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Silver Bear .308 Win. Full Metal Jacket Zinc Plated Steel Case, 145 Grain, 2755 fps, 20 Round Box, A308FMJN

Bear Ammo
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Simply put, this is some of the best ammo with a steel case on the market today, at an unbelievably great price! Get the reliability of brass, the cost of steel, and the performance of the Bear!

The Barnaul Machine Plant JSC is one of the leading producers of industrial goods and ammunition in Russia. The plant's history goes far in the past to the period of Alexander I. The Emperor ordered the opening of the first cartridge plants in St. Petersburg in 1869. During World War I the plant supplied the Russian Army and operated out of St. Petersburg, During World War II, the plant was relocated to Barnaul, where production of various types of cartridges began.

Silver Bear loads feature a distinctive polished zinc plating on the steel cases which ensure exceptional reliability, functionality and feeding a variety of firearms. The projectiles are made from lead however may contain a bi-metal jacket which will attract a magnet. The cases are Berdan primed which makes them not-reloadable, however the ammunition will have a much longer shelf life when compared to other factory loads. Silver Bear is loaded to exacting standards to ensure you receive a quality product. It's clear to see why more people are turning to Silver Bear to meet their everyday ammo needs.

Caliber: .308 Winchester
Bullet Weight: 145 Grains
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Projectile
Muzzle Velocity: 2755 fps
Polished Zinc plating Steel Cased
Berdan Primed
20 Rounds per Box

Note: The projectile is a lead core however the jacket is bi-metal and it may contain steel. As such it would attract a magnet


Item#: AMM-692,18-A308FMJN-20,7-A308FMJN
Total number of Reviews: 63

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1.0 5
"this ammo sucks i shot it in my savage arms model 10 and it jammed the bolt and would not allow me to eject the round. I had to use a rod to punch it out."
– texan
4.0 5
"I shot over two hundred rounds of this ammo with my CETME assault rifle without any problems. At 100 yards (max distance at my local range) I could not detect any difference in accuracy from ammo costing three times more! I will use it again when it becomes available."
– Silver Bear 308
5.0 5
"seems like a rifle malfunction. i've fired hundreds of silver bear 308 rounds with zero failures and results far surpassing remington corelokts. BEAR ammo is by far the best bang for the buck! THANKS CTD for making it possible for me to have that chance!"
– twgladf
4.0 5
– volfrmtn
5.0 5
"I bought and fired 1000rds of this over the past year in my SOCOM II without a single problem. I was a little worried about the Steel Case since Springfield says only to use brass to prevent damage to the chrome barrel, but I figured the Zinc Coating would provide the needed lubrication. In any event, I have been very happy with this ammo. The red epoxy used to bond the bullet and primer does make a mess, but is easily removed during cleaning with Gun Blaster or Carb Cleaner type products. In terms of accuracy, I shoot this rifle for fun, but have no problem shooting tight groups at 100yds with open sites."
– Drew
1.0 5
"This ammo is fine if you are planning on throwing some lead down range in a semi-auto. It works fine in my M1A. I had a few cracked necks but it ejected them. I was using it to break in my Remington 700 Match rifle, and the 4th shot jammed in there and I had to take it to my gunsmith to get it out. Don't use this stuff if you have a rifle with tight tolerances."
– Beron
4.0 5
"I have used this stuff in a few of my rifles and its sure fire. My savage 10fp also tends to get sticky bolt so i dont use it in that anymore. However, my belt fed 1919A4 absolutely loves this stuff - have put several thousand downrange and never a problem. The only downside is being steel cased and not reloadable, nor selling for scrap like brass. I will not hesitate to put this stuff in my semi autos, but the tight toleranced bolt guns will only get the good stuff from now on.hope this helps."
– GR5150
1.0 5
"This may be okay for automatics, but it gummed up my Remington 700 after about 40-60 rounds. Would not recommend it."
