Ammo .338 Ruger Compact Magnum Hornady Superformance 225 Grain InterBond Boat Tail Polymer Tip Bullet 2750 fps 20 Rounds 82138

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Hornady Superformance ammunition is a high performance hunting line of ammunition, loaded to meet higher velocities than its competitors in the same caliber and projectile weight class. For flatter trajectories, and superior stopping power, choose Hornady Superformance.

Hornady's perfected proprietary bonding process results in a bullet whose core will never seperate from the jacket. The SST Polymer Tip aids in rapid expansion, allowing for high weight retention, and rapid, positive expansion, even through thick hide and bone.

Thanks to the bonded core and a thicker, stiffer jacket, the InterBond retains over 90% of its mass, and delivers deadly terminal performance for a quick, sure kill. Combined with the proven ballistic advantages and accuracy of the SST design, the InterBond is destined to make a big impact on your next hunt. Unlike partitioned and dual-core bullets, where the front core can separate from the bullet mass, the InterBond always holds together. In addition, the InterBond expands to over twice its diameter for maximum energy transfer at all ranges. The Hornady InterBond is the one bullet that delivers deep penetration and a destructive wound channel. It delivers premium performance at a price much lower than the competition.

2750 fps at Muzzle
2575 fps at 100 yards
2407 fps at 200 yards
2245 fps at 300 yards
2089 fps at 400 yards
1940 fps at 500 yards
3778 ft/lbs energy at Muzzle
3313 ft/lbs energy at 100 yards
2894 ft/lbs energy at 200 yards
2518 ft/lbs energy at 300 yards
2180 ft/lbs energy at 400 yards
1880 ft/lbs energy at 500 yards

20 Rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 10 boxes.

Ammo price is per box.