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Ammo .223 Rem. Wolf Performance 62 Grain HP 20 Round Box To Buy a Case Order 50 Boxes for 1000 Round Case

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This is high-quality Wolf Performance .223-caliber 62-grain ammunition from the Tula Cartridge works in Russia. This is steel cased, Boxer-primed, Bimetal jacket (copper over steel) Hollow point non-corrosive and non-reloadable. Muzzle velocity is 3,149 fps. 20 rounds per box, 50 boxes per case, 1000 round case. This ammo has polymer coated steel cases. Simply put, this is some of the best ammo on the market today at a great price. WOLF unveils the next generation ammunition with POLYFORMANCE™ an advanced technology polymer coating. All WOLF ammunition is backed by a 100% PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE. Imported by Sporting Supplies; please direct specific questions to them at 1-888-757-9653 (WOLF). This advanced technology polymer coating offers: Superior Reliability: The application of the polymer creates a precision uniform coating around the casing. It produces a bullet with persistent, uncompromising, stable dimensions thus leading to smooth reliable extractions. RESTRICTED STATES] AIR AK CA BEL MARIN KEYES CA BELVEDERE CA BELVEDERE TIBURO CA BLACK POINT CA BOLINAS CA CORTE MADERA CA DILLON BEACH CA DOGTOWN CA FAIRFAX CA FOREST KNOLLS CA GREENBRAE CA IGNACIO CA INVERNESS CA KENT WOODLANDS CA KENTFIELD CA LAGUNITAS CA LARKSPUR CA MARIN CITY CA MARINWOOD CA MARSHALL CA MILL VALLEY CA MISSION RAFAEL CA MUIR BEACH CA MUIR  WOODS CA NICASIO CA NOVATO CA OAKLAND CA OLEMA CA POINT REYES STAT CA ROSS CA SACRAMENTO CA SAN ANSELMO CA SAN FRANCISCO CA SAN GERONIMO CA SAN MARIN CA SAN QUENTIN CA SAN RAFAEL CA SANTA VENETIA CA SAUSLITO CA STINSON BEACH CA STRAWBERRY POINT CA TAMAL CA TAMALPAIS VALLEY CA TERRA LINDA CA TIBURON CA TOMALES CA WOODACRE DC HI IL CHICAGO MA NY BRONX NY BROOKLYN NY MANHATTAN NY NEW YORK NY NEW YORK CITY NY NY NY NY CITY NY NYC NY QUEENS NY STATEN ISLAND
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5.0 5
"I bought 5 boxes of this ammo without knowing what to expect. At the very least I thought it would be good to get practice with till we got some more expensive ammo. I had purchased a .223 Handi Rifle for my son's first deer rifle. I put 30 rounds through it myself, and the ammo was consistant, shooting 1 1/2\" groups at 100 yards using a 4x scope. On January 1st, sitting in a deer blind in North Texas, my 6yo son took his first deer with a bullet in a doe's shoulder at approximately 60 yards. The doe field dressed at 75#. The bullet went through the shoulder bones, disintegrating inside and creating several mortal wound channels. Obviously this bullet did not pass through. The deer dropped to the ground at the shot, and never took a step. She expired within 30 seconds. I realize some may think a .223 is too small for deer, but this load seems to do just fine within limitations ie. I doubt I would have let him shoot at anything beyond 80 yards, but it was obviously lethal when the trigger was pulled, once again proving shot placement is sometimes more important than power. I would recommend this ammo, it is cheap, accurate and effective. If they weren't sold out on 1/8/07, I would buy a bunch more! Good luck. K"
5.0 5
"Thus far I have shot 200+ rounds of this ammo through my Mini 14 Ranch Rifle and can honestly say, I've not had a single misfire, jam, or anything else negative regarding the bullet. It will consistantly put 9 out of 10 bullets into a 5 inch bullseye using a 6 x 32 scope at 100 yards. What I had originally though upon seeing the extremely low price of the ammo was a bullet that might or might not perform. After shooting one round through a gallon water jug and seeing it's complete destruction, I would not hesitate to deer hunt with this round. Next year, I will. My advice is, buy all you can afford. You, as I, want reliability and depending on whether you want a hunting round, or one for home defense, you cannot go wrong with the Wolf .223 62gr HP. And that is a fact."
5.0 5
"I bought half a case of this ammo to shoot in my AR and its been great. You can't beat the price at all. I mainly use it for target and practice shooting. I've never had any feeding problems with it all. It does leave a little more junk behind than most people like, but it doesn't really bother me that bad. I like cleaning my guns when I have time. You don't really have to worry about it. I've put several rounds through without cleaning, and like I said, I've never had a feeding problem."
5.0 5
"this ammo is great! i shoot a mini14 and an ar-15 and 1,000s of rounds later...guess what... not one bad round!"
4.0 5
"I purchased 500 rounds of this ammo to shoot in my new Smith & Wesson MP15. All 500 of them fired perfectly with no problems at all.I originally purchased the 500 rounds for target practice or just for fun.Now after seeing how reliable they are I will probably buy another 500 rounds and use them for pig hunting this summer.This isn't the best ammo in the world but for the price nothing else comes close in value.Way to go Russia!"
2.0 5
"I would not recomend these for hunting they are not acuate enough.I shot these at 100yds and they scatered all over the target.The seal on the primer came off on the bolt and that probally shouldent happen"
4.0 5
4.0 5
"Pretty good stuff...like it more than 55gr."
2.0 5
"I've never had problems with wolf ammo before, but this 62 grain stuff I just got is unacceptable. I tried it through an ar-15 and a mini-14 and I had the same problem with both rifles. The ammo feeds fine, but fouls up the chamber so quickly that empty cartridges get jammed in the chamber and won't extract. Within 100 rounds at the range I had an empty cartridge siezed in the chamber. Real dirty stuff. The extractor on both rifles tore a chunk of the rim right off."
4.0 5
"FTE: I've shot probably a thousand rounds of this ammo with no problems - until just recently. The exact same problem you mentioned - twice. When I was able to extract the last shell - there was the answer -dirt on the shell casing which caused the jamming. Closer inspection of the chamber showed I had failed to get it as clean as normal the last time I cleaned my DPMS M4. This was after having previously shot about 300 rounds of the same ammo.Properly cleaned and then went and shot about 200 rounds today - flawless again and tight groups. I don't find that this ammo is horribly dirty, not as clean as higher priced ammo - but for practice and reliablility - even though the price is creeping up - it still is a good buy to me."
4.0 5
"I have 3 different AR-15/M-4's as well as 2 Mini-14 Ranch Rifles. Over the past 9 years I have shot thousands of rounds of 55gr and 62gr FMJ and HP Wolf ammo and have yet to have one malfunction due to the ammo. It isn't the most accurate but it gets the job done and I would recommend this ammo. Just remember, regular cleaning/maintenance of the above stated weapons is an ABSOLUTE must!"