– Paul
1.0 5
"I bought 1,000 rounds of this crap trying to save $....bad idea.Using a Remington 700LTR & Savage 110, the casing swells and the casing will NOT eject. Forced me to punch the casing out with a rod, which is not good.The rounds I did get off were terribly inaccurate...horrible group from only 100 meters. This stuff is a waist of time and should not be sold...in my opinion.Dont waist your money."
– Horrible
4.0 5
"I bought 200 rnd's of this stuff to loosen up my new CETME G3 clone. I'm very pleased with the performance and the price. Great bang for the buck especially if you are just tossing lead to loosen up a notoriously tight action. I'd use this anytime for killing paper. It seems from the reveiws that this stuff isn't suited to the bolt action guys, but for a sloppier semi or auto action I'd use it anytime. Thanks CTD."
– HueyChief
4.0 5
"I have put over 150 rounds through my M1A with zero problems.I have NOT tried to shoot this stuff through my Remington 700VSF after reading some of the other reviews. It is not nearly as accurate as even low end Federal rounds, but for the price, it is a good value. It is not as dirty as I had expected either, although I have seen some red primer material in my chamber after a day at the range. I will buy more of this stuff. If you are looking to feed a hungry M1A, this is the food you have been looking for."
– audiosean
5.0 5
"I have been using this ammo for a long time it is the same ammo as Barnaul brand made at the same Barnaul plant in Russia and has the same stampings only difference is Barnaul's is 168gr FMJ. I shoot this in my Russian Saiga 308 16\" barrel and no lie I am nailing 1 1/2 \" to 2\" groups all day. Better than equal to high price 308. Guys with match grade bolt actions you cannot use steel case ammo unless it is Russian or most older foriegn bolts shoot steel case just fine. Newer match grade rifles have extreamly tight chambers to increase rifle performance and steel case ammo does not damage chrome lined barrels for the other member that brought that up. Most AK some AR-10's Saigas have chrome lined barrels and are designed for steel case ammo except AR's(do not ever use steel case ammo in AR's for the same reason with the match grade barrels tollerences are to tight and you will have nothing but problems) by the way Barnaul ammo is cheaper to but it is the same quality nickle plated ammo. The 7.62x39 Barnaul is outstanding for the AK's also."
– James Swayne
5.0 5
"I really like this stuff- works great in my g3 clone."
1.0 5
"I'm very unhappy with the preformance of this ammo. I could not get one clip through my PTR-91 without having a misfire. I usually go for wolf witch is dirty but reliable, but CTD was out at the time I got this ammo. I did everything to make sure it was the ammo and not the gun causing the problem and I can say with great confidence that I will not be wasting my money on this ammo any more."
– The Gun Guy
4.0 5
"I bought 100rd about an year ago at an great price, now just got around to try it my 308 britsh jungle carbine. It work will with my rifle itill about the 12th round(started to hard to exject), but I going to order lot more of this ammo SOON."
– 308 silver bear ammo
4.0 5
"Bought this at previous lower price wasn't to sure because of a recent negative review. Functioned fine in my PTR 91. Wished I had bought more at previous price."
– 2sofflead
2.0 5
"wish i would of listened to the steel case warning for m1a rifles...popped the extractor right out the top of my rifle after 150 rounds...one good thing,it was the only brand out of 3 to punch through the steel plate"
– m1a
5.0 5
"I have a new Mossberg ATF 100 in .308 and I m holding down 2\" groups at 200 yards no problem. No other problems. Hey its better then spending a lot more for the same thing. (Better then WOLF)"
– Nick
5.0 5
"Cheap ammo that cycles roller delayed blowback action wonderfully. WILL BUY MORE FOR SURE"
– jeffron
5.0 5
"Been shooting this stuff in my PTR91F with very good results. No failures of any kind so far in 200 rounds. Getting very good groups at 100 with the irons."
– Hank Hill
4.0 5
"These bullets have performed flawlessly in my Remington 770 . These bullets are the best for the money but they seem to hit a little bit high. Overall no jams whatsoever in my rifle just make sure they don't have the red lacquer around the area where the bullet is seated and your bullets will eject fine. WILL BUY AGAIN!"
