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Ammo .223 or 5.56 NATO S&B FMJ 55 Grain 20 Round Box Brass Case Non-Corrosive Reloadable 3301 fps 55603

Sellier & Bellot
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20 rounds per box Sellier and Bellot .223 caliber (5.56 NATO M193). Imported from the Czech Republic, this ammo is current production and made to military specs. Inexpensive and very accurate because of the boat tail bullet. Non-corrosive, Boxer-primed brass case, reloadable. 3,301 fps, 1,352 foot-pounds. Simply put, this is some of the best and most accurate ammo on the market today at a great price.

A full case of ammo would be 50 boxes of 20 rounds each. We are selling this by the 20 round box..

Ammunition is non-returnable
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Total number of Reviews: 25

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4.0 5
"shoots very well,with good bullet placement,and no jams will not use that steel cased junk."
– randy
4.0 5
"I agree with the first reviewer, Randy, that this is an accurate, decently priced .223 and that I have my doubts about steel-cased ammo, too. I find that the bullet placement is accurate, but like the steel-cased brand, it leaves a lot of fouling in the gun. If not for this, I would give it a 5-bullet rating. Be prepared to clean your gun out well after using a couple of boxes of this ammo."
– Alan
4.0 5
"Great ammo but projectile will attract a magnet so my local range wont let me shoot it there"
– Unbe
3.0 5
"i almost had trouble at the range regarding the steel issue as well. they just took some snips and chopped a bullet in half to check if it was steel core or not. wasn't steel core so no problem. it wouldn't shoot very well in my kel-tec. too many extraction problems. gave the rest of my order away to a guy shooting a few lanes down with an AR and he had no problems."
– digi
5.0 5
"I have been using this S&B .223 ammo for well over 10 years now. I even use the .45acp, .380 & 9mm. EXCELLENT STUFF.The .223 is a little hotter than some of the domestic federals but I love it. My Bushmaster semi-auto & DS Arms Tactical carbines eat it up. I dont have issues with cleanup, although I keep mine VERY clean always and use synthetic lubes prior and after shooting so that alone helps with cleanup dramatically. Sorry to see the price of this stuff going up. When I first started using it I was paying like 2.99 a box on sale. Normally 4 bucks. Prices are rising, but I will continue to stick with it!"
– Matt
2.0 5
"This ammo didn't work out too well for me. I found the accuracy inconsistent; and several rounds seemed under-powered, causing failures to extract from my AR-15. My rifle seems to like Winchester, Wolf, or Barnaul ammo better."
– L-2
2.0 5
"This Ammo Will Jam , At Least 2 rounds Every 100 Shot, It Used To Be Great Ammo, I Think Maybe weak Power, So anyway Its Getting Hard To find 223 At a Good Price, Take what You can Get"
– Jeff
4.0 5
"S&B provides an excellent ammunition for shooting at the range. Burns a little hot but clean enough. Shot 400 rounds through my M4A1 without failure. If you experience problems with this ammo most likely it's because you failed to clean your weapon. Gas tubes are problematic with M16s and M4s and often overlooked. I recommend this ammunition. Can't beat the price."
– Roy R.
4.0 5
"Noticed high quality casings, no dents or dings, like other high-end ammo, functions flawlessly in full-auto or semi-auto, runs efficiently and no problems in firing 600 rounds straight. Only a single clip issue in the entire batch fired. Very good ammo for target practice. A good deal and better overall quality than most practice rounds. 4 stars for overall quality and performance, no issues to complain about. With a properly lubed AR of M16, you will be pleased with this ammunition."
– Northwest-Arms
4.0 5
"After about 100 of these at the range this weekend I found that they performed as expected. No failures to extract or fire. My 1/7 twist HK SL8-6 seemed to get used to them after about 30. But accuracy didn't seem to be all that great. But at this price VERY tough to beat anything else I have used at ANY price."
– CCarryLaw
2.0 5
"Not to great the brass is poorly mounted on the round it looks more like a box then a oval. This stuff should have a sign on it that says break open on last resort or war."
– 300 yd er
1.0 5
