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Ammo .30 Carbine Winchester Super-X 110 Grain HSP 1790 fps 50 Round Box X30M1

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This .30 Carbine selection from Winchester Super-X is a great value on defensive ammo. It's loaded with a 110 grain hollow soft point bullet which it launches at 1790 fps. It has small hollow point on the bullet but retains a rounded shape so it will feed reliably.

Muzzle velocity: 1790 fps
Velocity at 100 yards: 1430 fps
Muzzle energy: 783 ft/lbs
Energy at 100 yards: 500 ft/lbs

50 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 10 boxes.

Ammo price is per box

Total number of Reviews: 9

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1.0 5
"My Plainfield M1 Carbine refuses to feed this ammo. I've tried close to 10 different magazines, and none of them will feed it. It loves FMJ ammo, and the Federal/Remington Soft Point, but once you throw hollow point into the mix, bad things happen.Remember, the M1 was made to fire FMJ ammo. Soft Points are pushing its limits, and soft point-hollow point is just too much."
4.0 5
"Nick's right about the feed problems in a carbine, but it works great in my Super Blackhawk.Oz"
5.0 5
"I used a lot of this cartridge in the past and found it to have excellent hitting power, a real varmint stopper. I have found that this cartridge will feed well and hit targets as the skill of the shooter allows. I have yet to experience a jam or feed problem in my Universal carbine. I know not what caused the problems mentioned in other reviews. Maybe a thorough cleaning will solve the problems. I do wish it was more available. Best wishes to all!"
5.0 5
"My military carbine shoots this ammo flawlessly. Please don't blame reliability problems on the ammo when the problem lies in the garbage guns you are feeding it to."
4.0 5
"The super-x stuff works well.Its accuracy can be very good to average,depending on the lot number.But its decent enough stuff.When My bolts springs were going,this load tended to fail to eject more than the other brands.But new ejector/extractor springs fixed that.For whats its worth,this is the stuff that gets the #1 spot with self defense use of .30 carb. in most of the \"shoot out\" accounts out there.so there ya go."
4.0 5
"I've had feeding problems with it also in both a newer gun and a military one, seems like the lead hit the feed ramp and sticks. on a defensive gun any jam is unacceptable, seems a little bore butter on the feed ramp (or other lube) cures it, but corbon or somebody else really does need to make a hp that isn't lead tipped for those that do more that just plink with what could be a nice little gun."
5.0 5
"The M1 carbine is a good defensive weapon... it was recommended to me by my father who used one for just that purpose in WWII in the Pacific with GI FMJ ammo. That having been said, I have used this cartridge for years in my six GI carbines, and its performance makes the little guns far better for hunting. I have not hunted game larger than coyotes or raccoons with them, though. At anything up to 100 yards, it is a reliably lethal combination for dispatching coyotes. (I do not hunt deer with the carbines, although they would probably be effective at short ranges with this cartridge.) I have experienced no significant feeding problems that I can recall with this round in any of the six guns, and the HSP bullet makes the carbine much a much more effective one-shot stopper. In my experience, some commercial carbines (especially Universal) are far inferior to the GI versions, and the same is true of commercial magazines. Do not trust your life to them. (I have had people tell me that the new Auto-Ordnance guns are decent, though.) If you intend to use a carbine for self-defense, get a good GI carbine, familiarize yourself with basic carbine operation and gunsmithing using the appropriate military manuals, and use this cartridge or the Remington soft point."
5.0 5
"I've used the Win 110 gr. HSP since 1972 in Universal Plainfield Iver Johnson and a variety of GI Carbines, pluse three different Ruger BlackHawks and 2 different TC Contenders. The key to feeding in a carbine regardless of make is to use genuine US GI Mags. They are expensive now and not as easy to find as they once were. The 30's are very rare because people hold on to them the 15s are MUCH more plentiful and you can still find decent deals on them. Thie Win 110 gr HSP is your friend if you use a carbine for any purpose. The bullets display controled expansion and usually complete penetration on small varmints such as coyotes and feral dogs. This ammo burns CLEAN and performance is consistent. Carbine accuracy is excellent within the range of possibilities with the carbine but in the BlackHawks and Contenders this stuff really shines. I've taken Collared Pecary at 70 yards offhand with a BlackHawk and had through and through penetration a dime sized entry hole and a quarter sized exit hole. The only .30 Carbine that I've tried that is nearly as good is the MUCH more expensive CORBON 100gr DPX. I haven't tried it on anything live yet but will this winter. I keep a stash of 3 500rd cases of the WIN for each of my Carbines. Best stuff there is for the price."
4.0 5
"I use this in my Universal Arms carbine and it works very well, tried it in a friends Universal Arms carbine and it failed to eject most times. It just seems to9 be a matter of the individualfirearm. Nothing seems to work with my friends Universal so I won't blame the ammo."