– Michael
4.0 5
"I was a little hesitant to shoot steel cases in my Ruger M77, but it worked well enough. They were a little harder to eject than the usual federal brass cheapos that I shoot for hunting. I also found that they seemed to hit a little higher, but probably due to the bullet weight more than anything. Overall, I'm happy with them and will buy more for shooting at the range."
– pkaz
4.0 5
"Not bad for the price. 400 rounds through an FAL with one failure to feed, no misfires. All in all, can\uFFFDt complain too much. I wouldn\uFFFDt expect sub MOA out of this stuff, but for plinking, it\uFFFDs perfect. If in doubt, pick up a few boxes, you\uFFFDll probably wind up buying more. Thanks CTD."
– Sean
4.0 5
"i used thes in a brand new marlin xl7 and i was shooting 1inch groops at 100 yards.Not a bad round never hade a missfire. I seen people were talking abough these being dirty rounds they were just like the winchesters i was shooting only thing differnt abought them was there smell. i wouldnt never use for game though. But they are a really good pentrating round"
– mike w.v.
4.0 5
"Ran 60 rounds through a PTR-91. Good accuracy, no failures. Ordered a bunch of this and I thought I was taking a risk. It is decent range ammo. I was pleasantly surprised.It IS dirty however, but if you're cleaning your gun after each use, it shouldn't matter."
– Another Shooter
5.0 5
"This is good ammo, it works well with no problems."
– p.308
5.0 5
"At two hundred yards Silver Bear grouped better than Federal Gold Medal Match. Every round fed and fired.Armalite AR 10 T."
– flyxpl
5.0 5
"I bought 5 boxes of this stuff. I then read the reviews and thought I got jacked. This ammo is perfect for the application; although not the best ammo beyond 500yds, it cycled perfectly. I bought a really cheap used Remington 742 that is in ok shape. I bought 20rds of the Winchester SuperX and could only shoot 9. The gun malfunctioned after every round, and I couldn't even hit the target at 200yds. I thought it was the gun, $200 with a nice Leupold scope, seemed like it wasn't a too bad investment. Then this ammo came, I shot 80 of the 100 rounds without 1 malfunction. It fired flawless, and even hit all three rounds on the same size target as before at 500yds. The ammo was slightly dirty, but was not as bad as many others I have shot out of my M1A. Buy this ammo!"
– Jacob
4.0 5
"Works great in my cetme and in my M1A as well. No problems. It's not MOA but is certianly minute of milkjug! I will buy more!"
– Cetme Guy
5.0 5
"This stuff runs perfect through my PTR 91. It is not the cleanest burning stuff out there, but it is not the dirtiest either. I was very pleased with the accuracy, but don't expect hunting, or match grade performance; I like to call it combat accurate. Perfect ammo for a great day at the range, dropping steel cans 100 yards. Same can be said for the .223 stuff which I shoot religously out of my MSAR STG-556."
– Sammie Six Inch
5.0 5
"I ordered 100 rounds and i put them through 2 rifles my Savage 308 and it fired just fine wiht no problems. I also fired them with my AR10 that i just got back from Armalite for having jamming problems and it was great no round jammed at all and all rounds fired great. This ammo is good for messing around/"
– Chris
5.0 5
"I ordered 5 packs each of the FMJ and softpoint for my PTR91. I did not have any issues at all and think it is cleaner than Wolf. All rounds targeted were on 12\" x 12\" targets @ 100 yards. I was standing using iron sights firing a good grouping for these conditions. This will be my new range ammo for the PTR91. No more paying double this price for crappy Wolf ammo locally."
– kbox
5.0 5
"I took 400 rds with me to an Appleseed Shoot. I went though 250 doing the AQT. Not one failure with my H-K91A2. We shot up a TV set and couch just for fun. You could fire as many rounds as you wanted for 30 seconds. I went though two 30 round mags in 30 seconds. Worked flawlessly! Rifle was very dirty after, but I needed to clean it anyway. Great ammo for the price! Will buy more to refill the mags."
