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Federal .357 MAG 125 Grain JHP 20 Round Box 1440 fps

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A versatile bullet that functions well in revolvers and semi autos; the JHP creates quick, positive expansion with proven accuracy. Its specially designed jacket also ensures smooth feeding in autoloading firearms.

Muzzle Velocity: 1440 fps
1240 fps at 50 yards
1161 fps at 75 yards
1096 fps at 100 yards
Muzzle Energy: 575 ft/lbs
427 ft/lbs at 50 yards
374 ft/lbs at 75 yards
333 ft/lbs at 100 yards
Use for self defense and hunting

20 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 10 boxes

Price is per box


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5.0 5
"This is the one, the 125 JHP .357, statistically 95% one shot stopper. That is apparently for all handgun loads, although one wonders about the newer mammoth handgun loads or the .44 Remington Mag not being as or more effective. Lack of data with these loads is likely the reason, if not the hot knife through butter affect. Of the mainstream cartridges available, the ones actually in day to day use, when the numbers were added up, this was the result. Not a surprise really, compared to the .38 Special or anything smaller, the ballistics figures tell the story. The 9mm has excellent ballistics for its size and is the reason it is used by the military and law enforcement, as well as being an autoloading round, but it does not match the .357. The old .45 does not have the velocity to match the .357, but here we get into the speed vs slug size argument, and there is no doubt that a larger bullet has added stopping power. The standard FMJ loads for the .45 also lessen it's performance. Newer rounds like the .357 Sig don't have the base of statistical data other rounds do, so at the moment this .357 round is the king of the hill. The notion that anything less than this is worthless is ridiculous of course, I imagine I would be feeling pretty bad with a .22 LR slug in my belly. I just might not be feeling anything with one of these .357's in me! And don't forget, being hit by a .17 HMR is worse than being missed by a .50 BMG!"
4.0 5
"Don't be fooled. I mistakenly thought these were \"Hydra-Shok\" rounds. THEY ARE NOT. I'll blame myself for this one. Also they are SEMI-JACKETED so you'll get some lead in your barrel."
5.0 5
"This is the round I carry for self defense. Its also loaded in my house gun. Made a video of my testing and uploaded it to youtube. Shot a number of things so there are multiple videos. Search for andreleger2001 and my tests should come up. Highly recommend this round."
4.0 5
"Yes, they are \"Semi-Jacketed\", but No, the lead does not contact your bore. The jacket does. The exposed lead is at the front of the bullet. Approximately the first 1/16\" of the bullet is exposed lead. This includes the hollow cavity and a little lead behind it. The jacket is scored to assist in uniform expansion. The hollow cavity is quite wide. HydraShok or not, they should expand very well. This is a very stout load. I've even had some rounds jump the crimp ion my S&W 66 far enough to jam the cylinder as the bullet nose packed against the rear portion (forcing cone area) of the barell inside the frame. As always, practice with this round before carying it to save your life so you know how it behaves in your gun and with your shooting style. Good, strong stuff."
5.0 5
"These are the ones you all been hearing are the best man stopper. These still have the best street record. Two things you must consider with this load, Recoil and Muzzle flash. I am more concerned with the muzzle flash. I have shot these at night in a 6 inch L-Frame and the muzzle flash blinded me. I still keep all my 357's loaded with these. They open up like a rain drop! They penetrate deep! Excellent self defense round. I only wise they would go back to selling them in 50 round boxes like the old days!"
5.0 5
"In my opinion, these are the best made. I've shot through metal, wood, snow, water, earth, and junk. These outperformed all my samples(20-25 others from various manufacturers). The kick and flash were also the worst. Practice with these is highly recommended. For lighter work(in all categories) I thoroughly enjoy my #2 round, the Wincheser 110 grain SJHP. I think this is a better inside/bedside round. Good shooting."
5.0 5
"This is the 357 with the stellar reputation and it doesn't disappoint. Large muzzle flash, mule-like kick and a big bang that will turn heads at the range. More over, this is the round that will most effectively put the bad guy down. Practicing to get good with it is fun; this is hard to find ammo - CTD has a great price on it."