due to those issues (harder time to clean than 180 fmj, and mis-labeled box), however, the ammunition was very good."
4.0 5
"Got a few boxes to give it a try and was pleasently surprised - fairly accurate, no FTF/FTE, a little dirty but not bad, my XDM liket it. All in all a great value for the price lets me put more rounds down range ans I'mm all for that. I'll be getting more."
3.0 5
"I ordered 500 rounds and they were pretty good for target shooting. However, I had a couple of misfires and was trying to figure it out. I am using a Springfield .40 and mixed in boxes were 38's which loaded in the mag but jamed the weapon. I had to check each round to make sure of the right size. I found five 38's mixed in. This made me feel a little uneasy about purchasing from them again. That being said, the rounds fired just fine."
5.0 5
"I bought 50 rds. and they blew through my XD40 with zero problems. Also, they were fairly accurate. I would buy again."
5.0 5
"By now I have shot a few thousand of these BVAC lead free thru my Glocks, XDM, FN, Witness, and Sigs. I mix these in with FMJ 180 and 165 grain ammo, and even some 135 gr HP's: Frankly for practice they perform equally as well for greater economy. I have never experienced any failures of any kind. I would prefer to buy item # 5482 from BVAC (500 rd), but they are usually out of stock, so this is the next best. Also, this is far cleaner than the Russian Tula for only about a penny a round more. While I continue to look for a deal, I keep returning to this product. Thanks CTD."
5.0 5
"The first thing I noticed shooting this ammo in my S&W Sigma40ve was how comfortable it is to shoot, recoil is very manageable and accuracy is decent, this is a very good economy round. I did notice they are cleaner then a lot of lower priced ammo, especially Tula rounds, but I do clean my gun every time I use it. I do a lot of shooting at a local DNR public ground and feel guilty each time I put out 'lead' because I am very much a conservationist- this lead free ammo eases my mind...Would recommend these to anyone, good on steel or iron targets too since they don't ricochet. I had no fte or ftf related to the round, but the lower pressure of this round didn't always cycle my 19 lbs recoil spring, but when I put my 'factory' 16 lbs in it corrected the problem no issues after that."
5.0 5
"Fired 125 rounds thru my Glock 23 without any issues during a training class. Clean and accurate. Would buy again."
5.0 5
"Ordered 500 rounds of this ammo to go shooting with my sister. We ran 300 rounds through my Springfield XD and didn't have one FTF or FTE. When I got the ammo I went through all 10 boxes to make sure the brass was all good. A few of the nickle plated cases had some scratches, but otherwise nothing terrible. Most of the brass was Federal, with some of them being Blazer, Winchester, R-P, Fiocchi, and Remington. When I got around to cleaning my gun, all the powder residue came out like a breeze. Overall, excellent ammunition."
5.0 5
"Bought a few hundred rounds back in February. Put about 150 rounds through my Springfield XD .40 Service model near the end of April and they performed flawlessly IMHO. 25 yd and 50 yd targets had nice, tight groups respectively, relatively low recoil, very accurate, fairly clean burning powder, no failures at all, and overall a great round for the price. I will be buying more soon. That's for sure."
5.0 5
"I have been using this ammo and other BVAC products for several months, now. You can't beat it for the price! It shoots clean and I have NEVER had a fail to fire in several thousand rounds. It's no wonder it is always on back order! I'd buy a truckload, if I could get it."
5.0 5
"Zero malfunctions in my Glock 22 and it seemed pretty accurate. Plus, the whole frangible thing is pretty cool. Good, low priced ammo. I'm gonna buy a whole lot more."
5.0 5
"Ordered these mainly for the price. Great for target shooting. I was afraid after I had ordered 4 boxes that I should have only gotten one box until I knew they would cycle in my S&W M&P 40 (they are only 125 gr). I shot 50 rounds at the range today and had no problems. Looking forward to shooting up the rest and ordering some more."
4.0 5
"Fired this ammunition today at the range. Out of 150 rounds, I had 2 jams in my XD(M). The ammunition I had was reloaded out of Federal and Winchester brass. I usually fire TulAmmo and these reloaded shells left my pistol dirtier than usual (no biggie) and seemed to make my barrel hotter than normal also."
5.0 5
"Update: Have shot 6 boxes of this so far, 4 boxes through my M&P 40, a box through a Hipoint carbine and a box through a Hipoint pistol. No failures at all. Does seem to be a little dirty, but I always clean after each outing so no problem as far as I am concerned. The brass is a mixed bag of Federal and Winchester, and even some nickel plated. But, like I said, no failures so I am happy. I like the no-lead and frangible aspects for shooting indoors, and the price is right. Will keep ordering more. The only negative is they don't always have it in stock."
1.0 5
"Shot 50 rounds through my Beretta PX4 today. Had two misfires, 2-3 failures to feed, and 2-3 failures to eject. Too much frustration and hassle to make this worth the cheap price. I spent more time fixing mechanical problems than shooting."
5.0 5
"I fired this thru my Glock 22, Gen3, no misfires, accuracy is good, and the recoil is very low. No issues at all with my Kel-Tec Sub 2000, also in Glock .40 S&W. I fired a few shots at concrete blocks from about 10 feet away, and it put a large, quarter-sized hole in the blocks. I had a good bit of material blow back at me. It entered the block wall but didn't exit thru the other side. These bullets go right thru wood, deep enough that I can't tell if the round was solid or not. This is my first experience with frangible ammo. It was not what I expected. I loved them and will purchase much more after I pick up my other Glock."
5.0 5
"Ammo looks fine and works fine. Not much more to say. Price is decent and I like that it's lead free."