1.0 5
"Did not work at all with the DPMS AR-10. Loaded directly and not one fired. Might work just fine for other rifles but don\uFFFDt waste your money if you\uFFFDre using a AR-10."
– roadracer
4.0 5
"Pretty decent ammo for the money. Put 80 rounds through my PTR-91 with only one issue. Primer blew out of one round. No problems with rifle. Ammo was not that dirty. Accuracy was ok. I bought more."
– Saltydog5150
5.0 5
"These are the cheapest well made ammo. I have no problem shooting them. Never jams. I stock up on these for practice."
– tl
4.0 5
"Have run about 150 rounds of this stuff each through my Rem 700 SPS Varmint and my Panther LR308 (DPMS' answer to the AR-10). Both love it. Not the most accurate, but for the price groups well with these long barrels. Have not seen any of the issues other 700 and Panther/DPMS owners have mentioned. Extracts well from both and Panther cycles and ejects strong. For reference, both rifles are fairly new and very well maintained. Both have seen between 800 and 1000 rounds total."
– Bear Lover
5.0 5
"This ammo feeds/shoots perfectly in my Century CETME.Ordered 500 rounds just to test out and not a hiccup to speak of after 200+ rounds, fed well in factory CETME mags and the HK91 mags sold here for a dollar.I find that the coating on silver bear works better (feeding/extracting) then the standard \"lacquer\" coating on brown bear/Tula/wolf.Keep this stuff coming, best price I could find online.Thanks CTD"
– Trent
5.0 5
"I have been using this ammo for over a year in a Kel-Tec RFB with no feeding or firing failures. The soft point loads will deform the tips from recoil and jam in the mags, but the FMJ loads are excellent. I don't know why the guys giving bad reviews are shooting this stuff in precision bolt guns anyway. Spend a few bucks and shoot match ammo, you cheapos."
– A. Coyote
5.0 5
"I bought 500 rounds and have shot about 120 so far through my new DPMS 308L and not a single failure so far. Using factory and magpul mags. Shooting 2\" groups at 100 yards and smells funny. I will buy a lot more. Damn zombies."
– Zombie Prepper
3.0 5
"I used this ammo in my Bolt 308 Savage. After shooting about 30 rounds the residue built up on my extractor and the bolt had trouble ejecting a few rounds. The residue also was tough to clean. I would Never recommend this in a Semi-auto, unless you are using something non-expensive like a Chinese M14 or a Russian FAL copy. However, all rounds fired. Which is better than cheap Wolf 308. I would recommend purchasing a 100 rounds or so for back-up or stockpile as an emergency."
– Matt w.
2.0 5
"I used these bullets in my Savage Edge .308 rifle that I just bought in September. The results were awful. 4\"-8\" pattern 70% of the time and 30% of the time it went off the paper. This is with a new Nikon Monarch 3-9x40 scope (boresighted) and in a gun mount. Using some more expensive Winchester Super X worked flawlessly with 2\" groups with the same setup and not taking it out of the mount. Also, they are not legal in Missouri. The bullets cannot be a full metal jacket and has to have an expanding tip when hunting deer. The bullets are very greasy and you will definitely want to clean your rifle after use. I would only buy these bullets for new hunters/rifles. Just to break them in a little and get used to the rifle's kick. Results may very, but they were useless for me."
– Adam: A Missouri Hunter
5.0 5
"My new Vector G3 clone jammed every time with 1980's milsurp. The tech at Vector said \"shoot 200 rounds of steel case, call me in the morning\". So I bought Silver Bear. Commie ammo, but looks high quality, and ran almost flawlessly in my G3 from the first mag, solving feed / eject problems. Shot on a short range, so I don't know the accuracy, but lots of combat is at 20 feet, so for me feed/eject is more important than 1.5 or 3 MOA for this gun."
– Semi Challenged
5.0 5
4.0 5
"Silver Bear ammo worked flawlessly in both my first gen PTR-91 and Saiga 308-1 rifles, although my Savage and Remington bolt actions would have nothing to do with it (this is typical from Russian .308, though - if you have an American bolt gun, use American ammo). Out of the PTR I could hit a milk jug with it at 200 yards; although not match grade, the accuracy is decent enough for recreational target practice. Don't skimp on gun cleaning after shooting these bullets as they are on the dirty side."