"This stuff SUCKS in AR15's. I would shoot one and the case never left the chamber then the next round would get jammed trying to get in where its supposed to be! So I had to use the forward assist to jam the bullet back into the case to remove the magazine then strugle with the stuck cartridge in the barrel. Then I shot Federal through it and PERFECT so now Im stuck with 260 bullets I CAN'T USE so now it's all American for me. LONG LIVE AMERICA!!!!"
– Luke
5.0 5
"I have shot many boxes of S & B 223 ammo through my CZ 527 lux with great satisfaction. At 100 yards, slow fire, this 55g FMJ bullet average a grouping 1/8th to a 1/4th inch, most shots touching the previous hole. At the listed price, I have better activities than reload spent cases to improve ballistic. Great ammo for CZ rifles."
– Bolt action shooter
3.0 5
"Hey everyone, I have been researching this issue as Seller is one of the best. I read all reviews, and couldn't make sense of feedback. Please be sure when you are firing weapon that it is designated to fire 5.56. I have been a long time collector, and as you know some of us think we have a lot of experience. I just found out you can't shoot 5.56 in a .223 only gun! This ammo is designated both! I think retailers need to be more alert to this. So, the problem with feeding would be that you are maybe firing a 5.56 round in a .223 only gun. If your gun says 5.56 on barrel, then you can fire both .223 and 5.56, but not the opposite. Hope this helps. I rated 3 bullets because of neutrality"
– David
5.0 5
"First off, not sure what ammo people are using that think this ammo is dirty...because all S&B I have shot is soooo much cleaner then all other US brands. Ive never shot W*lf or any steel cased ammo, but i have used this in .38, .357, 9mm, .308, 45 acp,00 buckshot loads (will pound your shoulder) and .223. This is the only ammo i buy, with the exception of home defense rounds for the hand guns or soft points to hunt with.Accurate, reliable, price was right, I have used others and would not pay more."
– S&B user
5.0 5
"I shoot 200 rds. for this ammo on my RRA AR15. NO JAM, NO MISFIRE...not bad for the price, I'll buy more."
– strike
4.0 5
"ammo is the least expensive i can find and performed flawlessly. no jams, no problem & reloadable. my dpms loves it."
4.0 5
"Hi all: I have fired 1000's of rounds of this ammo from S&B mostly from what I purchased from here, and I have had no problems in my PCR Oly Arms AR15, using 10, 20, 30 and 40 Rd Mags. This ammo has good Sizzle and it makes the Coyote\uFFFDs dance!"
– Rapid Fire
5.0 5
"i have sampled many brands of ammo to find best match for my stag arms ar-15. s&b has surprised me as the best performer. considering the cost i did not have high expectations, however this ammo is superb. will now stock s&b only for my rifle"
– white_bread
5.0 5
"Like many of us handloaders,(who are sill waiting on primers),Sometimes buying new ammo to shoot is the only options for us these days.I personally am impressed with this ammo.Even compared to hand loads,they were surprisingly accurate at 100 yds.I'm not sure why the disappointed few out there who had a little trouble with this ammo had the problems like they did?I shot this through my mini 14,LRA-15,and Rem 223 bolt.This ammo shot very accurately in all these firearms.especially through my rock river.Get some more while you still can!I think we safely fired enough of these rounds this weekend to say they performed well."
– Ivander Hufarted
4.0 5
"no problems with feed or extraction in my AR or my bolt action. I've been using S&B for years now in many calibers, 9mm, .30 carbine, 7.62X39, .223, and 30-06."
– groung hog hunter
4.0 5
"This is everything u could expect for the price. Some rounds may have been a lil light on power, but great buy. shooting through my Mini 14 just fine. Not too bad groupings."
– Richie
5.0 5
"This S&B 5.56 is really good ammo, especially for the price. It cycles well and is pretty accurate. This is some of the cheapest brass ammo iv seen in 5.56/.223 and it the cheapest iv seen that is military grade. There is a difference! Might as well spend the few extra cents to get military ammo. 5 bullets."
– FirePower11
5.0 5
"I am getting nice groups with AR-15 and Kel-tec SU16. It burns a little on the dirty side, and stinks a little. It's not too bad. The Kel-tec will fire anything without any issues. Keep the price down and it is worth it. I rather to buy made in the USA or Spain (good powders). This is from Europe."
– It works
4.0 5
"Good rounds overall. Once in a while you get fliers so it is a sign of inconsistent loads or bullets. Powders are a little bit dirty but way better than the Russian that smoke like a Baldwin Locomotive."
– not bad