– G-Dub
5.0 5
"My PTR-91 eats this stuff like candy. I always kept away from steel cased Russian ammo before, but if it runs this well through my rifle and is this cheap, I have no complaints. No FTEs, every round went off as it should have, plus it's funny to watch the PTR launch the bright silver cases 30 feet away. I will not hesitate to buy more of this when the time comes!"
– Robert
4.0 5
"Put 50 rounds through my M700. Ran great for what it is, all fired. Have another 40 rounds to go through. Grouping was about 3-4 MOA, but I'd say that's a lot from me. So I'd say they're a good buy."
– Crazy
5.0 5
"This stuff shot great out of my 700. Good accuracy. Not too dirty."
– Jake
5.0 5
"This ammo is great in my PTR-91. Shoots fantastic, with no FTF, shoots clean enough, and zero problems. Have shot close to 1000 rounds of this ammo :]"
– Scopion
4.0 5
"Shoots through my PTR!!! Not the most accurate ammo, but I've averaged 2\" groups at 100 yards, and about 5\" at 200 through irons. Out of 100 rounds, I honestly got about 5 bad primers, but no FTFs or FTEs. Great price for plinking and getting to know your battle rifle!"
– Mike
5.0 5
"My HK-91 loves this stuff!"
– Ghost
4.0 5
"I was shooting these rounds out of a springfield m1a with no malfunctions at all. My only complaint is that the rounds do expel quite a bit of smoke other than the good target rounds."
– Sam
4.0 5
"Long story short, my FNAR had no issues and went thru 30 rounds, with no problem. Going to order more, and give another review...."
– Barrett
4.0 5
"My Sig Sauer 716 will not cycle properly with this ammo. When it does shoot, bolt action style, it is fine, so I have to give it 3 bullets rating for at least that. Blame my rifle for being too picky. UPDATE: When I first tried this in my Sig 716, it failed to cycle properly. Now that my rifle has been broken in, I gave my left over ammo another try. It works fine! Want to up my previous review from 3 to 4 bullets! I will order more when it becomes available."
– JR
4.0 5
"Ran some of this through my Sig 716. No issues. Had 2 or 2.5 inch groups at 100m."
– wally
5.0 5
"I bought 300 rounds of this stuff for my Metric R1A1 Preban FAL with an Imbel receiver and a 16\" barrel. This is great ammo! My FAL fed it without a hiccup. I was pulling 3.5\" groups at 100 meters with it! Thanks, CTD, for keeping the price lower than ANYONE ELSE out there! I will buy more!"
5.0 5
"Shot 500 rds through my SIG 716. The ammo performed flawlessly. I had zero FTF or FTE. I think it's fantastic ammo for the money. I'll be buying some more soon."
4.0 5
"great ammo, kinda smokey but does its job. i would order again but i live in ny and cant have ammo shipped here anymore, awesome!"
– sam from ny
5.0 5
"I shot about 400 rounds of this stuff with my M1A and not a single hiccup. My only complaint would be that it's a little dirtier than other ammo, but that is fine with me (I'm going to clean my gun thoroughly anyway)."
– Fresh
4.0 5
"Great for sighting in you're gun. & not bad for a coyote chasing your chickens."
– jwl
3.0 5
"The ammo I received was not sealed with epoxy. The bullet were not properly seated 2 of 8. And I ordered over 400rounds and all the same. I think Russia isn't putting the best ammo out right now. I will try to fire the ones that are seated and re inform about quality."
– Drake
5.0 5
"Reloadable no, but that's not why I bought it , good ammo , feeds well through the AR-10, goes bang when it's supposed to, good to have on hand for \"emergencies\" and for the price on a limited budget, you can have a lot more on hand!"
– Larry
5.0 5
"This ammo shoots well and is at least as accurate as I can shoot. Great for the range... low cost and every one fired. No issues working in an M1A"